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Memphis Depay
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Dutch National Team
Club as Player Lyon FC
  Manchester United

2015 05 16 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay is aiming to go on an English course when he arrives at Manchester United] I want to continue to improve my English. I understand everything, I can talk, but I’m going to do a course. The fact that I can speak it now I owe to the fact I play at PSV with many foreigners. With all those guys, English is the official language

2017 03 18 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay refused to compare his wonder goal to that of former England captain David Beckham’s famous halfway-line effort for Manchester United against Wimbledon in 1996] I’m not David Beckham. I don’t compare myself to such a legend. I think it’s great for me to score a goal like this. I tried the same thing a few years ago when I played for PSV and I hit the bar. This time, I got lucky. I realised in the first half that the keeper was off his line all the time. We put on pressure, I looked at him, and as soon as we won the ball I knew where he was, so all I had to do was turn and just do it - don’t think, just shoot. I didn’t even see the ball go in, I just saw the stadium going crazy. I think I’ve scored the best goal of my life. Aside from that, I’m very happy because the team has taken an important victory

2019 02 25 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United forward Memphis Depay recently revealed that he is hoping to step up the European ladder in the near future] Lyon is a big club, but not one of the five best in Europe. I want to go to a club like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern Munich. I want to go to a city that suits me and a club that suits me, to a team that really wants to play football

2019 05 28 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay has praised Ronald Koeman for giving him freedom on the pitch as Netherlands prepare to face England in the last four of the Nations League finals] We already had a good relationship, it feels good to me. I like trainers who are honest and clear. And they understand that you don’t have to give me full instructions, because I am a player who also needs freedom on the pitch. I can talk well with Koeman, but we don’t always need words to understand each other. I like that. Am I an easier or more difficult person than before? I do not know. That depends on who I am dealing with. I have a strong character. I say it if something doesn’t appeal to me. Not everyone likes that. You must be able to handle that. But I’ve learned, of course

2019 05 28b Retrieve

[Former Manchester United forward Memphis Depay admits he was lucky to get out of difficult circumstances in his youth after revealing he used to sell weed on the street] I don’t agree with lots of things that I’ve done in the past and I’m not proud of it, but I published it anyway, because I want it to be pure. Young kids in my situation, who might not have the right people to guide them, might see that they won’t achieve the things they want when they keep making the wrong choices. I always wanted to become a professional footballer, but for a long time I did things that weren’t going to make it happen. I hope to be an example for others. Some choices keep chasing you. I lived on the edge and was lucky to get out. For others it might end up badly. I used to be on the streets at night and did things a boy that age shouldn’t do. My talent saved me, for sure. On the pitch, I always did what people expected from me.

[Depay has not always been so welcoming of reporters, and frequently ignored journalists as a young player] I felt like people didn’t understand me. They wrote so many things about me that weren’t true. It struck me. I was young and didn’t know how to react to that. People looked at a certain way to me because they’ve read things that aren’t true. That’s annoying, but I know how to deal with those things now

2019 10 28 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay says Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe has been called ‘extraordinary’ and ‘an inspiration] It will be hard to dethrone Mbappe as the best striker. He is extraordinary. I think he’s an inspiration for all the attackers and a nightmare for the defenders. As an attacker, we love to see what he does

[Depay also hit out at critics who undermine the quality of France’s top flight] I think Ligue 1 is underestimated. People do not know how high the level is. Some teams produce a very physical game, but also very fast. There are also many good players who are leaving this championship. They do a good job here, and I’ve seen it since I arrived. Am I surprised to still be in Ligue 1? Life always takes unexpected turns. My journey has never been easy. But, of course, I am ambitious. I am aiming for the top. We’ll see how long it takes. Only God knows

Yes, I was in contact with PSG before my departure for Manchester United. They were one of the clubs that wanted me, but I chose Manchester United. A leader does a lot of things. I try to do as much as possible to have a positive effect on the team. I’m 25 years old and I have played a lot of matches. As a captain, I am a leader, but it has to come from the heart, from the inside

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay has called on football’s governing bodies in the Netherlands and Europe to do more to address racism] I’m sick and tired to see these images over and over. When is it going to stop!!? What are we going to do? Especially with the upcoming Euro 2020

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay claims Lyon players were spat on by their own fans after taking offence to a donkey banner aimed at Brazilian defender Marcelo] I’m upset, angry. We didn’t play our best but we’re through. We gave everything. When someone on the team’s not supported by the fans, what do you expect from the players? Who has time to make a banner like that? People have kids, they go to work. Who has time to paint a donkey? If you have time for that, you really need to have something better to do with your life. They spat on us. I’ve never seen anything like it

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[As the team went to celebrate with their supporters at the end of the match, one made his way pitchside and brandished a banner portraying a donkey with a message for centre-back Marcelo - who had played the last couple of minutes - telling him to Get Lost] I’m upset, angry. I don’t know what to say. You know how hard it is for the team when we know that somebody on our team has troubles with the supporters? What do you expect from us? You go to the supporters and thank them and they say crazy, crazy things about somebody’s family, somebody’s kids. I’ve got no words. It doesn’t make sense. You can see on the camera, the fans spit on us. What can I say? I’ve never seen anything like this

[And while his passion was obvious, he was self-aware enough to prevent it overwhelming him as it might have done previously] Frankly, I had to be a little careful. It reminds me of my past, my life. I don’t want to be that man. I’ve matured, I’m calmer

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Netherlands star Memphis Depay says once his footballing career is over, he would like to move into the music industry] I’ve many dreams. Maybe I’ll get to experience them one day. If I can imagine it, it means I can do it. I would need artists who can bring the energy of the crowd. I need a producer. I can’t produce myself in a studio

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Memphis Depay’s rap tribute to Virgil van Dijk] It is on. Captain of the nation, What move will he make? And I didn’t forget, The days in the rain. He is a leader, woah. He is the boss on the field.

He comes in with corners. Header, With great force, woah. He doesn’t take anything from anyone, just money. Van Dijk, he is everyone’s Dutch hero. Van Dijk, watch out, he strikes.

You know, we don’t lie, Dutchman, he is fly. Van Dijk, man. I wish you signed man, not for Liverpool, but for Man United

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Depay will play for Lyon in cup final and Champions League but long-term future is uncertain] He will play in the finals that await us. Unhappily, the international transfer window will last until October 13, so we’ve got until then to pick our players. There will be departures and we’re going to have to make choices because we’ve already got more than 30 players. We’ll have to let some go, loan others, and we’re going to have to find compromises to have a good team. Coming out of such a crisis, you have to aim for the top places. I’m not saying the title, but why not?