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Maya Foa
Gender Female
Ethnic xxxx
Job Human Rights Activist
  Democracy Activist
Desc xxxx




Colleague Harriet McCulloch

2017 09 18 Retrieve

Ibrahim Halawa was arrested as a child for the ‘crime’ of attending a protest, tortured, and tried facing the death penalty alongside adults in an unfair mass trial. For years, these court proceedings - which were designed to punish political dissent - made a mockery of justice. [She also said the Irish government and others] must now not rest until Ibrahim is at home in Ireland. The wider international community - including the EU, which helps to fund Egypt’s courts - must also call urgently on Egypt to end its use of patently illegal mass trials

2017 10 24 Retrieve

His release and return home to Ireland is long overdue. Ibrahim Halawa’s ordeal has shone a light on the gross abuses perpetrated by the Egyptian regime [of Abdel Fatah al-Sisi] - including the use of mass trials, torture and the death penalty for children and non-violent protesters. Ireland and the international community should call on Egypt to end these abuses

2019 09 16 Retrieve

[Newly-declassified cables provide further details of the torture Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah were subjected to by the CIA, during interrogations which UK security services were aware of and and for which they sometimes supplied questions] With each new revelation of torture carried out by CIA officers, the need for an inquiry into British complicity in these abuses becomes more plain. If MI5 and MI6 officers knew what Abu Zubaydah was being subjected to, but kept on supplying questions, how much other torture did they turn a blind eye to? Only a thorough investigation of this dark period can bring it to an end, and signal that Britain is a country that absolutely and unambiguously prohibits torture