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Marc Kosicke
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Agent
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Client Jurgen Klopp
  Ralf Rangnick

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Marc Kosicke pointed out that Germany coach Joachim Low is also on a contract that runs out in 2022 and indicated that taking charge of Die Mannschaft is not out of the question for his client Jurgen Klopp] Jurgen himself once said that in the event that Joachim Low someday no longer wants to be a national coach and the role became available, this is an option for him

[Kosicke added that Klopp is in no mood to think about leaving anytime soon] He felt again, at the recent city festivities, what a great club Liverpool is and that he is in the right place at the right time

2019 07 07b Retrieve

[The agent of Jurgen Klopp, Marc Kosicke, has claimed Liverpool are keen to tie the German down to a new contract at the club] Jurgen himself once said that in the event that Joachim Low someday no longer wants to be the national coach and it would be possible for him do that [job], this is an option for him.

[However, he added that Klopp has no plans to leave the Reds before his current deal expires in 2022] Liverpool would even like to extend it. [Jurgen] felt again at the recent celebrations [after winning the Champions League], what a great club Liverpool is, and that he is in the right place at the right time

[Kosicke also implied that Liverpool would not allow another side to speak with their current boss] Jurgen is currently not affordable. But it is difficult to measure the transfer fee in his case anyway. How is this going to work for a coach who has increased the club’s value from nearly £900 million to just under £2.8 billion? That is not how it works

2019 09 16 Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp’s agent, Marc Kosicke, has suggested that the success of any contract extension talks at Anfield may be influenced by the British weather] Jurgen’s contract is still valid until 2022 and it is an open secret that the club would like to extend. We still have a little time for that. We must wait and see how everything develops and whether climate change will bring better weather to England or only to Germany. One should not underestimate [the bad weather]. I remember that in November or December, Liverpool first asked for a contract extension. I said: ‘Let’s wait’.

Ulla [Klopp’s wife] and Jurgen get up in the morning and it’s dark. When they meet again in the evening, it is also dark or it is grey and there is drizzle. During the winter break in Germany, if the weather is really bad, the clubs go on vacation for two weeks, then come back and fly directly to the training camp in the sun for several days. During this time, the coaches in England sometimes have to prepare for up to 13 games. They are already exhausted and it’s not so easy

[Kosicke added on Klopp’s drive, which may also see him opt to walk away and take a break] Jurgen is not just interested in the win next Saturday. It is also about how the club is perceived and that everyone has a good working environment. The joy of daily work is the basic requirement for this. He always says: ‘If we are already there, then we must still give 100 per cent’. So I think it’s this mix. Without taking into account the fact that his work is evaluated publicly every day. A CEO of a DAX board does not have that, they are judged by quarterly figures. The fact that every day something is written about you, how you work, how you look and he still gets on with things so well, that’s what attracts the leaders of clubs to him

[Klopp’s CV also offers obvious appeal to Liverpool and any other suitor] He is not only proud of the process that is going on, but also very happy that titles are back in the closet. Therefore, winning the Premier League would still be a goal for Jurgen. There are these six top teams in the league. Jurgen has recently said his biggest problem in Liverpool is Manchester City

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[His agent Marc Kosicke says Former RB Leipzig boss Ralf Rangnick is not a contender to inherit the managerial reins at Bayern Munich] No, Ralf Rangnick is not available. We do not believe that what Ralf Rangnick brings is currently being sought at Bayern. And that’s why it makes no sense to hold concrete talks

2019 12 31 Retrieve

[Marc Kosicke says Liverpool handed Jurgen Klopp a new contract because he is essential to their long-term vision] Jurgen loves this club and at the moment I don’t know what would be better for him. And he doesn’t know either. Liverpool is currently positioning itself in the long term. It’s also about planning security. Players like Sadio Mane, Virgil van Dijk, Mo Salah, they should all extend or already have it. And of course, the manager plays a major role