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Marcin Bulka
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player PSG
  Chelsea FC

: 2019 06 21 Chelsea’s 19-year-old goalkeeper Marcin Bulka has signed a pre-contract three-year agreement with Paris Saint-Germain and his free transfer to the Ligue 1 champions will soon be announced

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain have announced the signing of goalkeeper Marcin Bulka on a two-year deal from Chelsea] The club welcomes Marcin and wishes him every success as a Paris Saint-Germain player

2019 07 06b Retrieve

[Paris Saint-Germain have announced the signing of goalkeeper Marcin Bulka on a two-year deal from Chelsea] I am really pleased and honoured to join Paris Saint-Germain today. Not only is this club a great reference in France and Europe, but it is also renowned for allowing many young players to express their potential in recent years. After my experience in England, I will do my best to continue my progress here with a fantastic squad and especially with top level goalkeepers. I can’t wait to join training next Monday!

[Bulka revealed his reasoning for leaving the English capital] I left Chelsea not only because of (Chelsea goalkeeper) Kepa Arrizabalaga, but there were also several other aspects that we talked about after the preparations for the season last year and which were not met.

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Marcin Bulka lifts the lid on former Chelsea team-mates] Eden Hazard loves hamburgers and pizza, I saw him all the time in pizzerias. He doesn’t care about anything other than football and having a good time. In Chelsea this was not a problem, but at Real Madrid, especially with the recent injury, he probably went a bit overboard with the weight

[Bulka claims Courtois was a selfish presence at Chelsea who refused to accept any kind of criticism] If he makes a blunder, he goes to the coach and says stuff like: ‘This defender wasn’t in the right position, he should have done this and that’. He does not want to accept the fact that it was his fault

[on N’Golo Kante] True engine of the team, you can’t start without N’Golo Kante. Very humble guy, never shows off about anything. Even when they won the World Cup, it was funny watching him awkwardly smile to the camera when everyone else was celebrating and singing with the fans. But he always wants others to shine. If he ran the marathon, he would probably beat that guy who just went under two hours

2020 02 25b Retrieve

[Marcin Bulka says Angel Di Maria hated Man Utd spell & Neymar couldn’t be Cristiano Ronaldo] He hated his time at Manchester United, doesn’t have good memories from there. Whenever there is a Manchester United game on any screen he switches to something else.

[on Neymar] Guy sure likes to change his hairstyle. He dances before the games, that seems to be a Brazilian thing. Honestly if he had rigorous training like CR7, I don’t think he would be as good as he is. Brazilians need to be relaxed to play at the top level

[on Kylian Mbappe] Beast. When Kylian Mbappe accelerates there is nothing you can do. But also a cool guy, only one year older than me, which is weird because he’s already experienced so much and it feels like he has been around forever. He reminds me of Ronaldo (Fenomeno), he has a very direct style of shooting

[on Marco Verratti] His reactions and speed of thinking on the pitch is out of this world. You watch him and you think he has a camera on the back of his head. He’s the engine of the team, or more like a metronome. The team’s build up tempo relies on him. One time we were coming back from the game and were sitting in front of the departure screen at an airport. When a flight to Barcelona popped out, our coach was like: ‘Guys, keep an eye on Neymar’. When there was a flight to Ibiza, he went: ‘Watch out for Marco Verratti guys!’

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Angel Di Maria told his friends about how he despised playing for Man Utd] Di Maria hates Manchester United. He has no good memory of the time he spent there. In fact, when something related to Manchester United appears on television, he changes the channel quickly