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Name Mats Hummels
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Just like how Neuer has changed fans’ perception of goalkeepers, Hummels’ ability on the ball has helped to do the same for centre-backs


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Borussia Dortmund

2015 02 06 Retrieve

[There is nothing complicated about putting the ball in the net but it has proven beyond Dortmund’s batch of forwards this season. In a campaign as tight as this, that is a crucial fact] We have to be more efficient. We have created 270 chances this season, yet we sit last in the league table. I don’t know what’s up. This is a unique situation […] Our situation has not improved. I understand the fans’ frustration. We all feel the same. We didn’t put in a lacklustre performance, but we did not play well either. We always score fewer goals than our opponents and sit last after 19 games. It would be a disgrace if one of the players were to get angry with the fans for their reaction

2018 05 02 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane says it was better for Real Madrid to suffer in win over Bayern] It’s an extremely bitter feeling. We had chances in the first game, we were more dangerous today but in the end Real made fewer big mistakes

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Mats Hummels speaks after his side’s narrow semi-final defeat by Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League] We deserved it. Toni Kroos told me after the game: ‘We did not win that thing. You only have yourselves to blame that you are not in the final.’ Unfortunately, he is right. I think it’s an even bigger disappointment [than 2017] because throughout the game, we were so close to knocking out one of the best teams in the world, which is rare. But somehow, Real gets through these matches again and again this year. These games are things to remember after your career. But honestly, I think it will hurt in ten years

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Hummels said of his three-season stint at Bayern] I was able to get to know many great people and to experience many wonderful moments. Anyone who knows me knows that Munich will always be a special place for me. But after the talks with the people in charge in Munich and Dortmund, it soon became clear to me that my footballing home would again be at BVB in the future. Hopefully we can build on the successful years we had before!