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Name Marco Reus
Gender Male
Born 1989 05 31
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc For the first time in three years, Marco Reus managed to avoid major injury and play more than 20 Bundesliga games in a season. As a result, he finished with his second-highest goalscoring return ever (only his final year at Borussia Monchengladbach where he scored 18 times in 32 games was better). With 17 goals and eight assists in 27 games, Reus was involved in the third-most goals of any player in the Bundesliga behind Robert Lewandowski and Jadon Sancho. The Dortmund captain was arguably the best player in the Bundesliga this season and his absence was strongly felt in February as they drew two of the three games he missed through injury


Org German National Team
Club as Player Borussia Dortmund
1989 05 31
Marco Reus, Borussia Dortmund and Germany midfielder, was born

2016 04 02 Retrieve

[Marco Reus gave his reaction to Borussia Dortmund drawing Liverpool and former coach Jurgen Klopp in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals] We chuckled when we heard the news because it was clear the old coach will return home. But we directly said that it’s not BVB versus Klopp, but rather Dortmund versus Liverpool. We accept the draw. We’re professional and hungry for success

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus speaks after his side’s 8-4 victory over Legia Warsaw, which was the highest-scoring match in UEFA Champions League history] Anyone who saw the game knows why it happened. We didn’t play so well in defence, we conceded four goals at home and I didn’t expect that, as we’re usually more solid. We have to work on that weakness and discuss it. But either way, I’m glad we pulled off this home win

2018 03 13 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus has underlined his commitment to the Bundesliga giants after extending his link to Signal Iduna Park for another five years] I was born in Dortmund and grew up here, so you become automatically a black and yellow. I played here for many years in the youth ranks, but at first I did not have the chance to become a professional football player at BVB and to realize my dream. Afterwards I developed at Rot Weiss Ahlen and Borussia Mönchengladbach like I imagined and hoped for, and then there came the offer from Dortmund. It has always been a dream to play for the club because I feel very connected to the fans. It is a lot of fun to play in our stadium and in particular to celebrate victories together with the fans. A childhood dream came true for me

[Now back in form, he underlined that his new contract was signed with an eye to the future] I am now 28 years old, it is probably my last big contract. So I have considered carefully what I want in my last five or six years at the highest level.

In the end two things were important to me: to send out a signal that I feel attached to this club and that I want to achieve a lot here. And I wanted to have clarity for myself, before the crucial phase with the final game of the fight for the Champions League places begins and then in the summer, of course, the World Cup in Russia on the program.

I have little use for words like legend. Everyone does what he thinks is best and wants to get the most out of his career. It is of course sensational and also a nice sign for the fans and the club when you are at a club for as long as [Francesco] Totti was with Roma. But basically everyone has to decide for himself

[The star also revealed that is idol growing up was former Dortmund playmaker Tomas Rosicky, who illuminated BVB for six memorable seasons and lifted the 2001-2002 Bundesliga before swapping the club for Arsenal] The way he played football, the carefreeness and lightness in his actions, I loved watching him play. Unfortunately, I did not meet him personally, but I was told that Tomas was great in character too. It was always nice to see him on the field with his playful class and his scoring skills

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Marco Reus tells of his World Cup hopes after his injury disappointment four years ago] Brazil 2014? That’s the past, I cannot change that anymore. I am also not one to look so far into the future. Things can change every day, something can happen every day. If everything goes well and I show my performance, I think I have a good chance of playing [in Russia]

2018 04 28 Retrieve

[Marco Reus talks about his 18-year-old team-mate Jadon Sancho] How he controls the ball to set up the 3-0, that shows everything. I wasn’t that far at his age. So much respect!

2018 07 28 Retrieve

[Marco Reus speaks about how he has dealt with various injuries throughout his career] I think if you’re not strong, in life or in football, not every day is going to be going up and seeing the sunshine. I was injured many times but life is like this, and I have to accept this. [When] I was injured, I was thinking, ‘OK, I’m injured, but all the people out there, they are not injured, they are sick, they have real health problems’. Of course you have bad days when you are injured, but in the end it’s just a torn ligament

2018 10 27 Retrieve

[Marco Reus was full of praise for the way his Borussia Dortmund side performed against Atletico Madrid] You couldn’t have imagined that. You have to say: a great compliment to the group because it is not commonplace that you score four goals against Atletico. We suffered a lot, especially in the second half. We hardly had any possession there and you need possession against that Atletico side. We only managed that again after minute 60 or 65, then you could see that we can also play football. It’s not only the result, but how we played was very convincing

2019 03 05 Retrieve

[In spite of that blow, Marco Reus, who missed the first leg, is optimistic that his side can turn around a 3-0 deficit against the Premier League outfit] We have played many games in this stadium where we’ve written history and we are in a position to achieve the impossible. It is important to believe in ourselves and give a great performance. We need to find the right balance between defence and attack. We need to reach our peak and score the goals in the right moment. But we believe in ourselves

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[Dortmund hit back at criticisms of skipper] It’s getting on my nerves. The own goal was a mentality problem? We defended stupidly in that situation, of course, but don’t come around with your mentality s**t now

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Dortmund captain Marco Reus was quick to hail Hakimi’s versatility after deployed higher up on the wing] He’s incredibly fast. He played sensationally, that first goal was really outstanding. From that point of view, he’s always a weapon. The coach surprised us today but we know that Achraf is very, very important for us and that he can play in several different positions.

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Marco Reus said he was ‘ashamed’ of Borussia Dortmund’s performance in a 3-3 Bundesliga draw at home to Paderborn despite his late equaliser salvaging a point] We can never play like that again. We don’t know what happened there. We are ashamed, we must never perform like that again. That was all absolute sh*t. xxxx. xxxx

The coach puts us in a great position every time. We’re responsible for putting our performance on the pitch, and we do not have to talk about the coach, but about us. If 80,000 people come here on a Friday night, we cannot offer that

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Reus hits out at referee for ‘circus’ handball decision in Dortmund win] That’s a penalty. He [the referee] said to me that it had been checked. He said: ‘It was handball but I won’t give it’. I really wondered about that. If it’s handball then it’s handball. I don’t know what this circus is about

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Marco Reus says Dortmund haven’t had a player like Haaland since Lewandowski] He’s very open-minded and it’s important to get to know everyone first - a training camp like this is ideal. Now it’s about getting really fit, arriving properly. It will take time, we’ll give it to him. He just gives us another input, another way we can play. I don’t think we have had this type of player since Lewy [Lewandowski]. He gives us the opportunity to be more flexible and able to react to different scores

It makes us feel good. Now he has to get well and get to know everyone properly - we have to, too. We have to go with him and his strengths, but that will all happen over time. Paco [Alcacer] really boomed at the beginning, then he was injured longer. Then the coach decided differently. As I said, Haaland gives us many opportunities to play football, but ultimately the coach has to decide who will be used. For me and other players, we have new options with Haaland, sometimes long balls. In football it’s important to be flexible and we have achieved that. We have now got a very good striker and with it new options, so we’re well positioned

[A common criticism of Dortmund in recent years has been the perceived lack of bite in the team] No, I don’t think so. We had the discussion last year, too. The squad is put together in the way that the responsible persons had imagined it, how the coach imagined it. We have enough quality in the squad. We don’t need someone who’s an absolute b*****d. We’ll solve it our way, even if it’s not always right. So, we don’t have to worry about it. We’ll have to improve our games, we know that, but we don’t necessarily need a ‘dirtbag’ for that

2020 01 14 Retrieve

[how Marco Reus describes Erling Braut Haaland after he trained with Borussia Dortmund for the first time] I don’t think we’ve had that kind of striker since Robert Lewandowski. He gives us the option to be more flexible and to play in different systems and styles. He’s a very open guy. First of all, it’s important to get to know him. He gives us another way of playing and we have to be able to work with him, too, and bring out all his strengths. But that will all come about in time

If you look at our squad, what more could you ask for in terms of quality? We have to show it on the pitch, then our squad can take us anywhere. We’ve got a very good striker and new options, therefore, we’re in a good place. [Winning the title] is as realistic as it was at the start of the season. I wouldn’t say it’s in our own hands, but we’re definitely in the right place to fight back. Don’t forget about Dortmund now

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Reus hoping Haaland can replicate Aubameyang after Dortmund debut hat-trick] He is very calm, but very ambitious. Erling trains incredibly hard. I think the last guy to make his debut in Augsburg was Aubameyang, and he scored three goals too. If it becomes the same kind of success story, I’d be all for that. Erling is making a good impression and he got off to a superb start today

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Marco Reus is full of praise for the January recruit Erling Haaland from Red Bull Salzburg] That’s what we signed him for [scoring a lot of goal]. It’s wonderful for him, of course. There are worse ways to start at a club. He is very calm, stays relaxed and works very hard

2020 03 20 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus has given an update on his recovery from the muscle injury that has kept him out since the beginning of February] I’m slowly feeling much, much better. I hope that I can increase my workload in the coming days and weeks, so I can help the team again soon

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus has urged Jadon Sancho to snub interest from the Premier League] He should stay one more, maybe two years at Dortmund. In my view, there is currently nothing better for him. [Then he can] take the really big step. As an even more complete player who can continue to develop with us as a regular in the team

[Reus himself has managed to resist the lure of bigger teams in recent years] The request came, as it did from other clubs. I have the greatest respect for Bayern Munich and what the club has been doing for decades. But I always wanted to play for BVB. It was always the club my heart drew me to. When I played in Gladbach at the time, it was clear to me: within the Bundesliga, I would only change to Dortmund, otherwise I will go abroad

I think it is also important for the fans that there are guys like Thomas and me. They notice that we identify with their club as much as they do it themselves. It has always been my dream to play for BVB. Here I have everything to be happy: my home, my family, my club. And this feeling has always prevailed - even if another country with a different culture might have been attractive

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Marco Reus turned down a move to play for Bayern Munich] The request came [from Bayern], as it did from other clubs. I have the greatest respect for Bayern Munich and what the club has been doing for decades. But I always wanted to play for BVB. It was always the club my heart drew me to. When I played in Gladbach at the time, it was clear to me: within the Bundesliga, I would only change to Dortmund, otherwise I will go abroad.

He should stay one more, maybe two years at Dortmund. In my view, there is currently nothing better for him. [Then he can] take the really big step. As an even more complete player who can continue to develop with us as a regular in the team

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus: Bundesliga players are not lab rats] Players are no lab rats that are tested. It was the only possibility. There’s no reason to complain. But we need the Yellow Wall very much. Anyone who has been to the Westfalenstadion knows what powers our fans can unleash with us. The virus has turned out lives upside down. The whole world has been and will continue to be challenged. We must not become careless now. We have to listen to the instructions of the politicians and the virologists responsibly

We’re four points behind them and still have to play against them. I want to win the league this year and the chance is still there, despite all the problems

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Marco Reus, Hakimi’s captain, and himself easily capable of beating his man with pure acceleration, earlier this season described the wing-back as one of the key cogs in Favre’s attacking machine] Achraf is a real weapon for us. His speed is incredible