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Name Mauricio Pochettino
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Football Coach
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Club as Coach xxxx
  Tottenham Hotspurs

2009 09 24 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino Dedicates Espanyol Win To Daniel Jarque’s Daughter. Ben Sahar and Ivan Alonso scored to secure Espanyol’s first ever win in their new stadium in Cornella-El Prat, and Pochettino paid homage to Jarque and his family] It was the best possible tribute. We are very happy, very happy indeed, to dedicate this win to her mother and the family. For us this is an even more special day

Will is one of the main characteristics that cannot be stopped. The squad is showing that they have an unbreakable spirit. We knew that this was going to be a difficult game and this result is well deserved. The win has an added value to us because we turned the game around by believing in our play and by trying to play well

2015 11 08 Retrieve

[Mesut Ozil makes history in Tottenham draw by becoming first player to assist in six consecutive Premier League games] I think that we played very well. At 1-0 up was the moment that we had the chance to score again. I need to congratulate the players because today we showed great character. You need character and clear ideas. It was an unbelievable effort by the players.

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] I have a great admiration and respect for him as a football manager and as a person and […] I think he’s one of the best managers in football history. His record speaks for itself

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] It’s fantastic the way Harry works, his character and personality. He deserves all the praise and I am very pleased for him

2016 03 22 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] Harry is one of the best. I’ve told you before. He’s one of the best strikers of a ball [. . .] It’s maybe difficult to say he’s the best, but he’s one of the best

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells Sky Sports of his desire to lead the North London outfit to the English Premier League title] It is our dream to win the Premier League. It is our premier competition. For us, it is our first step. I am very happy here - me and my staff as well as my family. I think we find that we are in a very good place to ensure we can work hard. It is a big club with lots of supporters and it is a fantastic club to achieve big things with. We finished third in the league last season. It was a tough summer because the way that we finished the season was bad. We showed some weakness at the end of the season that we need to try and work out, which is always important. When you compete with a big side, it is always difficult, but it shows we are a better team than last season. We have had some problems in the last months after Man City. There were more things that maybe made it difficult for us to compete at our best and I think now we are in a good position to try to achieve good results. We need to work hard because teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, they have all improved. It is true that the Premier League is tougher than last season because all the big teams are improving their squads, but we are confident in ours

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo will play in the English Premier League rather than La Liga] These types of players do not come around every day or every year. Real Madrid and Barcelona already have Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and no one will take them away. But with the economic power now that some English clubs have, the next superstar will play in England

2017 01 21 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino speaks about his success in north London as a coach in comparison to his playing career] I wasn’t a crack. My wife always points out to me just what I’ve achieved here in only four years. In such a short time here, they have a certain affection for me, even though I’m from abroad, and the people that love me see it as a larger recognition than what I have received in Argentina, in Spain, or in places where I have been for much longer

2017 04 15 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells about his coaching relationship with young star Dele Alli] It is like when you have a son. You love him, but sometimes you have to be tough. If he is not the best young player in Europe, he is one of the best

2017 04 21 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino’s suggestion that Chelsea’s gilded recent history and current league leadership make them heavy favourites for the game as an excuse]</b> They are top of the league and then there is the experienced players and the manager that they have. We are talking about a team that, in the last five years, has won European competitions, World Cups, and a manager who won the title in Italy. They’re more experienced

2017 04 21b Retrieve

[Ugo Ehiogu: Former England defender dies after suffering cardiac arrest] Ugo was a lovely man and we had a very good relationship. It’s a huge loss personally and for all the Tottenham family

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino praises Chelsea and manager Antonio Conte ahead of the clubs’ FA Cup semi-final meeting at Wembley] If there is one favourite it’s more Chelsea because they are on the top of the table in the Premier League and [with] the experienced players they have, and the manager that they have

2017 04 25 Retrieve

[Tottenham boss Pochettino offers no Alli guarantees amid Madrid and Man City]</b> I cannot guarantee anything in life. The most important thing is to enjoy the present. I am so sad [about the sudden death of Tottenham’s Under-23 coach Ugo Ehiogu last week] – don’t think about the future. In the future we will take the best decisions for the club. After three years you can see how the team is improving every year and all our decisions so far have been good.

Trust in the club that we will take the best decision for the club to achieve [our goals], improve next season again. That’s the most important thing. We care a lot about the club and now we must focus on the present, try to help the team and the club to be there if Chelsea drop points. And it will be special if in the last season at White Hart Lane we win the Premier League. I want the last three to four weeks to be a big effort from everyone to achieve [something]. Then we can congratulate everyone and try next season.

It’s like many rumours. Kyle, Dele, [Christian] Eriksen, Alli, Lloris, Pochettino - many rumours about many things. I never speak about rumours. It’s important to be honest with the club and try to give our best. After the last game, we can spend the next 24 hours speaking about the future. Now, the club and the fans deserve to focus and try to catch Chelsea. If not, then finish second, third or fourth

[Rose will again miss out against Palace but the left-back has returned to training after suffering a knee injury at Sunderland in January] Next Sunday it will be three months since he got injured. We will see. Today he started to do some things with the group. We will see how he reacts in the next few days. Then we will see. We have been careful with him but we are happy that he is in a good way. We hope he will be available as soon as possible to be selected. We need to check him and he needs to recover the feeling of the competition after three months. That is difficult for a player after three months. Its difficult but the door is not closed and we are flexible.

2017 05 06 Retrieve

[Despite his side’s disappointing setback, Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino insisted the title race is not over] It is not over. We have to wait but are thinking that it will be difficult to catch Chelsea. I feel calm. But I’m disappointed, of course, that we missed the opportunity to reduce the gap

2017 09 30 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino jokes that his love for striker Harry Kane has made his wife jealous after Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-0 win at APOEL in the UEFA Champions League] Now my wife is so jealous – and his wife too. No, I think it’s unbelievable. You know, it’s Harry Kane. He has unbelievable skills in front of goal. He has something special. That is why he is one of the best

2018 02 03 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino tells about his most recent television series interest] The last was a series, Game of Thrones. We watched the seven seasons. We were so focused, all the coaching staff, we were so focused. It was football, and then Game of Thrones

2018 02 17 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino reacts to the news of his former player Ryan Mason having to retire at the age of 26 due to suffering a fractured skull in January 2017] Always he is and will be a special player for me because he represent a little bit this change in all the processes when we arrived at Tottenham. Sure he was a very successful player, and sure he will be a very successful person in football, and everything that he is going to do. It is very sad news but it opens up a massive future [for him]. He is 26 but he is an amazing person and has an amazing football brain

2018 06 14 Retrieve

[Davinson Sanchez Mina made 40 appearances for the London-based side in 2017/18 with Argentine manager Mauricio Pochettino commending his attitude and his willingness to learn] Because he’s so clever, very humble and he’s very open to learn. He’s a player that when you tell him something his reaction is to be open and be critical with himself. That is a massive skill for a player, when he’s so open to improve

2018 11 01 Retrieve

[Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino lauded Davinson Sanchez] It was a very good performance. I’m very proud because this game was so complicated and another derby, a derby that in the end we won

It’s important to go into the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup and for a lot of players it was a fantastic opportunity to show their quality.

It was a very competitive game after playing on Monday. We nearly changed all the players and of course it’s important, after only 48 hours, to say [well done] to Davinson Sanchez because his effort on Monday and [Wednesday] was massive. He showed great mentality. He’s a beast.

[Pochettino was happy with several individual performances, including from goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga and Sanchez’s central defensive partner Juan Foyth] Many players [impressed]. Players like Paulo, like Foyth, like Sonny who started to feel the net again, Fernando as well. I’m so happy. I’m so pleased. To win here is always difficult but we showed great character, great personality and the team competed very well

2018 12 18 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino refused to talk about the Manchester United job today but did send his commiserations to Mourinho] I want to send my best wishes to him. I feel so sorry because you know very well, I have a very good relationship with him. He’s a very good friend and it’s sad news what happened today. It’s not my business what happens in another club. Only I want to send my best wishes to José

2019 01 19 Retrieve

[Pochettino backs Alli to play Messi role for Tottenham in Kane absence] I was watching Barcelona and the striker was Leo Messi. You can play Llorente, you can play Dele Alli, you can play Erik Lamela, you can play Kazaiah Sterling, Troy Parrott. You can play many, many players. Chelsea played against us with Eden Hazard like a striker, when Olivier Giroud was on the bench and Alvaro Morata was out of the squad

[Pochettino indicated that he would rather see an existing member of the Spurs squad fire his team to victory than have to turn to the transfer market for a new player] The objective is to try and create our new star through the academy – that would be the most exciting thing. We did not find Harry Kane or Dele Alli as big stars – the two most important players in the squad were built here in Tottenham. Why not make the effort to add a few more players and help the club step up?

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino gives an emotional interview following Tottenham Hotspur’s incredible come-from-behind victory over Ajax that sent them to the Champions League final] Thank you football. Thank you to my players. They are heroes. With this type of emotion, without football it is impossible to live

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[Pochettino encourages Alli to rediscover the devil within] We know very well that Dele is going to be back. His mentality is good. After a tough period, always you need time to recover the feelings and performance. As long as you are consistent and working hard, you are going to arrive again because the quality is there. It’s still there inside of him. We spoke with him about improving different areas. But for sure the devil is going to appear again. I don’t know when. But for sure it will. If you go back, we all criticised him. But remember I said I said I liked this Dele Alli. Because sometimes players being a bit naughty makes that difference

Dele is capable again of performing in the way the he expects and his family expects, us, the club. When you show the qualities he showed when he was a 20-year-old and a 21-year-old, when you drop it is normal that people are going to criticise because they find it difficult to understand why you drop in terms of assists or goals in your game. But in every single talented young player, at some point the level drops. Some players need more or less time again to be in the best form. I think every coach must support, back your player and help your player because when Dele was scoring goals it was easy to embrace him but now when he is maybe not at his best, it is the most difficult to embrace him and say I trust in you and you are going to have time to be again the best. It is easy now to criticise him

2019 11 02b Retrieve

[Pochettino reveals Spurs will discuss how to handle racism ahead of Red Star match] Of course we are going to talk. But the most important thing is not to give it publicity today because when people are talking, you encourage people do something. We need to go there and think nothing is going to happen. We’ve got to trust in the UEFA protocol. We can’t go there and think, ‘Oh, something is going to happen’. We trust that we are going to handle the situation in the best way if it happens again, as it happened to England. But I am always a person that trusts that people can learn and improve

2019 11 03 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino has lent his support to Andre Gomes after the Everton midfielder was stretchered off with a horrific injury in the Toffees’ 1-1 draw with Tottenham] We feel very sorry. It was a really bad situation and bad luck with how he landed in the action and we can only send our best wishes and, of course, we are devastated for the situation. Football is not important, he is important. We can talk about football but we are feeling bad, feeling sorry and devastated for what happened because it was so difficult

[A tearful Son went straight down the tunnel with his head in his hands following his sending-off, and Pochettino thought his red card was unfair] He was devastated. It was a situation that was very confused, it was difficult to keep calm. After, when you watch the action on TV, it is never the intention and it was never a tackle to do what happened after. It was very bad luck for Andre, very bad luck for Everton and the finish with a red card for Sonny was really unfair

[Pochettino thought the game had turned on the red card, with Spurs unable to hold out despite the late introduction of Juan Foyth. The 19-year-old Ryan Sessegnon also came on for his Spurs debut, though only in the dying seconds of the game] The feeling changed in this moment. We were playing well and it was under control and we were more close to the second goal than the draw. Then things changed and they started to create a little bit more. They had more chances and, of course, it is difficult to assess the last 10 or 12 minutes. But talking only about football, I am happy with the performance and the way the team competed. It was a very difficult game against a very good team like Everton and I think we were good until Sonny was sent off

2019 11 03b Retrieve

[Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is adamant Son Heung-min shouldn’t have been shown a red card for his challenge on Andre Gomes, which resulted in a horrific leg injury for the Everton midfielder] It was dreadful for Andre, but judge the action, not judge what happened after. We are very disappointed with this type of situation on VAR - it is there to help the referee not confuse the situation more. The referees need help. They need to go and check on the screen. In the end the decision changed everything, we were in control, we believed we were going to win the game, then we conceded the goal.

The VAR need to check if it was a bad tackle and not a bad injury. It was clear that it was never the intention of Son to create the problem that happens after. It was unbelievable he received the red card. I never complain about the VAR, but please - we need use it in the best way. It is going to change the spirit of football. I was the first or only coach in the Premier League that was against the VAR. This type of situation, that you need to help because the decision of the referee was yellow card. It is creating a big, big mess

[Pochettino said of Son] He was devastated. The players from Everton came to console him. I want to thank the captain, Coleman. He came to speak to Son. In the moment it was a little bit confusing, everyone knows on the pitch what happened, but no one believed it was intentional. When we watched on TV the outcome was very bad and we feel very sorry for Andre. The action was very bad luck

2019 11 05 Retrieve

[Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino had leapt to the defence of Son Heung-min after Sunday’s match and insisted that there was no ill-intent in the challenge] Everyone saw it was a challenge for the ball with the bad luck of the contact and Andre’s landing producing the injury. But it was never Sonny’s intention to do what happened. It was clear it was never the intention of Son to create the problem that happened afterwards. It is unbelievable to see a red card. In that situation we need to help because the decision of the referee was yellow card but the VAR changed the decision. It is the latest example of it being not clear. VAR needs to check if it was a bad tackle from Son and judge the action, not what happened after

2019 11 05b Retrieve

[Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino hinted that he would likely have stepped down had they beaten Liverpool in the Champions League final] The rumours happen in any club when you don’t win. That doesn’t mean they are true and you need to care or pay attention about what has happened. But I understand it’s the business

2019 11 08 Retrieve

[Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has said that his side are in a similar position now to the one they were in five years ago] We went back to five years ago where we were like this in terms of position, situations and stuff like that, so it takes time. We cannot move the club forward quick, we cannot accelerate the time – that’s the problem. It’s a natural process. We only need to stay calm and work hard because there is not another way to change this dynamic. It’s different to five years ago but with a lot of similarities. It’s difficult to talk now because I don’t want to be talking about negative things. I promise you if all goes well, I will explain for you. I want to be positive because the signals in the last few weeks have been positive

[Pochettino also believes that it is too soon to write his side off from challenging for a top-four spot] When you assess all the circumstances, it’s normal to be in the position we are. We’ll see [about the top four]. Today, it’s so early. If we are capable of finding the right balance to start performing in the way we expect, it’s still possible

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Pochettino says Son Heung-min demonstrated strength in wake of Andre Gomes incicdent] He was affected like everyone, during the game and after the game. It is difficult to see a player suffering a massive injury. He was involved, there was a bit of confusion in the action, with the decision to show the red card. He felt responsible, then when we concede with 10 men. But he wasn’t guilty for the injury, and he showed that he is in a good state and mental level. Of course he is sorry about Andre, like everyone, but it was a big relief with the message from Andre on social media, which was good and positive, and Son is now training and recovering well

[The Spurs boss hopes the midweek taste of success can be the catalyst for a better run of results] I hope yes, hopefully keep in the same way. It was a difficult game [in Belgrade]. The result, 4-0, looks easy, but in different periods we suffered and nearly conceded. They hit the post and there was an unbelievable save from Paulo Gazzaniga that could have changed the game. Always you need luck to score first and then have the capacity to control. I was happy after Everton and after Red Star, but we need to finish winning. But we know it will be tough against Sheffield

[Tottenham’s date with the Blades takes place just over 24 hours before the much-anticipated Anfield showdown between Liverpool and Manchester City, of which Pochettino will be an excited observer] Of course. I love football. I love different sports - I love tennis, I love paddle tennis, I love golf, but my priority is football and to have the possibility to watch the game on Sunday - I don’t know if I will be home or where I will be - but for sure these two hours I will spend watching the game, because my priority is football

2019 11 09b Retrieve

[Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino said it is impossible to feel happy after his side struggled to a 1-1 draw against Sheffield United on Saturday afternoon] It was an even game, a difficult one for us - they are a very good, organised team. It was difficult to play in the first half, but second half we were better. Overall, it’s a fair result. We knew very well how they play - they got a draw in Chelsea and they are playing so well. The most difficult thing for us was to match their energy. In the second half, we were much better and matched them. I think they deserve one point. I need to look forward and keep working and try to improve. We are not in a good position in the table. Always when you don’t win you are disappointed and it’s impossible to feel happy

[After a third 1-1 draw in four league matches left Tottenham in the bottom half of the table] The reality is that for different reasons we are not showing the performances that we expect. We try to build confidence, the team is in a period where we are finding the best balance. I need to look forward and keep working and try to improve. We are not in a good position in the table

[Tanguy Ndombele was substituted at half-time due to a groin injury] We need to assess Tanguy Ndombele. He felt pain in his groin. We don’t know if it happened before or during the game but he said he was OK to play during the game. Then he came off at half-time and the doctor said to me that can’t play. I think it affected the team

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino described Jose Mourinho as one of the best managers in the world back in August] I love Mou. We all know he is so clever, he is so sarcastic sometimes, that is why he is one of the best managers in the world. I respect his opinion. I am grateful, too, because a coach like Mourinho believing in our potential to be a contender is important. We have our belief and our faith in us, but that compliment helps us to believe that little bit more, of course

2019 11 20b Retrieve

[Pochettino later reflected on his refusal of Real Madrid’s approach] The situation was difficult. The dream of every coach was on the line: taking over at one of the world’s biggest clubs. And you have to say no. You have to say no and that is tremendous, it creates a conflict within. You know that if a coach wants to leave, he leaves, but I had just signed a renewal [with Spurs] and I felt that I couldn’t do it

Now I love being involved in the day to day business, being on the pitch with my coaching staff and players, having games every week or every three days

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Pochettino’s heartbreaking final message to Tottenham’s players after sacking] Big thanks to you all. We can’t to (sic) say goodbye […] You will always be in our hearts

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Pochettino’s assessment ahead of what proved to be his final match in charge of Tottenham against Wilder’s side in early November] What impressed me the most is their belief and togetherness. They have the spirit like a rugby team that fight for each other. That is fantastic to see in a football team. That is why they have a good squad, good organisation, a great manager and coaching staff. It is a fantastic job that Chris Wilder has done. Everyone has seen how he is working and the job he has done. The best thing I can say about him is how I described the team

2020 01 16 Retrieve

[His recent comments at an event for the launch of LaLigaTV have shed some light on his preferred destinations] I am now trying to watch a lot of football and spend time with my family. It’s good that I’m free for the next two weeks [to take up a LaLigaTV offer].

As for La Liga, I am Argentine, but half Argentine and half Spanish, Catalan. A good mix. For me, I was so lucky to start my career as a manager in Espanyol in Barcelona and then to come here to the Premier League to England, to learn English and different cultures. Of course, I am a better person today with more knowledge. I am living a great experience. The Premier League is the Premier League, but I think it’s a great opportunity for the people in the UK to be fans of La Liga and have very close contact.

Of course football was born here in England but La Liga has amazing football and amazing coaches. Today it’s a reference of players, a reference of coaches and the football in the last 20 years that is shown around the world. As a coach, and as with Gustavo Poyet, we always try to be in the best place. I think England and Spain are the two best leagues in the world.

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Andre Gomes suffered a fracture dislocation of his right ankle in his side’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham in early November] It was a really bad situation and bad luck with how he landed in the action and we can only send our best wishes and, of course, we are devastated for the situation. Football is not important, he is important. We can talk about football but we are feeling bad, feeling sorry and devastated for what happened because it was so difficult

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino support for the idea of bringing the English deadline back into line with the remainder of Europe] I think that was a big mistake for the Premier League to allow that - we open the door to different clubs in Europe to try to create confusion within your squad. It can create a mess at clubs like us, clubs in England

2020 02 11 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino says he would love to return to managing in the Premier League] To be honest, I would love to work in the Premier League. It’s going to be difficult, I know, and for now it’s a moment to wait and we’ll see what happens. It’s a moment of recovery, to think about yourself a little bit, and to be ready because in football always something can happen and you need to be ready. I’m ready and waiting for a new challenge. I have the belief and confidence that the next challenge will be fantastic

Of course I feel very proud about everything I achieved at Tottenham and when I analyse my time there, plenty of positive things happened. I took charge at a pivotal moment for the club. Everything I had to do was very scary in those moments. To destroy White Hart Lane and to build a new stadium, to play at Wembley and Milton Keynes, only football people know how difficult it was to deal with these situations. To apply a new philosophy and new ideas was very tough but I feel very proud with the success that we had and to take Tottenham to a different level. To play in the Champions League for three or four years and finish above Arsenal many times was a great legacy for us. To win a title would be a great reward but for us that is the legacy, to have the club and the stadium at Tottenham. That is more than winning titles

The young English managers today have the influence of the European people. Before, English football was closed. It was difficult to share and mix here but the European coaches have been influential. People have been more open to discover a different type of football. When I first arrived at Southampton the players would say you have to play long balls in behind the full-backs and press, the approach was always like this. To change this mentality was tough but you can see a different style in football now and that makes the Premier League the best league in the world

2019 03 05 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino’s side are now in a battle simply to finish in the top four but the manager believes his side can go on and win the Champions League] I think many circumstances are involved where sometimes you can arrive to play a final and maybe are not the best team. The belief, of course, is that we can beat any team, but now I think we need to do a very good job, be professional, be aggressive and try to forget the first leg. In our ambition and our minds, we are always positive. We trust in ourselves and, of course, you can beat any team

2019 04 12 Retrieve

[Dele Alli suffered an injury in that game too, and although Pochettino is more optimistic about that one, it still doesn’t sound ideal] We need to assess him this afternoon and I am not too optimistic. It is very painful. He broke his hand in two parts. Yesterday he saw the specialist. I am more optimistic for him to be available for Manchester City in the second leg

[Looks like Harry Kane is out for the season] He was so upset after the game, it was a difficult moment for him. We feel so disappointed and it was difficult to accept the situation. He is now much better, he has the scan yesterday and he needs to see the specialist next week. He is in a good place because he is a positive guy. It is a little bit sad but he is looking forward to recovering as soon as possible.

[He was then asked if Kane could return this season] We’ll see, there is five weeks, it is going to be difficult. Next week we are going to see with the specialist. We are going to do everything to recover him as soon as possible but there is only five weeks of the season to recover

2019 04 18 Retrieve

[Pochettino: Espanyol survival still my greatest joy as coach] My greatest joy as a coach was in Almeria when we were saved [from relegation] because of what it meant to the whole Espanyol family

2019 05 07 Retrieve

[Vertonghen will continue to be monitored before the match and will wear a protective face mask if he is selected] He [Vertonghen] didn’t suffer nothing wrong, no more than cutting his nose. It wasn’t a big issue. If tomorrow he is fit and he has the possibility to play it is not a problem. I think maybe he doesn’t need the mask. It wasn’t a big issue.

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[When Son Heungmin received a warm welcome from fans in Singapore during Tottenham’s 3-2 pre-season win over Juventus, prompting this analogy from Mauricio Pochettino] We can appreciate and see how the people love Sonny here in Asia. Of course, he’s an icon. I compared him before to David Beckham in popularity. It doesn’t surprise me but it’s good to see how the people love him and how important he is for the people

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino advocated using his side’s loss to Bayern Munich as motivation to continue pushing forward] This is a moment to stay all together. It doesn’t only happen at Spurs, but all clubs in the world. In the end all that happens is we lost a game. No doubt we stay all together and we find a way to be successful again. I think every single press conference we have talked about my future. I hope we are still talking, in five years more, about my future here

2019 11 03 Retrieve

[Cenk Tosun has described the horrific moment when Andre Gomes’ season c and revealed that the injury left many players close to tears] Son was devastated. The players from Everton came to console him. Of course, in the moment it was a little confusing. No one knows on the pitch when it was an action. The action was very, very bad luck

We all feel so bad for Andre. I want to send my best wishes to him and his family for his recovery. We are going to talk about the VAR, the VAR need to check if it was a bad tackle and not a bad injury. We feel very disappointed with this situation by the VAR

They need to check on the screen and why not. Then, everything changed

[He was exasperated about some of the VAR decisions and stressed there was no malice in Son’s actions]

It was clear that never the intention of Son is to create the problem that happens. It was unbelievable he received a red card. I think we had the game under control. The problem is playing with one less, against the referee. We conceded a goal playing with one less. I never complain about the VAR, but please let us use it in the best way. It changes the spirit of football. It is creating a big, big mess.

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino has expressed his gratitude towards Daniel Levy and Tottenham’s supporters in his first statement since behind sacked by the club on November 21] I would like to thank Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy for giving me the opportunity to be part of Tottenham Hotspur’s history. I would like to thank also everyone I met at Tottenham, all the club staff and the football players during these five and a half years. Finally I would like to give a special mention to the fans who make this club so great with their fantastic support. I gave the best of me to accomplish the objectives I was asked for in our first meeting. There were equally tough challenges as exciting successes. Best wishes for the future, I am sure we will cross paths again

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[Pochettino open to Premier League return amid Arsenal & Man Utd talk] There are a lot of clubs and attractive projects for me to take on. But, for the time being, the most important thing is for me to clear my head after five-and-a-half incredible seasons with Tottenham. My aim is to seek the ability to rebuild myself and get my self-motivation back. It is my intention to return to manage in Europe. It is hard for me to imagine a project in Argentina. However for the sake of my family, I would not refuse to work over here. But now I need to be calm for a few days and see what happens. I haven’t had a lot of time to digest what has happened with me. My first decision was to come back to Argentina, return to my home and see family and friends. But I expect to return to Europe to make decisions on my future. My best decision was to come to Argentina to switch off for 10 days. At my age I don’t need a lot of time to recover. I am open to listen to projects put before me

2019 12 08 Retrieve

[Pochettino has previously said he would never manage Arsenal given his connection with Spurs, but when asked directly about the vacancy at Emirates Stadium] It’s important to have a moment of calm to lower the decibels and find the energy to take on a new project, and we’ll see where that is. I’m going to spend a few days here [in Rosario] with my family and friends, and then I’ll return to London

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Pochettino suggests he would’ve considered taking Arsenal job as he reveals he’s ‘open’ to Premier League return] In football, you never know what can happen in the future. you need to be only free and open to listen and anything can happen. I am a coach and I would love to be in in the best place that you can. Now is a moment to recharge the batteries. The Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world. But it’s not only the Premier League, there are a lot of leagues in the world that can be exciting or a very good challenge

Five-and-a-half years working in Tottenham was a very enjoyable time, a very nice journey and I only keep good memories. The journey was amazing. I don’t need to talk about what happened, only that it was an honour for me to be at Tottenham. I think what happened in the past, happened in the past and now moving on is the best for everyone. That is happening in life and happening in football

I tried to enjoy relaxing, tried to recharge the batteries. This type of thing helps us to again to feel all the energy. We’ll see what happens. I am a person that is always open to listen to people. And of course, we’ll see about the future. But at the moment, I only try to get relaxed, spend time with my friends, my family, the things that before were impossible to do. And we’ll see. Football is going to find a way to put us into the race again

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Pochettino wants Messi union at Newell’s] I want to return to Newell’s with Messi. I can still wait, [for an opportunity] and the best [possible scenario] would be in 10 years with Messi. I hope he arrives at a great moment. Age gives him [this]. His presence will be a recognition of the generation that deserved something more. Argentina is going to arrive well [equipped] to fight for the World Cup

2020 03 24 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino claims Heung-min Son would no longer be at Tottenham had he not pushed for the South Korean to be cleared for Asian Games duty in 2018] With Harry Kane injured, Son not playing the first few months because of the Asian Games, no one talks about that. Today, Sonny is at Tottenham because we allowed him to go and play two competitions that weren’t compulsory, not being selfish and saying, ‘No, Sonny needs to stay here’. If not, two years and you need to stop the contract with Son. No one says anything about that. It was our decision to provide him the time to go

[On how things started to unravel for him] Monday [after the final], I was thinking to build again, because when you are so competitive and you are a winner, you are not stuck in the past. You lose, but you want to win again tomorrow. I wasn’t knocked because we didn’t win the final, we wanted to take a massive experience for us, learn and be ready again for the next season. We were fighting for the top four at the same time we were fighting to be in the Champions League final. If you lift the trophy, you are very successful. But second is a failure, no? We are not thinking like this but, of course, that makes you sad. Of course people recognise the job was fantastic, but to finish winning the Champions League would have been amazing

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[It would be unfair if Lionel Messi was unable to enjoy World Cup] [The World Cup is] a huge goal for Messi and for the Argentine team. I hope he arrives at a great moment. His presence will be a recognition of the generation that deserved something more. Argentina is going to arrive well to fight for the World Cup

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Pochettino admits he wants Spurs return] It was an amazing journey that finished in the way that, of course, no one wants. But deeper in my chest, my soul, my heart - I am sure that we will cross [paths] again. From the day that I left the club, my dream is to be back and to try to finish the work that we didn’t finish. We were so close to winning the right trophies, the Premier League and the Champions League. But we stopped and, of course, I am looking forward to moving on. I am so motivated for the next project. But, deep inside, I would like to be back one day because the club is special. The fans are so special.

Maybe in five years, maybe in 10 years, and now I’m going to conspire with the universe and to throw out the idea that before I die, I want to manage Tottenham again and try if possible to win one title because I want to feel what it means to win one title with Tottenham. The fans are amazing and the love we received was amazing and that [would be] a good opportunity to pay back all the love they showed us from day one

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Pochettino: I couldn’t stop crying after Champions League final loss] I think it was very difficult to accept the way the game went. I was so disappointed afterwards. It was difficult to stop crying, to stop feeling bad. When you prepare for three weeks with the responsibility and in the way we did, and worked, with all the staff and players. We were very focused. I think we were convinced and I was convinced that the final was going to go our way. That was completely in our minds. But no one is prepared after 30 seconds of the Champions League final to concede like that

The goal changed the whole game, all the emotions. It is difficult to prepare a team for that happening

It was a massive achievement. And you can use the example of Liverpool after they lost to Real Madrid the season before, that was a massive motivation and inspiration to be back in the future. But I knew after five years and with the way we were working, all the things that happened, it was going to be difficult to change a little bit in our minds and to stay open to design another plan, or a strategy to build again, a different chapter. A different project was going to be difficult to maintain - to keep improving

I said to Daniel that we finished in the way that no one wanted but the end, because of our commitment, our emotion and our feeling - in football - it needed to happe. If not, our relationship would have continued forever! And maybe that’s no good for the club or for us. When the decision came it was right and we needed to move on

2020 05 22b Retrieve

[Pochettino glad to see Mourinho named as Spurs replacement] My kids are sleeping in Espanyol pyjamas every night so it’s very difficult for me to think about changing clubs

[Mourinho sent Pochettino a gift during the duo’s time in Spain] It was a very nice bottle of French red wine for me and two Real Madrid kits. Jose says: ‘OK, these are for your kids to wear from now on’. We have kept a good relationship since then and I am so happy he is at Tottenham, replacing me. I am happy as well to have left the club in the condition that we left it and for sure he is very grateful for the way that we helped to build the club, which is now his club

I always think I’d replace him. He was at Real Madrid. I say: ‘Oh, maybe one day I can take your place at Real Madrid,’ but look at how life works out. He has taken my place at Tottenham. Unbelievable, eh?

Before the pandemic, me and Jesus [Perez, his former assistant as Spurs] met with Unai for a coffee, to talk and share our experiences. We were working in different clubs, we were at the enemy, and people were walking past and saying: ‘Unai and Pochettino and Jesus are now sharing a coffee!’ It was in Cockfosters [in north London]. It was very funny. It has been an amazing time to review and analyse everything: training sessions, games, our methodology, our models of training … to design specific and collective works. And, of course, to try to adapt for the new normality, to be ready for any eventuality, because the demands are going to be completely different. We are looking forward for the next job. Football is very dynamic and you need to be ready for the moment when the offer appears. We are ready. After six months, our tanks are completely full

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Pochettino open to Premier League return amid Newcastle links] I love England. My idea is to keep living in London but at the same time, I am open to different countries, to listen and see what happens. I am ready and we are a much better coaching staff now. We have learnt a lot from our experiences at Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham. We have a lot to provide to the people that will trust in us in the future

I need to behave in the way that I did on my first day as a coach. There are two things that are most important - one is the people, the fans that are behind every club. That is the structure that keeps alive all the companies that provide the entertainment that is football. The other is the ideas of the clubs. Every single club and company have different cultures, different philosophies, different ways of working. They all have different plans for success. To be successful at one club you need to win the Champions League or Premier League, but for others it is to finish in the top four or six. For Tottenham, it was to build a new stadium and at the same time create a team to compete and cut the gap to the top four. Every single club has different aims and you as a coaching staff need to stick to these ideas. In the end, when we are waiting for a new offer, and we are capable of providing what a club expects from us, we are going to be very happy.

The problem is which clubs are top six?. The top six always changes. Tottenham is not in the top six, Arsenal is not in the top six. You need to respect all the clubs. All the clubs are working so hard and investing money. Every season clubs have ambition to be top six or top four. I don’t think you can underestimate any club

We are going to live a completely different era in football that we need to discover. How are these clubs or companies, because that’s what they are, going to be after this virus hopefully disappears? It’s a big question mark. That’s why it’s so difficult to know what project is going to be the right project. We are a coaching staff that are very receptive to listen to all the projects, all the people. We can learn from every single conversation and maybe we can see a motivation to go with them.

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Mauricio Pochettino believes no team has had a bigger impact upon English football than the Southampton side he coached for a season and a half from January 2013] Football in England changed with that Southampton team of 2013-14, there is no other team that had as big an impact in changing the mindset. We arrived at a club with a president like Nicola Cortese who gave us what we needed to create something unique in English football. Our ability to adapt to a completely different environment was incredible. We found a group of players who wanted to learn from the experiences we brought from Spanish football, and with the quality to play a different style of football to that which everyone in English football was used to. Young players started to appear, and people started to trust in young players, also in the English national team.

At Espanyol, we were the first coaching staff who started to teach exercises to bring the ball out from the back. The facts are there. Just watch any game from around 2010 and 2011, the ball is played out from the goal. When previously it was always hit long. We started with that, and many people are a bit surprised. Everyone talks of Barcelona, Madrid, Milan. No, no, it was Espanyol, with Ernesto Galan, Jordi Amat, Raul Rodriguez, David Lopez, Didac Vila, Victor Ruiz, Raul Baena, Juan Forlin, Javi Marquez. Many of those players grew up with a style of play and philosophy different from modern football played today.

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Pochettino had previously insisted that the deal was instigated by Kieran Trippier] The only conversation when he arrived after the summer was when he came to see me, he asked me for a meeting, and said: ‘Gaffer, I think I have a good possibility and for different reasons I would like to accept the offer from Atlético Madrid’.

He didn’t ask me nothing. He only communicated whether the club were going to accept the offer. Nothing more. It wasn’t a conversation – Do you want me? Or don’t you want me?