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Marco Materazzi
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Inter Milan

2011 06 11 Retrieve

[Marco Materazzi on loyalty] The Nerazzurri jersey is like a second skin for me

2015 04 25 Retrieve

[Marco Materazzi on Zidane’s headbutt] When I lifted the World Cup Trophy in Berlin, I could touch the sky. Zidane’s headbutt contributed to our victory - that’s a fact

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] With Jose, I had a wonderful relationship not only because I enjoyed playing for him but because he gave me the feeling of being important

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[Marco Materazzi has given his support to new Inter manager Antonio Conte] I hope the club can achieve all the results that the Interisti are dreaming of and I hope Conte can win over the hearts of the fans. It won’t be easy, because you can’t forget or cancel out the past, but he is hungry for success. With desire and effort, the Inter fans will grow to love him. It’s up to him to win over everyone’s trust

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Former Italy defender Marco Materazzi says it was not easy for Jose Mourinho to get the best out of Samuel Eto’o at Inter Milan] Eto’o had won the treble the previous year [with Barcelona]. Motivating him was not easy. Jose, you know how many messages he sent to [Eto’o] say ‘they [Barcelona] transferred you thinking of improving themselves, sending you here so that we don’t win.’ Then he came here and made us win the treble. I think that year he was willing to do anything. He has won two trebles in a row, things that perhaps do not happen to anyone. He did it with two different teams. Stuff of another level