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Mel Morris
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job Derby County Chairman
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Derby County [Chairman]

2019 05 24 Retrieve

[Derby Counter owner Mel Morris is not concerned by reports linking manager Frank Lampard to Chelsea] Frank’s always going to be linked with Chelsea. Is anyone surprised that lots of people would be interested in him given what he has achieved this season? His style of football has been fantastic. Right now, Chelsea have got a massive game coming up next week [the Europa League final against Arsenal] and we’ve got a massive game coming up. I can guarantee that no-one wants any focus on anything other than those two games. For Frank, he should view it as a compliment that he is being connected with that opportunity. But he always will be

2019 05 27 Retrieve

[Derby County owner Mel Morris says Frank Lampard has an aura and will certainly return to Chelsea in the future] Frank has brought the buzz back to the place. He has created a special environment. It wasn’t about him being a celebrity, it was about somebody giving us excitement. He has an aura, like all great managers. One day he is going to be [back] at Chelsea, I am sure, because of the legend he was there. The longer he is here with success, the easier it is to go there without risk because Chelsea is a big club with massive expectations. I would always be pleased we gave him the opportunity, proud of what he has achieved with us, and if that happened sooner rather than later I would just hope it works out for him. There would be absolutely no ill feeling and we’d understand it’s probably an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[Derby owner Mel Morris insists there is ‘no change’ to Frank Lampard’s position at Pride Park] We have made it very clear to everyone - but most importantly to Frank himself - that we want to retain him at the club for the long term. If Chelsea want to hire Frank, then it is in their gift to make an offer in pursuit of that. In the meantime, we will continue to put our best foot forward to continue with our plans for the coming season. We will work closely with Frank in that regard so that he knows how much he is wanted by everyone associated with the club.

2019 06 26 Retrieve

[Derby County owner Mel Morris is hoping that Frank Lampard will remain in charge of the club next season, but said it is inevitable his manager will be appointed by Chelsea at some point] When Frank met me for the first time, we talked about this opportunity and even then we knew at some stage this was going to happen. We just didn’t know when. We talked about that and we both probably thought it would be some way off and, let’s face it, right now it’s still not a done deal. Let’s be blunt, as far as I’m concerned I’m hoping this guy is going to manage us next season. I’m not giving up hope on that at the moment. But you’d have to say at some point it will happen - whether it’s now or some point in the future. For Frank Lampard it’s a win-win. He can’t lose in this situation.

[When asked if he would have blocked Lampard’s exit had it been any other club that made an approach for his services] I think I probably would have been more critical - ‘why make this move?’. Let’s say it was a low-half Premier League [club] coming along, I would have said, ‘Listen, another season with us and maybe we’ll be there, maybe two seasons, whatever it takes. Building something is worth doing’. But this is one of the top jobs in football and we have to respect that. It’s a huge decision for Chelsea - any manager decision is, it was for us last year. But I’ve got no regrets, however this works out. I have no regrets about Frank, whether he stays or goes. If he stays, fantastic, we’ll be in better shape next season than we were in this one for all sorts of reasons - the learning curve, the style of play being established, et cetera

2019 07 05 Retrieve

[Derby appoint Cocu as successor to Lampard on a four-year contract] We are delighted to welcome Phillip Cocu as our new manager. We are continuing to develop our philosophy at Derby County and from the first conversation with Phillip, and his team, it was very clear they share similar views.

The fit is strong. We want to build on the momentum that we have in our style of play, our club values, and the increasingly important role of our Academy. Phillip and his team understand the need and benefits of this approach.

We had very specific criteria for identifying a new manager. Phillip has an excellent track record of achievement in his managerial career with a proven ability to develop players to drive both tangible success and value. We are looking forward to Phillip leading us into the new season

2019 08 06 Retrieve

[Mel Morris says Derby County are confident of completing a deal to sign ex-England captain Wayne Rooney on Tuesday] It’s only literally been a couple of days. I suppose the starting point was we understood Wayne was keen to return to the UK and of course we had a look at the situation and decided to see if we could actually do something on the back of that. The key thing for me is the conversation he had with Phillip Cocu, which was absolutely critical to the interest that Wayne has. It’s never done until it’s done but we’re obviously focused and very keen to get it over the line this morning [Tuesday]. I’m sure once people hear news of this - obviously it broke last night which I suppose is unfortunate - you’re going to get interest. I’m confident it will get sorted out but ultimately, it’s never done until it’s done. We’ll see how we go

[England’s most-capped outfield player boasts 23 goals in MLS, including 11 from 22 starts this term] From my side of it, why wouldn’t you want a player of his background? His playing career has been phenomenal, he’s demonstrated his leadership qualities over there in America. I can guarantee you Phillip Cocu is excited about this well

2019 08 06b Retrieve

[Rams Executive chairman Mel Morris added on acquiring the services of an iconic figure Wayne Rooney] We are absolutely delighted to announce that Wayne Rooney will be joining Derby County. This is clearly an exciting signing for us, and Wayne’s presence will further enhance the club’s standing and its ability to perform both on and off the pitch. To have Wayne Rooney as a player, and equally as an aspiring coach, is incredible and I can only imagine the buzz this will generate amongst our supporters at home and internationally. First and foremost, Wayne is joining us as a player but he will also have coaching responsibilities too, particularly around the development of our younger players progressing towards the first-team from our Academy, as he looks to gain his relevant qualifications for a future coaching and management career. I would like to express a sincere thanks to DC United for their professionalism throughout this process. We wish them every success for the remainder of their season