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Mateo Kovacic
Gender Male
Ethnic Croatian
Job Croatian Footballer
Desc The Croat will likely form part of your midfield trident alongside Kante and Jorginho, but his intelligence and ability to pick a pass will be essential for your side going forward. Jorginho can set the tempo and Kante will add tonnes of tenacity, but Kovacic will be the man responsible for linking play further up the field and feeding the forwards


Org Croatia National Team
Club as Player Chelsea
  Real Madrid
  Inter Milan
  Dinamo Zagreb

: 2019 06 24 Chelsea have just seven days to make a decision on the future of Mateo Kovacic with the Real Madrid midfielder unsure of where he will be playing his football next season

: 2019 06 27 Chelsea have agreed a fee of £40.3 million with Real Madrid to secure Mateo Kovacic’s long-term future at the club

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[Chelsea have completed the €45 million signing of Mateo Kovacic from Real Madrid] I really enjoyed my season on loan with Chelsea, I feel comfortable at the club and like London and the Premier League very much. I am very happy to be able to join permanently. We had a successful year, winning the Europa League and I hope I can make a big contribution in the coming seasons

: 2019 07 02 How did Chelsea sign Mateo Kovacic when they have a transfer ban? Chelsea have made their first purchase of the summer in Croatian midfielder Mateo Kovacic despite FIFA recently slapping a two-window transfer ban on the club due to its conduct regarding signing foreign minors. Despite being banned by FIFA from signing players for the next 12 months until the 2020 summer window, Chelsea managed to acquire Kovacic permanently because of a loophole in their transfer suspension. he Croatian joined the club on loan for the duration of last season and the agreement between Chelsea and Real Madrid stipulated the Blues had the option to purchase Kovacic for €45m before June 30, 2019. Because Kovacic’s loan deal between the two clubs was signed off on before Chelsea’s transfer ban was implemented in February, they can sign the player permanently without flouting the rules

: 2019 07 15 The annual FUTTIES event in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is still going strong as the most recent card revealed is the Dynamic Dribbler. The fans have voted Chelsea’s recent £40 million permanent signing Mateo Kovacic as the central-midfielder, beating competition from Liverpool’s Xherdan Shaqiri and Paris Saint-Germain’s Julian Draxler.

2019 08 25 Retrieve

[Mateo Kovacic has said he’s adjusting well to life under new Chelsea manager Frank Lampard, claiming he is enjoying more freedom playing in his system] I am a Chelsea player now so I feel better about that. Last year was only a loan. I feel better and more confident than last year. It makes me feel more relaxed as last year was difficult and I needed to prove myself. Last year was also good, not perfect. This year I started well and I hope to continue like that. I am missing some part of my game and I can improve and get better, but I think it will come for sure.

Lampard gives me more freedom and I can take the ball and go forward. I feel good. I have a good connection with the coach and all the team. We can change positions. We are aggressive. We are doing well but it is only one month with the coach so we can improve. Last season was also a good connection with the coach. It was also a good year last year. The connection is good [with Lampard]. The fans love him and so do the players. He is young and he understands us. We have a good connection with the coach. I feel better and more confident than last year. It is really important [that we got the result] because I think we started very well, in terms of playing. The results were not perfect but we played well. Today, we needed the three points more than a beautiful game. We did well and we won. Everything was perfect

[Kovacic said of Abraham] I think Tammy Abraham knows where he needs to go. As a striker, sometimes he needs to go long and sometimes he needs to come short. So he already knows what to do. I can’t teach him much because I am not a striker or a great goalscorer. I think Tammy is doing well and he will improve this year for sure. It comes naturally. Tammy is a great player with great movements. He is still young and he can improve a lot. I think the whole team is doing quite well in these first games. Of course [I can see it meant a lot]. Every game is important; every goal is important. I think, in particular, it was important that today he scored. He will now be more confident and for sure he will score more goals this season. We have a good connection and I think we can only get better from now on

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[Kovacic the reason Kante hasn’t been missed by Chelsea] Last year was only a loan. I feel better and more confident than last year. It makes me feel more relaxed as last year was difficult and I needed to prove myself. Last year was also good, not perfect. This year, though, I have started well and I hope to continue like that. I am missing some parts of my game and I can improve and get better, but I think it will come for sure. Lampard gives me more freedom and I can take the ball and go forward. I feel good. I have a good connection with the coach and all of the team

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Chelsea getting best of Mateo Kovacic after ‘difficult’ Real Madrid spell] Of course it’s better to have consistency in your position. To move around the pitch is not so good, when you’re playing one year there, and another year there. That has also been a bit of a problem in my career. Everything happened too fast for me. I had three great and difficult years in Madrid. I played, didn’t play, I didn’t get the continuity that I needed and what I have now here. I enjoyed it, we won three Champions Leagues, but Chelsea is coming in the best moment of my career. It has been the most important switch for now and I’m really pleased with that

[Kovacic added on the qualities he adds at Chelsea] My game is to open spaces for other people. It’s a big strength and I have felt I am trying it a lot more because we play a little bit different football to last year. Now we are more direct, more aggressive, we just try things we didn’t try last year. I feel better. I think my best position is in a midfield two. I can play as well in a midfield three, but in the two I feel maybe more comfortable with more freedom. But in the end the formation doesn’t matter too much

[He is not overly concerned by a lack of end product for the Blues, with his game more about being destructive than constructive] I never had the pressure to score goals, I was never obsessed because my game is not about goals, but obviously if I want to go to the next step I need to improve it. The coach was the greatest goalscoring midfielder that ever played. There were many, but he really scored a lot of goals. He tells me always that I need to shoot. Now I am trying more! It’s just a thing of mentality, to try to score, to be aggressive and to have the hunger to score goals. I want to improve that, I’m trying to improve that and I am sure I will get there

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Mateo Kovacic has said that manager Frank Lampard wants him to become a regular source of goals for the club] He has joked about that before but I also think he was being serious, because he knows I should score more goals. He has been preparing me to arrive late in the box to score more goals and it is just a consequence of training hard and preparing myself. I think mentally I have become stronger this season. Last season I was obsessed a little bit with not scoring because people were always asking when I was going to score. This summer I was just focused on preparing well and having a good season for the team and, as I said before, the goals are just consequences of training well and preparing myself

It’s actually for my nieces. I have two nieces, one of which has Down’s Syndrome, and they do that [hand action] with me a lot. I love her a lot and the celebration was for them. It’s nice when you score and you can celebrate with the family. They have waited a long time but now I hope I can continue like that

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Mateo Kovacic admits that Chelsea need to improve a lot] It was a tough game, as we knew that it would be, but we need to score in the first half two more goals. That’s our problem in this moment but obviously we’re happy to go through. It was tough because we didn’t score on time - we had some chances and we didn’t use them. In training, we are working on it but we are still a young team, a new team, and we need to improve a lot. We need to take our chances, which in this moment we are not doing great, but we have time to improve and I am sure we will do

[Kovacic believes they can build momentum and go all the way in England’s oldest cup competition] They scored a goal from a free-kick, which was my mistake. I did a little bit of a strange jump and the ball touched me. Sometimes that can happen but the most important thing is we got the win and we are through. The FA Cup is a great competition and we want to win it

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Mateo Kovacic says Maurizio Sarri has seen his training methods branded monotonous] I came to Chelsea under Sarri, but I must say that Lampard is an exceptional manager. He has kept the character he had as a player in his personality as a coach, which has inspired all of us. He commits himself with everything he’s got. Training is always challenging and different from last season. That’s probably the main difference between Lampard and Sarri, who made the concept of training quite monotonous. There were a lot of similar training sessions with a focus on tactical preparation. [Zinedine] Zidane was similar to the way Frank Lampard is a coaching, and their approaches really suit

I have to admit that I’m really enjoying it so far. I play with the ball a lot more and have greater freedom of movement - that’s why I think I’ve put in some great performances this season. Last year I was tied to a specific area, which became a bit predictable for our opponents and therefore made it harder for me. Sarri didn’t want long balls from defence when we were under pressure, which led us into some tough situations. Lampard, on the other hand, gives us more freedom to assess situations. It’s proved to be a good tactic, as it gives us unpredictability. We’ve scored lots of different goals this season

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Mateo Kovacic says Chelsea need to wake up in their ongoing bid to secure Champions League qualification] We need to improve a lot because we have tough games ahead of us and we have to be focused. We have to train hard every day, to prepare our games better and try to avoid our mistakes because we are making too many mistakes in these kind of matches and you get punished.

We have a good week ahead of us to prepare for Tottenham and to play a good match. We know this match means a lot for us because Tottenham are close behind us so we need to prepare ourselves quite a lot to win this game at home. We are still fourth so we are still in a good position but we need to wake up because they are coming from behind. We need to play these next games like we were playing in the beginning of the season and change some things as well, obviously

We played well in the beginning but it’s always the same against United - we play good, we create chances, we don’t score and then they score from one opportunity. We don’t have the three points and that’s the most important thing. It was a good game from us, we played well, like we have for more or less the whole season, but we made some silly mistakes and we lost the points. We are still a very young team and we need to improve a lot. Now we will see if we are a great team because we have some tough matches to fight for the fourth position and we need to show ourselves

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic says that Bayern Munich will be better rested] They have a great team, and they are playing well. Their league is not as tough as the Premier League, so for sure they will be more rested than us. We will prepare to hurt them a lot

I had the luck of playing for a great club like Real Madrid. I won the Champions League and I am happy about that. But as players, we don’t think about winning it because every week is a big game for us, so it doesn’t change too much. There is always another great game that we try to win. We are trying to do great things this year and tomorrow we want to show that we are a great team and pass this stage if possible

I think we are similar teams, there is not much difference. We can be a big team, we have shown that this season in big games. We don’t have so much experience, but we know how to play big games. We’ll show that tomorrow. Bayern has a squad full of great players. That’s normal at this stage of the Champions League, you always play against big players. It will be tough, but we like these big games

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[N’Golo Kante was the first name on the team sheet for Chelsea’s most recent title winners but now the Blues have a new undroppable player: Mateo Kovacic. In recent weeks, the Croatian has grown into the player that many expected him to become from the moment Inter signed the midfielder from Dinamo Zagreb in 2013. The arrival of Lampard, then, was key to Kovacic’s development] I have good communication with him. I am working on my bad sides of my game. I am talking to him a lot and I am analysing my game. I think I am becoming a better player but it is normal because I am getting more mature. I am a good age so I feel good. Kovacic played with a personality and a quality that makes you go, ‘Okay, he can play in pretty much any team with that level’

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic believes he is working with the perfect manager in Frank Lampard to add the qualities to his game that he is currently missing] We had a quite good year under Maurizio Sarri, winning the Europa League, in the end he left and Frank Lampard came to the team. I think from the first moment our feeling was good. I liked the way he was training us, really hard training, I liked his character, how he was speaking to the team. I think I can learn a lot from him because all the things I am missing from my game - scoring goals and being more direct, this is the thing Lampard was amazing at in his career. So he’s a great manager, a great person and I think I can learn a lot from him during my time here