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Name Matt Le Tissier
Spelling Matthew Le Tissier
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The dictionary definition of a one-club man Le Tissier would’ve won more trophies and notoriety away from his beloved Southampton but that loyalty didn’t stop him becoming one of the most technically gifted players of his generation. Criminally overlooked by England Le Tissier was a creator and scorer of great goals and also goes down as one of best penalty takers in the history of the game


Org England National Team
Club as Player Southampton

2012 06 21 Retrieve

[Matt Le Tissier on Roberto Baggio] Roberto Baggio was the best player I ever played against; he made football look very easy

2018 12 04 Retrieve

[Matt Le Tissier on moving from Southampton to London big clubs] I played the game the way I wanted to play it, and had I gone on to a bigger club, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that. I knew I probably wouldn’t win any honours, but when you’re at a club that size, staying in the Premier League for 16 years gave me as much pleasure as winning a medal if I’d gone somewhere else

[Many, less-gifted may wonder from where the thought for such outrageous pieces of skill arise. Le Tissier has his own answer] You have to be willing to try something a little bit different and you don’t want to have the fear of failure. I think a lot of people tend not to try things because they think it will look foolish if it doesn’t come off, whereas I was a little bit the other way around. I didn’t have any great embarrassment if it didn’t come off

2019 03 18 01 Retrieve

[Matt Le Tissier on himself] People would say that Matt didn’t work hard enough but they would overlook one thing: that he was a genius