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Marcus Thuram
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Borussia Monchengladbach


Father Lilian Thuram
Brother Khephren Thuram
Coach xxxx

2017 10 04 Retrieve

[Marcus has long promised to grace the professional ranks, having joined the youth academy of the Stade Bonal outfit at 15 on the advice of his learned father] Sochaux is quite far from everything, there’s not much media coverage, it’s a bit of a protective cocoon. It was my dad who told me to run away from the bling-bling!. […] No, no, papa was on his knees. I wanted to imitate someone else, he’s called OhMonDieuSialva. He’s a comedian on social media.

2017 10 04b Retrieve

[Thuram is aware that he needs to improve in his new role] When you’re a centre-forward, you have to play more with your elbows and fight. It’s an aspect of my game in which I’m trying to make progress. There are a lot of little details that I still have to perfect to reach a very high level, and that’s lucky, because if I was the finished article at 20, I’d ask myself questions

2018 09 25 Retrieve

[Marcus Thuram is happy to be moving slowly through the gears , with the bright lights surrounding Kluivert and Weah having largely been avoided up until this point] It was my dad who told me to run away from the bling-bling!

[Thuram feels perfectly at home in his current company, with every obstacle put in front of him having been cleared by a considerable stride] If I go into a stadium where people don’t like me, it makes me want to do more. When the fans insult me, it excites me. Given my name, it’s normal I’m a target. I wear it proudly and I don’t feel pressure because of it.

[Back when he was a starry-eyed youngster following his father to training at Barcelona, Thuram inherited a pair of boots from a rather special someone] I was carefree at the time, probably about 10, and Messi was 20. His boots were too small for me, so I gave them to a friend. He must have them!

2020 06 03 Retrieve

[Sancho, Hakimi, McKennie & Marcus Thuram avoid punishment from DFB for George Floyd tributes amid US protests] The DFB Control Committee will not initiate proceedings against Hakimi, Sancho, McKennie & Thuram. The committee also intends to maintain this line in new anti-racism campaigns to mark the death of George Floyd on the coming match days

2020 06 05 Retrieve

They’re all good friends of mine [his fellow Francophones: Plea, Bensebaini, Doucoure and Ibrahima Traore] and we’re glad to have one another. I really missed them during these last weeks with no team training. Borussia has now become a home for me. I rate my time here so far based on the success of the team. It’s been good, but we can do even better still

Alassane is a bit older than me and has more experience. We’re always having a laugh, we’re both jokers, and we get along really well on the pitch. What’s great is that we have a very similar way of thinking when it comes to football