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Manuel Pellegrini
Gender Male
Ethnic Chilean
Job Chilean Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Hebei China Fortune
  Manchester City
  Real Madrid

2013 12 14 Retrieve

[City boss Manuel Pellegrini view 6-3 win over Arsenal] We are not thinking about that [winwing the title] at the moment. We have more points to fight for, with six or seven other important teams. I don’t think it was our best performance of the season because Arsenal scored three goals and that is too much for the amount of chances they had

But it was a complete game in terms of our attacking play because it is not easy to score six against Arsenal, who had the best defence in the Premier League, and we had at least five chances to score more

[City’s attacking outlook, even when they led 3-1 and 5-2, made for an open and entertaining game and Pellegrini insists he will not change his tactics to see games out in the future] For me it is very important to be an entertaining team. Every manager can think the way they want and maybe some managers prefer to score one goal, then get the whole team back and counter-attack. Our philosophy is to continue trying to score more goals because it is the best way to win - playing well and scoring goals

2014 05 11
Manchester City’s Chilean manager Manuel Pellegrini is thrown in the air by his players as they celebrate after winning the Premiership title following the English Premier League football match between Manchester City and West Ham United at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester
2014 05 13
Manchester City Goalkeeping Coach Xabier Mancisidor, Joint Assistant Manager Brian Kidd, Manager Manuel Pellegrini, Joint Assistant Manager Ruben Cousillas and Fitness Coach Jose Cabello pose with the EPL trophy

2015 01 17 Retrieve

[Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini on Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez] At this time, he is the best player in English football

2016 02 06 Retrieve

[Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini explains after in his last press conference he said he was stepping down at the end of the season and Pep Guardiola would take over] I cannot do all the press conference for you, you must try to help me a little bit more. I was so bored last time that I tried to make you a little bit more amused

2016 12 05 Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini believes Claudio Bravo is the best goalkeeper on the planet] It’s not that the English are off with Claudio Bravo. The [English] press is harsh with the whole world. Moreover, Bravo replaced Hart, who played for England. But if Bravo went from Real Sociedad to Barcelona and Barcelona to City, it’s because he’s the best goalkeeper in the world

[Pellegrini could have been coaching Bravo, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez and Co - he has rejected the role no fewer than four occasions. The 63-year-old attributed this to timing and his unwillingness to give up the day-to-day grind of club football] Why did I turn it down? Firstly, because [the proposals] always came when I was under contract. Secondly, because national team work bores me. You have matches in September, October, November and March. And in June, when the Copa America’s on. The rest of the time you have to work in an office, and I like to be out on the pitch

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini believes Claudio Bravo is the best in the world] He is criticised a lot but Claudio Bravo is the best goalkeeper in the world. The English press are very hard on him, as they are with the entire world. And if Bravo has gone from Real Sociedad to Barcelona and Barcelona to Man City it is because he is the best goalkeeper in the world

2017 09 13 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid boss Manuel Pellegrini labells his tenure in charge at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu as his most difficult] The period at Real Madrid was the most painful of my career. The team wasn’t complete and I had some obvious problems to deal with. I left with a bitter taste in my mouth at not winning the title despite have a record points total

We did sign some big stars, but we had a lot of forwards and few midfielders and the players I wanted to keep were sold. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo spent a good portion of the season injured. I’d have liked to have more time as many players arrived that year and sometimes it takes time for them to gel in the best possible way

[Although he may harbour some bitterness about how his stint there ended, the Chilean had nothing but good things to say about the players he had at his disposal during his time in charge] It is easier than you would think to train those players. The Real Madrid squad at that time had great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Xabi [Alonso] and [Karim] Benzema. When the players with the biggest egos are the first to arrive for training and the last to leave, then everything is easier

2018 12 27 Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini expects Felipe Anderson to go from strength to strength for West Ham in the second half of the Premier League campaign] I always say that Felipe is just knowing what it is to be playing in the Premier League. In every game he is improving, it is not easy for a midfielder to score eight goals in the middle of the season, I am sure that he will continue improving in the second half

I don’t know that. I think for me it is more important that the team plays well and that Felipe is playing well in that, in that you always need high individual performers to win

[But Pellegrini insists his men must take things game by game if they are to maintain their fine form] It depends if we keep playing in this way. I said during the week that we needed to recover those three points that we lost at home against Watford and if we are also able to get 27 points, it was a very good first half [of the season] for us

: 2019 06 04 David Martin is confident he can learn from West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini after the goalkeeper agreed to join his boyhood idols on a two-year contract

: 2019 06 13 Manuel Pellegrini steered West Ham to a 10th-placed finish in the 2018-19 Premier League and bid farewell to players Samir Nasri, Andy Carroll and Adrian this summer

2019 07 23 Retrieve

[West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini believes it is likely Obiang will return to Italy following four seasons with the Hammers after joining from Sampdoria in 2015] Probably Pedro will return to Italy. I spoke with him last season. I told him that we need him in the squad and I cannot allow him to go to Italy but if things go well last season he will have the doors open as like every player. [If West Ham get a] good offer and the player wants to go - not a problem, we will replace him

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini accused Manchester City of tactical fouls in the Premier League champions’ 5-0 thrashing of West Ham on Saturday] Every time we tried to arrive in their box they committed fouls. We were innocent in that regard. If you review the game, that is why we didn’t create too many chances in the first half. All our offensive moments of attacking ended in a foul. You can look at the statistics. They committed 13 fouls, we committed five. But that wasn’t the reason why we lost

[When asked if he might encourage his players to adopt the same tactic] We must be more intelligent though to know when to make [fouls], not use it as a system. If you review the game, we didn’t create too many chances because many of our attacking chances were stopped by a foul. But I repeat, I don’t think that is just the reason we lost 5-0

2019 08 15 Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini is happy to see Adrian making an immediate impact at Liverpool but would have liked to have kept the goalkeeper at West Ham] I’m happy for him because he played a lot of years here at West Ham. He’s a very good goalkeeper. For different reasons, he couldn’t find an arrangement to continue here. We wanted him here because not only is he a good goalkeeper, he’s a good player for the squad also. He had some problems at the start of the season, so signing for Liverpool and having this performance, I’m very happy for him

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[The West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini had just watched helplessly as his team ran up the white flag at home against Manchester City, losing 5-0 on the opening day of the Premier League season] Every time we tried to arrive in their box, they committed fouls. We were innocent in that regard. If you review the game, that is why we didn’t create too many chances in the first half. All our offensive moments of attacking ended in a foul. You can look at the statistics. They committed 13 fouls, we committed six. But that wasn’t the reason why we lost

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Newport County vs West Ham. Pellegrini said, having seen his side exit the competition last season at the hands of a Wimbledon side bottom of League One] It is very worrying, this game. We need to put Watford behind us and focus on the cup game. We know this is a team that eliminated Leicester and drew with Tottenham. We got experience of this last season with Wimbledon. So we must put all of our minds into continuing in the Carabao Cup

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Pellegrini looking forward to renewing acquaintances with new Spurs boss] If [Madrid] get rid of me, I will go to a big club in the Premier League or Serie A. Maybe I can think a different way, but he is not my enemy. Everyone has their options to play football in the way they want and say what they want to say. You cannot always be criticising. That’s why he is not my friend, but he is not my enemy. We have different ways of thinking about [everything], that’s the only difference that we have. Maybe [I will have a drink with him]. We have been together a lot of times out of football together. I repeat, he is not my enemy

[Pellegrini expressed sympathy for Mauricio Pochettino, whose sacking kicked off a whirlwind 11 hours at Tottenham] Tottenham have a very good team with important players. Being outside of Tottenham, you cannot know what has happened there, but the results were not what Tottenham are used to having. Now they have a new manager, unfortunately for Pochettino, because I think he was a manager who did very good work in a lot of years in Tottenham. I do not know the reason why he was sacked but now they have another experienced manager in Jose Mourinho, who will always give important things to his teams. [Mourinho] is just in charge of the team for two days so I don’t think he can change too much. They will play in a similar way. That is not an important problem for us to solve, we must give a good performance as a team

[The Hammers languishing in 16th, a point and two places below Tottenham] I have had 33 years in this profession, I know football. As I have said, the pressure I put on myself is bigger than any other pressure

2019 11 21b Retrieve

[Manuel Pellegrini is not expecting Tottenham to play too differently to how they did under Pochettino] Tottenham have a very good team with some very good players. Being outside of Tottenham we cannot know what is happening. Pochettino was a manager who did a lot of good work for a lot of years for Tottenham. Now they have another experienced manager, Jose Mourinho. Everyone has his option to play football the way they want, to say what they want to say. He’s not my friend, but he’s not my enemy. We have different ways of thinking about football. I think he only took charge yesterday, so probably we will see Tottenham playing in a similar way

2019 11 30 Retrieve

[Pellegrini believes Man City stint helped Lampard towards management] When you want to be a manager you must want to learn as much as you can. During your career as a player, you see different people who manage the club in different ways and play different football. You can win titles in a number of different ways, and you choose one of those. For Frank Lampard, it was a very good experience for his career not to have been always at Chelsea. I know he started with West Ham, but for the most part of his professional career he was at Chelsea. To go to Manchester City, to see another way of playing football, that helped him to improve as a manager and I’m very happy for him. Every player tries to learn from the way you work. Of course, [as a player] you are always talking with different players, but I think you learn more from seeing

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Pellegrini was at a loss to explain his side’s latest defeat. The Hammers lost 3-1 to Arsenal at London Stadium on Monday] It is difficult to understand. We dominated the game for 60 minutes and then lost the game. We didn’t score the important second goal. You must understand the boos (from the fans) because the last five games we played here we didn’t win. If you don’t win at home your fans cannot be happy. You cannot concede three goals in every game. Unfortunately for us we are doing the wrong things. We are not in our best moment but need to keep fighting. We must play 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes like we did today. We must be solid all game. It does not depend on me what happens (with his future).

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Pellegrini sacked by West Ham after Leicester City defeat] It is with great disappointment that we’ve had to make this decision. Manuel is a gentleman and it has been a real pleasure to work with someone of his calibre. However, it has become clear that that a change is required to get the club back on track in line with our ambitions this season. We felt it was necessary to act now in order to give the new manager as much time as possible to try and achieve that goal

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Former West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini has accused Manchester City of committing tactical fouls, after his side were defeated 5-0 at the London Stadium in August] Every time we tried to arrive in their box they committed fouls, 13 to our five. I think we were a little bit innocent. We must be intelligent to know when to use tactical fouling. If you review the game today, the reason we didn’t create too many chances was because all of our offensive ways of attacking resulted in a foul