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Club as Coach Valencia FC [Head Coach]

2017 08 28 Retrieve

[Valencia coach, Marcelino García says Valencia’s draw against Real Madrid shows Marcelino’s methods are working] We could lose this. But every time you looked right, my good side, and we attacked, there were real chances to score

I’m not annoyed with him, not at all. You see the moment you can win at the Bernabéu and it looks easy from the side; on the pitch, after killing themselves all game, it’s much harder

[on Dani Parejo] Dani is the leader of this team - not because he talks but because of what he does

We have competed - and very well - against the best team in the world, the team that beat Barcelona and Manchester United. I’m sure the fans will be very satisfied to see that. Today Casemiro stopped four or five attacks of ours. Madrid are always going to have opportunities and few teams have come here and made so many chances; we were still attacking in the final minutes, still looking towards their goal, which tells you that this is a competitive, ambitious team

In order to reverse that negative momentum we had to get rid of some. To avoid something similar happening, we had to take action: we had to act as we have

I am proud of them. We competed to a very high level, looking to score. We showed collective will, spirit, enthusiasm, and ambition. There’s solidarity, organisation and bravery. We’re a team in construction still but we made a lot of chances here. It’s week two but we’re laying down solid foundations and so long as we keep this humility we can grow.

2019 05 25 Retrieve

[Barcelona vs Valencia. If Barca are thinking about their squad in full, Valencia boss Marcelino has his thoughts focused on only one player] The key is giving Messi little to do in the game. The problem is that although he appears sparingly, his actions have a decisive influence

2019 05 26 Retrieve

[Valencia manager Marcelino has praised his players’ togetherness following their 2-1 victory over Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final on Saturday night] I am the happiest man in the world at a professional level. This year we started badly, and (despite) that struggle, the players did not split. Look at today - with the help of everyone, they gave me the opportunity to win a title, and the affection with the fans is mutual.

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Valencia have no intention of parting with highly-rated forward Rodrigo] Rodrigo is not going to leave Valencia because that is not a thought in his head. But, like every player of that age and trajectory, if a great offer arrives, a good one for both parties, the coach has to accept it. I have tried to have an important role in discussions, but in sales the coaches cannot be part of that process. For us, Rodrigo is a very important player, but it will be the club and the player who decide. There must be an offer that is good for both parties. The market will dictate that.

[The financial muscle of Barca and Real Madrid allows them to continue cherry picking talent from across Europe, but Marcelino admits it would be better for Spanish football if the playing field were to be levelled] It would be great for the league if the distances were shortened, it would be nice for the competition and there would be six or seven teams competing. We are seeing it in the Premier League. I hope it can be done here, because Barcelona and Madrid are two monsters. Atletico Madrid are bearing the fruit of their magnificent work over recent years and are moving away from the rest and right now it is leaving a league for the remaining 17 clubs. Fortunately, Valencia has been the champion of ‘the other league’ these last two years. I hope there can be more candidates. But Barca and Madrid have had two geniuses, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have marked an era. Messi with that ability to be different, there are few like him and Cristiano. His legacy will be more evident when he is gone. It’s complicated at the moment

[Valencia are hoping to find value of their own in the summer transfer market, allowing them to try and close the gap on the Liga elite] We have to strengthen the squad. Teams grow when, in addition to winning, they are thoughtful and smart in how they grow. There is always a condition, which are sales, which are dictated by the offers that arrive. The club must be prepared for important players to leave and react in the market. From there, we want to grow. On the offensive side we have not been effective, although we have good players. We have to assess the offensive side, not only the strikers, but all attacking players. We will analyse the market and see what can be done

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Valencia boss Marcelino revealed Rodrigo told him he was joining Atletico Madrid before the forward’s move to the Spanish capital fell through] As you know Rodrigo at one point was transferred, so the club told me the same day of training on Tuesday. He also told me that he was going to Atletico. But suddenly, that transfer was not completed. Starting from there, Rodrigo wanted to train again. He never asked me to leave Valencia, it is something I want to make clear. We are trying to return to normal. We are a team with Rodrigo and another without Rodrigo. If he is not there, we will have to review the objectives of Valencia because in the market it is very difficult to find a football player who brings us the same footballing merits as Rodrigo. To play in the Champions League the team must look for a higher potential. But if the team is weakened, the Champions League must not be a priority

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[Marcelino sacked by Valencia amid reported fall-out with owner Peter Lim, Albert Celades appointed new boss] Valencia CF have informed Marcelino Garcia Toral of their decision to relieve him of his duties as first team coach, effective as of this Wednesday. The club wish to thank Marcelino for his hard work and dediction during his time as coach, and wish him the best of success for the future. Valencia CF reached an agreement with Alberto Celades on Wednesday, whereby he becomes the new coach of the first team until June 30, 2021. The new coach will direct his first training session this afternoon

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Marcelino Garcia Toral is adamant Valencia’s decision to sack him came about because they won the Copa del Rey last season] I am absolutely sure that the trigger for this situation was the Copa del Rey. During the season, we received direct and indirect messages that we had to discount it [the Copa]. The fans wanted to fight for it and the players too, and they had the conviction to win it. The coaching staff wanted to fight and win the Copa. They didn’t tell me why they didn’t want the Copa, only that it was a minor tournament and that I could be putting the main goal [Champions League qualification] at risk. Winning the Copa was the trigger for this situation. We did not receive congratulations in Seville [after the Copa final] from the owner [Lim]. When I went to Singapore [for a meeting with Lim and club president Anil Murthy], I was congratulated for qualifying for the Champions League, not for winning the Copa

[Former Barca and Real Madrid midfielder Albert Celades was chosen as the surprise replacement for Marcelino. But Marcelino hopes the fans get behind the man who was Julen Lopetegui’s assistant at Real Madrid] You know Valencia is complicated for coaches. I was fortunate that the fans received me warmly. I am proud to leave two years later with the same kind of acceptance, and I won’t forget that. I have been really happy in Valencia and lived unforgettable moments. I hope the people now support Celades. I wish him the best of luck