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Mats Hummels
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Just like how Neuer has changed fans’ perception of goalkeepers, Hummels’ ability on the ball has helped to do the same for centre-backs


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Borussia Dortmund

2015 02 06 Retrieve

[There is nothing complicated about putting the ball in the net but it has proven beyond Dortmund’s batch of forwards this season. In a campaign as tight as this, that is a crucial fact] We have to be more efficient. We have created 270 chances this season, yet we sit last in the league table. I don’t know what’s up. This is a unique situation […] Our situation has not improved. I understand the fans’ frustration. We all feel the same. We didn’t put in a lacklustre performance, but we did not play well either. We always score fewer goals than our opponents and sit last after 19 games. It would be a disgrace if one of the players were to get angry with the fans for their reaction

2018 05 02 Retrieve

[Zinedine Zidane says it was better for Real Madrid to suffer in win over Bayern] It’s an extremely bitter feeling. We had chances in the first game, we were more dangerous today but in the end Real made fewer big mistakes

: 2019 06 19 Mats Hummels to make Borussia Dortmund return after reaching €38m Bayern Munich agreement

2019 09 18 Retrieve

[Dortmund defender Mats Hummels said the result felt like a missed opportunity, however, the German insisted there were plenty of positives to take from the performance] In the end we lost two points and failed to be in a better position. Nevertheless, we can be especially proud of the second half

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Team-mate Mats Hummels thinks Jadon Sancho has everything to make it to the very top of the game] I could imagine him in just about any team in the world. Although he’s not mature yet, Jadon is already an outstanding footballer: His one-on-one, the pace. He loves to prepare goals. He is an absolute weapon that even has potential for improvement

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Dortmund team-mate Mats Hummels was also quizzed on England international Sancho who get bench] I don’t want to talk about it. He played really well in the second half, was really involved and scored a great goal

2019 11 28b Retrieve

[Mats Hummels said Lionel Messi is the best footballer he has ever seen after the Barcelona superstar ran Borussia Dortmund ragged in the Champions League] In top form, Messi is the best footballer I have ever seen - period. We were not good enough to beat Barcelona today. We only created three or four real chances

It was not a bad game, but not a very good one. Barcelona were excellent though. Messi is always dangerous, of course. We had a really bad spell after that first goal, with my bad pass that led to their second goal

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[Hummels appeared to question Favre’s initial defensive setup when he said] Let’s just put it this way, it would be easier to press in a 4-1-4-1 and I’ll leave it at that.

There are no differences with the coach, this is nonsense. We have a very good relationship and we talk a lot, we talk a lot. I like his ideas, I am very surprised if they interpret my words as criticising the coach. I do not think so at all

[Specifically addressing his post-Paderborn comments] If we have to press and press, my opinion is that we are better in this system. I feel that the coach had the same impression against Paderborn, otherwise he would not have switched to it

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Mats Hummels says the Borussia Dortmund players are sometimes too quiet on the pitch] We just look at our performances - and they have been very changeable this season. But nothing is lost yet. When we find our shape and go on a run, we can quickly get where we want to go in the table. It would be nice if we are in top form when the titles are given out. Until then we have to stay up there. Part of us sometimes have to be woken up a bit in games. The 4-0 win against Leverkusen (in September) sounds convincing, but in fact we had big problems in the first 20 minutes. We sometimes go into the games and see how it works. Sometimes we flip the switch only when there is no other way. If we get that under control, we can be a top team. This is not a thing you change in one or two days. We have to work it out for ourselves. When you look at the training sessions, there has been a development in recent weeks: mentality, attitude and sharpness

I try to fill that role in life and take responsibility. Especially on the pitch where I verbally try to drive, order and cheer. It is already an issue in our team that sometimes we are a bit quiet. That is why it is very important that the leaders take the lead. And also, outside of the pitch, you have to perform this role positively and as a role model for appointments, interviews and autograph sessions

In the Bundesliga, no team really marches ahead. This is mainly because the level - contrary to what is often written - has clearly increased. The small teams no longer travel to Dortmund or (Bayern) Munich to be shot down. They have become much stronger tactically and individually and have a clear plan. That’s why the well-known teams lose more points. In my view, this year (personally) has been absolutely satisfactory. I fought back at FC Bayern after being in a difficult situation and won the double. In Dortmund I immediately regained my footing. My big goal is to round off the good first half of the season in the new year with a title. We want to stay in all three competitions and be there when it matters

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Mats Hummels has joked about giving Erling Haaland tips on how to score goals] Haaland is doing well. Of course I give him some tips how this works. He has more goals in 57 minutes than I will score in the whole season

[I hope Haaland stays] as long as I am here. At least I wish so. I played together with Lewandowski for many years, so I know a good striker when I see one. [Haaland] is not at the same level yet, though

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Mats Hummels speaks after his side’s narrow semi-final defeat by Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League] We deserved it. Toni Kroos told me after the game: ‘We did not win that thing. You only have yourselves to blame that you are not in the final.’ Unfortunately, he is right. I think it’s an even bigger disappointment [than 2017] because throughout the game, we were so close to knocking out one of the best teams in the world, which is rare. But somehow, Real gets through these matches again and again this year. These games are things to remember after your career. But honestly, I think it will hurt in ten years

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Hummels said of his three-season stint at Bayern] I was able to get to know many great people and to experience many wonderful moments. Anyone who knows me knows that Munich will always be a special place for me. But after the talks with the people in charge in Munich and Dortmund, it soon became clear to me that my footballing home would again be at BVB in the future. Hopefully we can build on the successful years we had before!

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Kimmich delighted with ‘best goal’ of his career] Sometimes games are decided by moments of genius. That was the case today. I think that all other teams are out of the title race. Now, it’s all in the hands of Bayern. We just have to hope that they will drop points three times in six games. If there’s any chance, we want to be there to take it.