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Marcelo Brozovic
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Intermilan

2015 03 07 Retrieve

[Marcelo Brozovic on his idols] For me best player in Italy is Pogba, but Pirlo is the doctor of football. My role model is Lampard - I always wanted to play like him.

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Marcelo Brozovic is taking a wait and see approach to Intermilan’s chances at the Serie A title. When asked if Inter could win the Scudetto] Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll see [how we look] next match. I don’t know if there is a different feeling about this season. We had a lot of fans tonight, a lot after seven or eight years. Thank you to everyone, let’s hope we do well in the next matches too

[Brozovic scored the first goal of the Conte era. And he joked post-match when asked about his goal] As a defensive midfielder, maybe I have to be a little more careful. But I took a good shot and I scored. At the beginning, we made too many wrong passes, but then we played much better and we deserved the result

It always makes you happy to score but the important thing is that the team wins and we’re very united as a group. You can see it on the pitch, we’re doing what the coach asks of us. We’re fighting and we always give 100 per cent to win

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Inter midfielder Marcelo Brozovic has admitted that he has to improve in order to show his worth within the Serie A side during a rather testy pre-match press conference on Tuesday] This is, of course, the best Inter I played in. Many experienced players have arrived and we’re certainly strong. An important game is waiting for us tomorrow, we’re playing at home and we want to win. My way of playing doesn’t change that much without Sensi, I just have to do my thing. Things will be tougher without him, but we still have to win.

Three or four years ago, I was younger. Many things have changed because I also became a dad and, to me, that’s the most important thing. I see things differently now. I also worked alone when I wasn’t fit. I’ve worked a lot and [Conte] arrived with clear ideas about what he wanted from me. I still need to improve in the defensive phase. I have to be more attentive and the coach has also told me that. I have to act as a defensive shield. I can do more. Maybe I lose the ball too easily sometimes, so I have to be more focused