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Name Mario Mandzukic
Gender Male
Ethnic Croatian
Job Croatian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Al-Duhail

2013 12 30 Retrieve

[Mario Mandzukic on Mario Balotelli] I don’t know if my equal at AC Milan (Mario Balotelli) has committed theft on a train, drove without headlights in the night, or constantly ran away and withdrew from the U-21 squad. These were the sins of my youth. I recently turned 27 and if I do certain things in Germany that I used to do, I’d get arrested immediately! I’ve always been against taxing diets. Once a Dinamo Zagreb coach saw me while I was eating a pizza and severely scolded me, saying I would get fat. In response, I ordered ten pizzas and managed to eat five!

2015 08 01 Retrieve

[Mario Mandzukic on signing for Juventus] The games against Juve have been the most difficult in my career. My decision was also borne of this: I no longer wanted to have to play against them!

2018 09 21 Retrieve

[The Champions League has, thus, become an obsession, partly responsible for Leonardo Bonucci, who has never lifted the trophy, getting so upset with former right-back Dani Alves ahead of the 2017 final in Cardiff for playing ‘Samba Do Janeiro’ at full blast in the Juve dressing room] Leo went up to Dani and said he’d break his legs in three seconds if he didn’t turn off that music

Obviously, a row erupted and it just kept going, until Dani Alves said that if he lost the final, he’d still have three Champions League trophies in his locker, whereas Bonucci had none. At that point, everyone turned around stunned. I’ve won the Champions League but I’d never dare say something like that. We shouldn’t even have thought about the possibility of defeat.

Then Leo grabbed Dani by the throat and, as he was about to punch him, Max (Allegri) divided them and took a decision of a real leader: he said he didn’t care who started it, but at the end of the game they’d both get kicked out.

2020 07 06 Retrieve

[Mario Mandzukic has terminated his contract at Qatari-side Al-Duhail after just six months with the club] I appreciate the trust and hospitality that I have received in Qatar and I wish the best to the club and the team in the future