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Name Martin O’Neill
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2009 02 24 Retrieve

[Martin O’Neill Refutes CSKA Moscow Boss Zico’s Aston Villa Allegation] Funnily enough, Ashley Young didn’t play against Wigan recently and someone said then that all we did was get it out wide for James Milner to lob in a couple of hopeful balls.

I knew the way CSKA were going to play. But I wouldn’t be running around telling them whether how they play is good, bad or indifferent. When I was at Nottingham Forest, we won the league championship and two European Cups - which I don’t think CSKA Moscow have won - by getting the ball out wide to a world-class winger [John Robertson]. He beat a couple of players, whipped it in and then Gary Birtles or Tony Woodcock headed it into the net. I am sure Zico would also have played in a side that can also get the ball out wide and beat players. I thought it was part of the game.

I don’t know whether what Zico said was a criticism. The fact they were unable to stop a world-class player like Young from doing what is allowed on the pitch might tell me something. I don’t accept Zico’s point because one of the outstanding players the other night was a central midfielder for us called Stiliyan Petrov. He got the ball down and played through them, took it off them and ran past them. He did all of those things. It is a cop-out. I don’t accept what he has said. If getting it wide and someone beating three or four players exhilarates the crowd, I don’t see a great deal wrong with it.

[O’Neill also countered the criticism that the Villans’ style of play is predictable] We are not one-dimensional. Far from it - and I wouldn’t go and tell Moscow how to play

2017 05 30 Retrieve

[Martin O’Neill says that he is still weighing up the final make-up of his squad for Sunday’s game against Uruguay and the World Cup qualifier against Austria] Obviously Wilson, great as a person, but he hasn’t played that much. That’s the point.

We do have some boys who have played more games at this minute and that might become very important in the middle of June when you haven’t played in a long time. Darron . . . the same. I wouldn’t dismiss people from my thoughts but it’s just the number of minutes

[Arter – who might have missed his club’s closing game of the season with any one of three different injuries he was carrying – needed to rest] I think he was getting over some things

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Quote on Zlatan] [Zlatan] is a top class player. One of the best in Europe, if not the world

2020 03 30 Retrieve

[Martin O’Neill criticised reported £10m Celtic target in 2018] Jeff Hendrick has not reached the heights that he did with us a couple of seasons ago. Jeff can and should do better for us in the middle of the field - which I feel is his proper position. He plays in the hole for Burnley, but when you play in that hole, at times you’ve got to be able to create, you’ve got to be able to score a few goals. There’s more to offer from Jeff