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Name Massimiliano Allegri
Spelling Max Allegri
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Coach
Desc Antonio Conte laid the foundations for Massimiliano Allegri, but the levels he took Juventus to during his five-year spell in Turin could not have been predicted prior to his arrival. However, success at AC Milan did hint at greater triumphs down the line, and Allegri realised that with an incredible five Serie A titles in a row. The Champions League proved illusive, but the Italian giants are in immaculate shape to win Europe’s most coveted club competition sooner rather than later thanks to Allegri


Club as Coach xxxx

2010 02 02 Retrieve

[Cagliari Boss Massimiliano Allegri Braced For Jose Mourinho’s Retaliation] Oh poor me! Mourinho will put three past me on Sunday to get revenge. Besides, I could have to face the ‘unbeatable’ Inter without a goalkeeper. They are all crocked! Could anyone lend me a ‘keeper?’

[Cagliari signed Michael Agazzi from Triestina on transfer deadline day] I don’t know what to say and I can only thank my colleagues who voted for me. It’s one of the greatest satisfactions of my career

2011 12 27 Retrieve

[AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri has revealed that Filippo Inzaghi is no longer training with the club’s first team] I am sorry for him. He is a player who is part of Milan’s history, he has shown great enthusiasm, but I have to make choices. He has not been training with the team for some time and he is not in my plans because of this, he is not available

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri gives his views on reports that he could be replaced as AC Milan coach by Clarence Seedorf or Pippo Inzaghi] There are many youngsters waiting to take my place, but not every medical student goes on to become a surgeon

2015 04 18 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri on Juventus’s 1-0 win over Monaco] It was a boring game? If you want to have fun, you should go to the circus. I’m only interested in reaching the semi-finals

2016 01 27 Retrieve

[Last autumn there were questions asked about Vidal’s fitness, though he sharpened up as the campaign went on] Vidal is no longer running behind opponents – he is finally running at them

2016 03 19 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri on his goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon being four minutes away from beating the all-time Serie A record of consecutive minutes without conceding] Records aren’t necessarily going to enhance his greatness, but this one would be full of meaning, [it would be] the coronation of an extraordinary career

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] With him, you have to use both the stick and the carrot. Ibra is a strong personality and needs to be relaxed at times, while in other occasions he has to be stimulated, otherwise he falls asleep

2017 06 04 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane hailed an historic day for Real Madrid as the Spanish champions became the first club to retain the Champions League with an emphatic 4-1 victory. Massimiliano Allegri, the Juventus manager, admitted his players were unable to respond mentally when Madrid regained the lead and also recognised the difference that Ronaldo made on the big occasion once again] In the first half we played beautifully. In the second half Real Madrid pushed the accelerator and we remained too static and sat back too long. We knew we were playing against a very strong team. It’s obvious that if somebody wins the Ballon d’Or and scores so many goals it’s a big advantage for Real Madrid. The only criticism I can make of my players is that after conceding the second goal we should have stayed in the game mentally to try to find solutions and equalise but we couldn’t do that

[Asked whether this was the end of an era for some of the Juventus players, Allegri replied] No, I don’t think that Juventus has reached the end of a cycle. [Gianluigi] Buffon will still be the Juventus goalkeeper next year, Andrea Barzagli will still be with us. These players still have a lot to give

2017 08 12 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri writes about thoughts on his future following his club’s 4-1 defeat by Real Madrid in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League final] I left Cardiff with the team and returned to Italy. The next evening, when I got home, I had to ask myself a very hard question: Is this the end of the road? Is this as far as I can take this team? I wondered if I should write the final chapter to my story at Juventus. Part of me was thinking about walking in on Monday and respectfully resigning. When I got home after that defeat, I had to think hard about whether to continue. I thought about why I had become a manager in the first place. I do this because I love teaching. It is truly the joy of my life. I like making players better and smarter. So when I thought about this Juventus squad, my decision became quite personal. I know I still have a lot to prove. And I know I still have a lot to teach. So that night, before I went to bed, I decided that if the club was on board with my strategy and we could move on together, then I would stay on

2018 01 06 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri talks about Paulo Dybala’s potential] When Messi and Ronaldo get older, it will be Neymar and Dybala who will be the best players in the world. He has a whole lot of football ahead of him and I know that he can keep improving

2018 04 07 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri speaks about his coaching style] I cannot be any different than I am right here, now. I could never be a coach who mainly focuses on tactics or analytics because I am more instinctive … The coach, in my opinion, bases his decisions on sensations, on perceptions. Otherwise it would be enough to sit in front of the computer and football would be like a PlayStation. And that is not what I am. In football there are a lot of people who try to reach perfection with figures, with tactics but it’s impossible because there are too many variables

2018 04 12 Retrieve

[Michael Oliver gave the penalty for a foul on Lucas Vázquez in the closing stages of a dramatic quarter-final that Madrid won 4-3 on aggregate against Juventus. He sent off Gianluigi Buffon for protesting, his last European game ending with him departing to applause from the home fans] It was a moment of confusion. Gigi had that reaction but that’s understandable. I don’t know if that has been his last game, there were three seconds left and the result would have been historic, super important, and he had a human reaction

The referee got out the red card and sent him off. As for the penalty, the referee said it was and he whistled it and there’s nothing else we can say but we’re left with a bitter taste

[Allegri admitted he departed angry, hurt and convinced Juventus had at least deserved to take a dramatic quarter-final into extra time but said] crying is useless now

2018 08 11 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri speaks about rejecting the opportunity to coach Real Madrid and to remain at the helm in Turin] I said ‘no’ to Real Madrid because I made a commitment with the president. Therefore, my maximum respect for Juventus and given word were why I rejected the call of Real Madrid, the biggest club in the world and the dream for every coach. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I wasn’t honoured by their consideration, but I’m absolutely convinced that I made the right decision

2018 08 23 Retrieve

[Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri selected Dybala to play just behind Ronaldo on Saturday, with Juan Cuadrado and Douglas Costa flanking them, and Sami Khedira and Miralem Pjanic manning the midfield] There were some good movements that were not rewarded by the midfielders. Those are movements that must be read from the back with the ball provided in the right spot

2018 12 07 Retrieve

[Marotta announced moments after the Bianconeri’s victory over Napoli in Turin on September 28 that his eight-year stint as sporting director would come to an end the following month due to the club’s desire to enact a profound renovation] I’m only learning this now. I cannot say anything else other than I always got on so well with him. I’m tied to him in a sporting sense but also emotionally

I was with him for four-and-a-half years, beautiful and important years. He’s the best director in Italy, perhaps even in Europe. He built Juve, together with Paratici, Nedved and the president. He made a very strong squad, winners on and off the field

2018 12 08 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri explains his rationale for assigning Cristiano Ronaldo as the club’s penalty taker] He takes the penalties. After he’s scored that one against us [while playing for Real Madrid] in the 93rd minute at 139km/h, am I supposed to let somebody else do that? He has to do something to be forgiven. He’s got to take penalties and score … always

2018 12 21 Retrieve

[Shortly after arriving in Italy 18 months ago, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri observed] You can already see Rodrigo played with men in Argentina […] If he didn’t have [what it takes] I wouldn’t have made him play. Because it’s true that I’m crazy, but only up to a point…

[Allegri confessed a year ago] Rodrigo has surprised me a lot with how he has adapted to our mentality and the Italian league

2019 07 12 Retrieve

[former Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri on Nicolo Fagioli] We have a kid, from the 2001 category, and I’ll say this: watching him play is a pleasure

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri insists the way to get the best out of players such as Ronaldo is to give them free licence to do as they wish] When the ball gets to Ronaldo, [Paulo] Dybala, Ronaldinho, [Clarence] Seedorf or [Andrea] Pirlo, I have to put the other players in a position to get the ball to them. Once they have the ball they decide what to do with it, what the best decision is. My son is eight and every now and then we go on YouTube and watch the great players, the amazing things they do in attack and in defence, because football is art

In Italy, the tactics, schemes, they’re all bull**. Football is art and the artists are the world-class players. You don’t have to teach them anything, you just admire them. All you need to do is put them in the best condition to do well. I love it when I see a great player do something amazing. On the bench, I’m a spectator watching a show put on by someone, and that someone is a player

[Allegri claims the introduction of more technology is clouding the judgement of coaches] In my ignorance I don’t even have a computer. I’ve got an iPad that Juventus gave me. I watch games on it, pull up some stats. Fortunately I’ve got a good memory and I manage to remember what happens in games

A coach has to be on the sideline. He has to breathe the game, he has to understand when it’s time to make a sub or take off his best player because the team needs a different kind of player. The perception is different from the sideline. They’re making out football to be an exact science. If that’s the case, the coach may as well go to the cinema. If you mechanise everything, you no longer have thinking players. If the players are used to going through that door and the door is locked, they’ll end up banging their heads against it. If the players are used to thinking for themselves, they’ll try to find another way out

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Massimiliano Allegri speaks about growing up watching horse racing] Federico Tesio, one of the greatest horse trainers ever, always used to say you need to go and see the horses in the morning and watch how they move their legs. It’s the same thing with players. You go and see the players and you watch how they move their legs. That’s how you find out whether they’re in good shape or not. Then you go inside [the training facility], you get the stats and see if they confirm what you saw or not