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Name Manuel Pellegrini
Gender Male
Ethnic Chilean
Job Chilean Football Coach


Club as Coach Hebei China Fortune
  Manchester City
  Real Madrid

2013 12 14 Retrieve

[City boss Manuel Pellegrini view 6-3 win over Arsenal] We are not thinking about that [winwing the title] at the moment. We have more points to fight for, with six or seven other important teams. I don’t think it was our best performance of the season because Arsenal scored three goals and that is too much for the amount of chances they had

But it was a complete game in terms of our attacking play because it is not easy to score six against Arsenal, who had the best defence in the Premier League, and we had at least five chances to score more

[City’s attacking outlook, even when they led 3-1 and 5-2, made for an open and entertaining game and Pellegrini insists he will not change his tactics to see games out in the future] For me it is very important to be an entertaining team. Every manager can think the way they want and maybe some managers prefer to score one goal, then get the whole team back and counter-attack. Our philosophy is to continue trying to score more goals because it is the best way to win - playing well and scoring goals

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini believes Claudio Bravo is the best in the world] He is criticised a lot but Claudio Bravo is the best goalkeeper in the world. The English press are very hard on him, as they are with the entire world. And if Bravo has gone from Real Sociedad to Barcelona and Barcelona to Man City it is because he is the best goalkeeper in the world

2017 09 13 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid boss Manuel Pellegrini labells his tenure in charge at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu as his most difficult] The period at Real Madrid was the most painful of my career. The team wasn’t complete and I had some obvious problems to deal with. I left with a bitter taste in my mouth at not winning the title despite have a record points total

We did sign some big stars, but we had a lot of forwards and few midfielders and the players I wanted to keep were sold. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo spent a good portion of the season injured. I’d have liked to have more time as many players arrived that year and sometimes it takes time for them to gel in the best possible way

[Although he may harbour some bitterness about how his stint there ended, the Chilean had nothing but good things to say about the players he had at his disposal during his time in charge] It is easier than you would think to train those players. The Real Madrid squad at that time had great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Xabi [Alonso] and [Karim] Benzema. When the players with the biggest egos are the first to arrive for training and the last to leave, then everything is easier