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Name Manuel Neuer
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Perhaps Germany’s best-ever shot-stopper, Neuer has revolutionised the way goalkeepers are used across the planet


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[Manuel Neuer freely admits that being Bayern Munich’s No.1 is not always the most taxing job in the world] After some games this season I haven’t needed to have a shower. Yes, I guess sometimes it is boring being in goal

2014 11 22 Retrieve

[Manuel Neuer on whether he will win the FIFA Ballon d’Or] I’m not the sort of person who poses in their underwear. I hate the red carpet. I prefer the green grass. After the games the highlights show mostly the goals, scoring chances, assists. The spectator tends not to remember that as a goalkeeper I make difficult saves at great risk and start moves with my efforts

2015 09 22 Retrieve

[Manuel Neuer was speaking to ‘adidas’ and believes goalkeepers get the recognition though mistakes maybe highlighted] I have a couple. Jens Lehmann was always my hero, because he played for Schalke, and he was a bit of a goalkeeping revolutionary - he played the game his own way. There’s Oliver Kahn, who as a German keeper you have to respect massively for what he achieved. And I also liked Edwin van der Saar, and the way he played, very much

[Asked if the custodians get the recognition they deserve, Neuer was unfluttering in his answer] I think they do. We have a high profile job and when we do it well, the rewards are high. It would be hard for me to say that I’m not getting recognition as a player, because of course that happens. But for me football isn’t about recognition – that is just something that comes with the game that I try not to pay too much attention to. My job is to get on with being the best goalkeeper I can be, training hard, enjoying being part of a team. Obviously though, goalkeepers are a little different to those who play outfield

[Neuer agrees with the idea that goalkeeping errors are potryaed larger than saves] You might make some big saves that get shown on TV highlights, but the cameras might not notice something small but effective you did. If your team wins, it is the goalscorer that gets the recognition, sure. But that comes with the job, and if you don’t want to accept it, don’t be a goalkeeper. You save a penalty, you’re a hero, you make a mistake, you get slammed. That’s the business I’m in. Making mistakes and putting them behind you is a big part of playing in goal. They bug you, but you have to forget them

2016 05 28 Retrieve

[German FIFA World Cup winner and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer discusses how he first started out wearing the gloves, aged three] I was the last to arrive, and the rule was that the last to arrive had to go into the goal. Because it was a stupid job. And the coach is the boss, you know? And I was just a little boy, very shy. So I said, ‘OK, thank you.’

2019 05 25 Retrieve

[Kovac congratulates Manuel Neuer for his sensational performance] I was highly motivated and ready in training I would have liked to play sooner, it was a precision landing. One could not have written a better script. It was important for the team that I was there in the situations and it was very important for all of us to finish the season in such a way that we were double winners In the cup, many talked about a 50-50 game and we did a great job and just earned it.

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Neuer breaks Germany clean sheet record] I am very satisfied, we can be proud of what we have shown in the last two internationals. The early goal was important and then you saw that the opponent was not so strong. We improved and played a great game against Netherlands, even though we were lucky in the end to win. We want to continue to work and learn a lot in order to bring a good team to the pitch in the summer of 2020. Of course there is always talk in football, we are a footballing country and everyone has their opinion, but that must not disturb us in our work. A healthy competition is always important.

2019 08 25 Retrieve

[Bayern stars already missing departed Renato Sanches] I’ve contacted him personally again, he’s a great guy and I think it’s too bad he’s not with us anymore

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Why Bayern Munich sacked Kovac just 33 days on from 7-2 Spurs thrashing] I think that it was foreseeable somewhat. That’s why what happened is no shock for me. You saw the game in Bochum (a muted 2-1 DFB-Pokal win), so it’s not a massive surprise for me what happened here. It should not be attributed to the fact that we received a red card in the early stage of the game, but rather that things aren’t working. That’s what we have to tackle; we’re analysing it and addressing things. But something definitely has to change

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Niko Kovac left his role as Bayern Munich coach on good enough terms with the players that any of them would be able to meet up with him for a coffee] I take my hat off to Niko and Robbie [Robert Kovac, former first-team coach and Niko’s brother] as they have said goodbye. I think that every player, if he meets Robbie or Niko, can look them in the eyes and drink a coffee together. It [the farewell] was emotional, of course, because we had a great time together. We wish him all the best. If we had played successfully, this would not have happened

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Uli Hoeness will be replaced by Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer as the club president] I think that someone like Uli Hoeness will never stop, he’s got a Bayern heart, so he will always stay connected to us

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Neuer’s deal expires in 2021, with the 33-year-old reportedly in talks over a new contract - negotiations he is adamant will be unaffected by Nubel’s arrival] The Nubel transfer is irrelevant for my contract extension. Of course I determine the requirements [of the contract]. I have the thoughts in my head, but of course I will not reveal them. Nothing comes out of me. It’s a forward-thinking decision made by the club. Nubel is a top-quality goalkeeper.

These factors are very important. It is therefore very important for me how the path with [coach] Hansi Flick continues. I have things I want to achieve with the team, and it’s a lot of fun working together with Hansi. Together with the team, we can achieve anything. The club has always shown me appreciation. So far, we have not extended the contract, although I have no time pressure

[Neuer added on his desire to retain the number one jersey at Bayern despite Nubel’s arrival] I am not an extra, but a protagonist, I always want to play. It is not my decision as a player, but that of the coach. It will always be like this in the future

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer on whether he has seen a faster player than team-mate Alphonso Davies, after the club’s 3-0 win at Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg] There was a player who played in Australia [Usain Bolt], but he wasn’t that strong with the ball

2020 04 18 Retrieve

[Neuer fumes after contract talks leaked] All conversations that I’ve had here since [2011] have always been conducted with great confidence. Nothing has ever leaked out. But now there are details from the current discussions in the media that are often not even correct. That annoys me. That’s not how I know Bayern.

I want to play as long as I’m fit. But the most important thing for me is trust. It’s clear to me that it’s utopian to want a five-year contract. I’m 34 and can’t predict how I’m going to be at 39. That’s why what has been publicly suggested makes no sense at all

It has always been important to me to be able to work trustingly with the employees in management positions - as loyal as I am to the club as a player and captain

[Despite Nubel’s arrival Neuer still sees his future at the Allianz Arena, but insists it must be with a deal that suits all parties] I want a contract where FC Bayern and I have a win-win situation that everyone is happy with. I want to perform, be there for the team and do everything to ensure that we have maximum success - with 100 per cent passion. The conditions must be right, that’s what it’s about.

I’m not in the talks, that’s what [Neuer’s agent] Thomas [Kroth] does. That’s why I can’t and don’t want to point my finger at individual people.

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[Neuer urges Bundesliga players to be responsible when season restarts from Covid-19 break] I am speaking consciously of the football family and football matches, because the fact that advice will be given on the restart of the federal leagues and, if possible, a decision is likely to have consequences for all of football, right down to the many amateur clubs and the youngest generations - and beyond also for many other sports

Even from other European countries, and indeed all over the world, people will be looking at us. This is an enormous responsibility for us, which we must be aware of with every fibre. We must be aware that it is also important to us now

As a role model, we are part of society. We only want to play football, but that’s not enough at this time

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Manuel Neuer denies Rummenigge’s suggestion that new Bayern contract is close] I think Karl-Heinz Rummenigge knows what’s going on. There is nothing to announce at the moment. There is no ultimatum. It is not necessary to make such a decision at the moment. We are both optimistic, of course, but it is still not clear at all

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[The 92-time Germany international was annoyed that details of his demands, including the length of contract he would like, were leaked to the media] All conversations that I’ve had here since [2011] have always been conducted with great confidence. Nothing has ever leaked out. But now there are details from the current discussions in the media that are often not even correct. That annoys me. That’s not how I know Bayern.

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich goalkeeper Neuer signs new contract through to 2023] During the weeks of the shutdown for the coronavirus pandemic, I didn’t want to make a decision because nobody knew if, when and how Bundesliga football would continue. It was important for me to continue working with our goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic. Now this has been resolved, I look to the future with great optimism. I feel very comfortable and at home in Bavaria. FC Bayern are one of Europe’s top football clubs

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Neuer dreaming of captaining Bayern Munich in another home Champions League final after signing new contract] I am convinced by our team and the whole club and I am sure we will be playing successful football throughout the coming years. Of course, we have some goals we can reach within this current season. We have a good team for the next few years and it is a lot of fun working for FC Bayern, also as captain. This is also my job and I want to continue until 2023

You start every year from the beginning of course wanting to win it all. There is now the championship to win this year and we are still in every competition. But right now it is a different situation for us and everyone has to adjust to the current situation, not only us football players. One of our big goals for the next few years is definitely having the chance to play a home Champions League final, like we did in 2012. 2022 will be another European final in Munich, which is a great incentive for me and the whole team. It would be a dream for us all to be able to reach this final at home

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer echoed Flick’s sentiments, adding that winning a match against a rival like Dortmund makes Tuesday’s triumph even sweeter] It was, of course, a very important game for us. When you play in Dortmund away from home, you are always motivated all the way to the tips of your hair. [Winning the league] is up to us. That was a very important step and a very important victory

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Manuel Neuer was part of the 2012-13 side who last lifted the Champions League, but is determined to repeat that success] You start every year from the beginning of course wanting to win it all. There is now the championship to win this year and we are still in every competition.