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Mauro Camoranesi
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2011 04 04 Retrieve

[Mauro Camoranesi says Juventus side of 2006 is the best team I’ve ever been part of] The Juventus side of 2006 is the best I’ve ever been part of, when we had 10 of the world’s top 30 players. Something like that only comes around every 20 years, because it’s very difficult to find such a good generation of players who are all in the same team. Of the 15 first-choice players we had, 11 were the captains of their national teams. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy success on the European stage.

[Camoranesi also explained his decision to leave Juventus for Stuttgart in the summer of 2010 and said that he needed a new challenge] Last year I chose to go to Germany instead because I wanted to stay in European football. I was excited about the possibility of playing for a team like Stuttgart. After so many years in Italy I wanted a change of scenery and to tackle a new challenge. I wasn’t there long but I was very enthusiastic about the chance to go there

2011 04 25 Retrieve

[Mauro Camoranesi pessimistic about Juventus’ rebuilding process] Mauro Camoranesi pessimistic about Juventus’ rebuilding process. Many things have changed and yet nothing has changed. It seems clear that something is wrong

[Asked whether his comments came out of spite due to the club’s decision to release him back in 2010] I don’t hold any bitterness towards them. Actually, I will always be grateful because they allowed me to win, establish myself and travel the world. But it could have ended in a different way. Both parties knew that the moment to say goodbye had arrived, but the club could have avoided putting players who they had decided to sell out of the squad

2018 12 14 Retrieve

[Despite the season not having reached the halfway mark, Camoranesi is adamant Juventus will lift the championship as no rival has improved enough to be a contender] [The title was] closed five matches ago. The reasoning is very simple: Juventus have improved the level of the squad in the summer. Napoli, which had the ability to make the last Serie A interesting, have maintained almost the same squad. I want to understand how the Azzurri can recover eight points of disadvantage

[The Argentine-born Italy international explained the gulf between Turin’s heated rivals while he was in the city, but believes Torino’s gradual improvement over the years has led to a physical style of play that could unsettle Juventus] Torino have grown a lot and now have a very good team. But for many years this match was a bit boring. In those years [I was at Juve], Torino lived between normality and relegation. Now, however, Torino have reached another level. In terms of quality, obviously, there is a big difference. But Torino are a very physical team and I think they can put Juventus in trouble, one way or another

[He also thinks the Ronaldo’s capture makes Juventus a Champions League contender] Ronaldo is an incredible player for the whole Serie A. The Bianconeri has not had such a decisive player on a world scale since Zinedine Zidane. He can certainly help Juventus get the quality they are missing in Europe. We are talking about a player who takes responsibility and doesn’t burden his teammates. It may be a good year [in Europe for Juve], as it could have been last year. Some direct competitors of Juventus are not performing very well - Bayern Munich are recovering confidence and Real Madrid are reassembling. The arrival of a competition specialist like Ronaldo can mean a lot