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Martin Braithwaite
Gender Male
Ethnic Danish
Job Danish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC
  Leganes FC

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite has expressed his excitement after joining Barcelona] I’m really excited. It’s a childhood dream come true. Everyone who plays football dreams of playing at Barcelona. Here I am, and I’m really excited to win titles. It’s a club with a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations, and I’m here to go and try to win everything possible

I’m a technical player, always physical in that I’m really fast, really strong. I’d say my best attribute is my intelligence. I move really intelligently. I study the game. I call myself a football student. I always try to improve my football every day. I think, the way we play here, my movement will help the team a lot. And, of course, I’m a goalscorer so I’m here to score goals

Lionel Messi’s maybe the best player ever, so of course it’s a big moment for me to be able to play with this guy and to say that I’ve played with him, so I’m really excited

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite has joked that he will not wash his clothes after receiving a hug from Lionel Messi on his Blaugrana debut] I will not wash my clothes after receiving Messi’s hugs. I admit that I didn’t think I would be playing for Barcelona a week ago. He congratulated me afterwards. He looks like a great man and he wanted to make me feel at ease. He looked for me with the ball after I came on. As a child, I watched players make their debut for this club on TV. I thought about how special these moments are. To suddenly be here with this reception from the fans, it has been spectacular

2020 02 27 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite has described Barcelona team-mate Lionel Messi as a footballing god] Nobody can do things he does. If football were a religion, Messi might be God. He controls the match. He is an extraordinary player

[On his first Clasico at Santiago Bernabeu] It will be a magnificent experience. It is the most important game, and everyone follows it. There will be a lot of intensity, and I have a lot to win from playing in this game

[The swift nature of his move from Leganes to Barca came as a suprise] My first training session with Barcelona was incredible. Out of nothing, from being at Leganes I was suddenly here. But it felt very natural

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Barcelona forward Martin Braithwaite tells he doesn’t plan on washing his kit after hugging captain Messi following their side’s win against Eibar] I won’t wash my clothes after I hugged Messi. I’m very happy to have given my first assist to Leo

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Braithwaite: I’ll be at Barcelona for many years & surprise critics when I’m in the Champions League] I’m here to be here for many years. People have their opinions, I’ve only heard positive stuff but if that’s what people say they’re going to be surprised when I’m here next season playing in the Champions League. So it’s nice, it’s a goal I can write down to surprise people because I’m going to be here for many years

I’m just going to be me, thanks to Luis for saying this, he’s an amazing guy, he received me well the first day when I came in. He’s a huge inspiration for me as well, he’s the best striker in the world. We have the best player and the best striker. I can’t wait for him to come back and play because I can learn so much from him. Of course I’m here to show what I can do. I’m not just here to train and go home, I have goals for myself and I’m going to achieve them

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[When asked who Barca’s fastest player is] You are talking to him

[He also discussed his love for his current club, stating that Camp Nou is his favourite stadium while reflecting on his favourite Barcelona memory] There are so many. But I clearly remember Iniesta’s equalizer against Chelsea in 2009.

[The 28-year-old forward revealed his three favourite Danish players] Allan Simonsen, Michael Laudrup & Peter Schmeichel. I have so many things to achieve so I have not thought about that yet

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite says he wants to be a part of one of the best teams in a generation at Barcelona] I am sure I am going to stay even more than four-and-a-half years that’s how I see it in my head. Right now, I just want to go and play and enjoy and win titles with this team because that’s what I am here to do. For me, at Barcelona, I am looking at all these legendary players that played here, and all the periods where they had some of the best teams, and for me, one of the goals is to be able to say I played in one of the best Barca teams in a generation. I want people to be able to look back at the team I played in and say ‘Yeah, that was one of the best teams there have been in Barca’s history.’ That’s a huge motivation for me and it comes with a lot of hard work, but I am willing to put in the work. I am just excited.

[Braithwaite added on how well Leganes dealt with his move to Barca] I cannot speak highly enough of that club. It was really special for me and the way they treated me when I had to leave, sometimes when you leave a club, you can leave with mixed feelings, but they totally understood me. They said this is a chance, one chance in a lifetime, so you have to take it. They would have done the same. Of course, they felt it was not fair they could not go out and get a replacement, which I understand, but at the end of the day they were really, really nice to me

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite claims he will be one of La Liga’s top goalscorers at Barcelona] I have to be a starter in the team and a goalscorer. When you play for Barcelona, ​​you get so many chances, so there is no doubt that I see myself scoring a lot of goals and being one of the top goalscorers in the team and in the league. That’s what I’m here for. I have to work hard and believe in myself. I have seen so far in my career that when you put a lot of work into it, you are always rewarded for it. Now I’m working harder than ever, so I’m going to get a huge reward. Now there is a break, and I see that as an advantage. I know there is no one who trains and works the way I do. When I come back, I will be physically and mentally prepared. It has not even started yet, and I have not yet proved what I can do. I feel I did well at first, but I also know that I can do even better

I’m looking forward to us starting to play again and I know I’ll be back with a bang. I am very calm and believe in my own abilities. I also spend a lot of time visualising how I would like things to go. I have seen in my life that things go as I visualise them in my head. So I’m incredibly excited and looking forward to coming back because it’s going to be amazing, what’s going to happen

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite himself has admitted what a positive influence Michael Pedersen was on his game] He took me to another level. He knows me better than almost anyone in football. He was a mentor for me in my younger years and he helped me a lot in my development from a young talent to the player I am today. He took me to another level. He educated me for top-level football and did that with a level of coaching skills and football knowledge that I’ve not seen too many times since then. I’m definitely the player I am today because of him. He played as a striker himself in Spain and I wanted to follow in his footsteps so much. My ambition was to go to Spain and play in La Liga, so I had a natural respect for him and I knew that I could learn a lot from him in my development. Michael taught me to play football with my brain, not only my feet. He showed me how to fall in love with football in a new way. I began studying the mental side and the tactical side of football. For example, I began watching football differently than I did previously. When I was a teenager watching Barcelona play on TV back home in Denmark, because of Michael’s inspiration, I was trying to read and analyse the game. Now I was not only enjoying the technical side of football, but also the tactical, for example how to run and how to time your runs and actions. And then I would integrate that into my own game on the pitch, and that helped me to develop a lot as a player. I was not only training on the pitch with the ball at my feet or in the gym, I was constantly training my mental strength and my football intelligence because he inspired me to do so

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite says that people look at him differently now that he plays for Barcelona] I felt really proud and patted myself on the back. I said to myself that the hard work was paying off and it gave me even more motivation to push the limits on what I can do in my career. A lot of things changed because now I am in the biggest club in the world so people look at you differently and recognise you more because my face is now more familiar. Beyond football, it changed a little bit but, in the end, football is still football

I’ve been looking at their games and results, hoping they win games because I don’t like leaving a club in that kind of way but now I am focused on Barcelona. I want the best for my former team-mates and former club. Everyone was really nice to me in Leganes. I met a lot of good people and they told me they were happy for me. They said I deserved it and, honestly, it was a special moment. It was difficult because I made a lot of good friends at Leganes and so many good relationships. It is always difficult when you have to leave a club. I have to thank them for everything they gave to me

[when asked if he would celebrate against his former club] Of course. That would be a special scenario but I don’t really think about this. When we play against them I will only be thinking about winning. I have a commitment for winning and will try to keep it against Leganes

2020 06 08b Retrieve

[Barcelona forward Martin Braithwaite has described Lionel Messi as an inspiration as he reflected on his first few months at Camp Nou] It changes a lot, of course. He gives so much confidence to the team because he can make the difference and also helped me personally to be a better player with his advice and how he sees football. He is really an inspiration. Honestly I don’t think in that kind of way. I am so happy that Luis is back because when I came here he was injured and I haven’t played with him. I want to learn from him, he is one of the best strikers in the world and I am happy he is back. The training is totally different to what I was used to so I can feel I am developing a lot in the technical level. As a human I can feel I have more attention in such a big club like this but you must learn to live with all this attention. I just want to tell them everything is possible in life. If you put your mind in it you can achieve your dreams

2020 06 08b Retrieve

[Braithwaite baked bread to beat boredom of coronavirus lockdown] It is a special scenario. I had the feeling it was some kind of movie because we have never experienced anything like this, so it has been a really special situation for me. I try to be positive in the face of negative situations. For me it was important that I could be with my family during this time. My wife was pregnant and I was there for my son’s birth so there are a lot of positive things to me at the moment. If I have to try to look to the positive things as I always do I can only be grateful. I think my wife saw another side of me. I began baking bread and doing stuff I had never done before. Now we are beginning to get back to normal, so I can’t do it anymore!

I feel good. I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. I’m fine working with the team again, it makes me really happy. It makes me wake up every day to do better in football. I feel everybody in the team is eager and hungry. I see a lot of players hungry as I am.

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Martin Braithwaite was one attacker the Catalans have recently added to their squad, with the Danish forward linking up with the club in February] I am so happy that Luis is back because when I came here he was injured and I haven’t played with him. I want to learn from him, he is one of the best strikers in the world and I am happy he is back. The training is totally different to what I was used to so I can feel I am developing a lot in the technical level. As a human I can feel I have more attention in such a big club like this but you must learn to live with all this attention

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[When asked if Suarez’s return to full fitness would dramatically reduce his game time] Honestly, I don’t think in that kind of way. I am so happy that Luis is back because when I came here he was injured and I haven’t played with him

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Braithwaite’s joy at ‘amazing’ first Barca goal] I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, so it’s amazing to score my first goal. It was most important to start like we did [on Saturday], so we are happy and we have to continue like this. As an offensive player you want to score goals and I’ve been working a lot in this break, and I’ve been really looking forward to playing this game and hopefully getting a goal and I’m happy, I’m really happy

It’s really important because we have to start with confidence, and to score four goals and not concede any goals is really important for us. We started good and just built our confidence and we need that to continue pursuing what we want