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Martin Lasarte
Gender Male
Ethnic Uruguayan
Job Uruguayan Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Al Ahly [Head Coach]
  Real Sociedad [Head Coach]

2019 07 13 Retrieve

[Martin Lasarte says Antoine Griezmann will fit Barcelona like a ring on a finger] His signing for Barcelona - it would have happened last year, so it’s something everybody knew. Barcelona supporters were angry but I think staying at Atletico was the right decision for him. Now I think it’s the right time [to move] because after Barcelona failed to win all the trophies last season - and in a bad way - so I think Griezmann could fit easily and help them to come back, because he is a happy guy and a very positive one. I think Griezmann will fit like a ring on a finger after Barcelona’s situation last season.

[Lasarte is perhaps uniquely placed to comment on Griezmann’s rise having played a key role in his development] Well, it is difficult to be original when you define someone everybody knows. I trained a very young player that obviously has grown up. He made a giant step to become one of the best strikers in the world. Anyway, he still keeps some of the things he had when he was a child. He knows how to read the game. All of us are impressed with how he passes the ball, how he dribbles, or how he shoots the ball. He is a very smart guy, he knows how to take decisions on the pitch. He knows when he need to speed up, when to stop, or pass the ball short or long, or when to dribble

2019 07 23 Retrieve

[Former Real Sociedad and current Al Ahly coach Martin Lasarte believes the comparisons between Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona are terrible] We all have the feeling they have elements for having much more and they don’t reach these goals. I think football has been unfair with Argentina. They reached a lot of finals and haven’t been able to be the champions

[The comparison to Argentine legend Maradona in particular irks the Uruguayan] Often Messi has been excessively blamed but he is a human. Both in Argentina and with Barcelona, I have the feeling he is surrounded, maybe badly surrounded. The comparison with Maradona is terrible, it must be hard to be compared to him. It is painful to see Messi’s career going on without titles with Argentina

[Messi’s ire for officials during the Brazil semi-final included the usage of VAR, or the lack thereof, at key moments. Lasarte also took issue with VAR, understanding its importance to the game but taking umbrage with the implementation] VAR was the main character. It modified many decisions and there still was controversy. It arrived for staying but it needs a better adaptation. You can’t wait for a minute and a half for knowing a decision because it transforms the game. Justice can’t be an excuse

2019 07 23b Retrieve

[Former Real Sociedad head coach Martin Lasarte has no doubt Antoine Griezmann will be able to adapt his game to thrive with Lionel Messi, despite his years as the star man for Atletico Madrid] I think great players can play together for a common goal. If the common goal is well defined they will be able to play together, for sure. In this aspect Luis Suarez has been so smart. There were the same doubts when he joined Barcelona and Luis adapted to Messi. I think exactly the same will happen now. The important thing is to keep egoism and individualism out for challenging for a common goal

[Lasarte warns it will be important for Barca boss Ernesto Valverde to make certain the current group have an excellent rapport off the field as well] Neymar generated a link with Luis and Messi beyond football and you could feel it on the pitch as well. This must be the first goal. If the coach is able to create a good relationship far from the pitch, I think we must congratulate ourselves because this will be historic. I wish to see the first Barca [match] with all three together

[Griezmann made his debut for the Real Sociedad first team during Lasarte’s time at the club] He always had a great determination, he always wanted to improve. Luis Suarez had this as well. I remember when Antoine and me went on a walk and he was always talking about playing in the World Cup with France. An 18-year-old Luis Suarez used to tell me he would play for Barcelona. Both worked hard, both had to be pulled away from the training ground because they used to stay working and improving themselves. Almost every day Griezmann was still working when I was leaving the training ground to go home