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Name Mauricio Pochettino
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Football Coach


Club as Coach xxxx
  Tottenham Hotspur

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells Sky Sports of his desire to lead the North London outfit to the English Premier League title] It is our dream to win the Premier League. It is our premier competition. For us, it is our first step. I am very happy here - me and my staff as well as my family. I think we find that we are in a very good place to ensure we can work hard. It is a big club with lots of supporters and it is a fantastic club to achieve big things with. We finished third in the league last season. It was a tough summer because the way that we finished the season was bad. We showed some weakness at the end of the season that we need to try and work out, which is always important. When you compete with a big side, it is always difficult, but it shows we are a better team than last season. We have had some problems in the last months after Man City. There were more things that maybe made it difficult for us to compete at our best and I think now we are in a good position to try to achieve good results. We need to work hard because teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, they have all improved. It is true that the Premier League is tougher than last season because all the big teams are improving their squads, but we are confident in ours

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo will play in the English Premier League rather than La Liga] These types of players do not come around every day or every year. Real Madrid and Barcelona already have Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and no one will take them away. But with the economic power now that some English clubs have, the next superstar will play in England

2017 01 21 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino speaks about his success in north London as a coach in comparison to his playing career] I wasn’t a crack. My wife always points out to me just what I’ve achieved here in only four years. In such a short time here, they have a certain affection for me, even though I’m from abroad, and the people that love me see it as a larger recognition than what I have received in Argentina, in Spain, or in places where I have been for much longer

2017 04 15 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells about his coaching relationship with young star Dele Alli] It is like when you have a son. You love him, but sometimes you have to be tough. If he is not the best young player in Europe, he is one of the best

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino praises Chelsea and manager Antonio Conte ahead of the clubs’ FA Cup semi-final meeting at Wembley] If there is one favourite it’s more Chelsea because they are on the top of the table in the Premier League and [with] the experienced players they have, and the manager that they have

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino gives an emotional interview following Tottenham Hotspur’s incredible come-from-behind victory over Ajax that sent them to the Champions League final] Thank you football. Thank you to my players. They are heroes. With this type of emotion, without football it is impossible to live

2017 09 30 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino jokes that his love for striker Harry Kane has made his wife jealous after Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-0 win at APOEL in the UEFA Champions League] Now my wife is so jealous – and his wife too. No, I think it’s unbelievable. You know, it’s Harry Kane. He has unbelievable skills in front of goal. He has something special. That is why he is one of the best

2018 02 03 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells about his most recent television series interest] The last was a series, Game of Thrones. We watched the seven seasons. We were so focused, all the coaching staff, we were so focused. It was football, and then Game of Thrones

2018 02 17 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino reacts to the news of his former player Ryan Mason having to retire at the age of 26 due to suffering a fractured skull in January 2017] Always he is and will be a special player for me because he represent a little bit this change in all the processes when we arrived at Tottenham. Sure he was a very successful player, and sure he will be a very successful person in football, and everything that he is going to do. It is very sad news but it opens up a massive future [for him]. He is 26 but he is an amazing person and has an amazing football brain

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[When Son Heungmin received a warm welcome from fans in Singapore during Tottenham’s 3-2 pre-season win over Juventus, prompting this analogy from Mauricio Pochettino] We can appreciate and see how the people love Sonny here in Asia. Of course, he’s an icon. I compared him before to David Beckham in popularity. It doesn’t surprise me but it’s good to see how the people love him and how important he is for the people

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino advocated using his side’s loss to Bayern Munich as motivation to continue pushing forward] This is a moment to stay all together. It doesn’t only happen at Spurs, but all clubs in the world. In the end all that happens is we lost a game. No doubt we stay all together and we find a way to be successful again. I think every single press conference we have talked about my future. I hope we are still talking, in five years more, about my future here