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Mia Hamm
Gender Female
Ethnic American
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA Women National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] You look at Francesco Totti and you can’t help but admire him. He’s a ‘blue collar’ type of player, as we’d say in the United States. He gets in there, he’s extremely loyal and hard-working and he’s very proud of who he is and who he represents

He’s one of the best players who has ever played. He’s been so consistent throughout his career and, even now, he still finds a way to make a difference in games for his club. He makes that difference through is work rate, through his goals and through his leadership. I think he has so much respect all across the world amongst players who have played the game

2019 04 20 Retrieve

[USA legend Mia Hamm describes what makes Alex Morgan one of TIME’s 100 most influential people in the world for 2019] She’s fast, strong and fearless. Alex continues to add so much confidence and variety to her game. It should also excite us to know that she’s playing the best soccer of her career, and that this summer she’ll do whatever it takes to help her team defend the World Cup they reclaimed four years ago

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[When Mia Hamm walked into the FIFA World Football Museum presented by Hyundai for the first time, she immediately saw the exhibition’s centerpiece: a painting by acclaimed artist Rachel Gadsden that uses Hamm as the inspiration] It was an emotional experience for me. Having the conversation with Rachel and talking about when she was painting it, she wanted to get into my soul. For me, when I played, that’s what I wanted to share. That’s how I played.

[The painting is part of the museum that charts the history of women’s football] I think it’s really important that people understand the history of women’s football. A lot of us think it started in 1991 but women have been playing this game for over 150 years, and I think to celebrate that and to shed light on it is important

[Hamm is hopeful that the U.S. can defeat the powerful French side] [They are] two teams that play attractive soccer, play attacking soccer, they don’t have a lot of weaknesses. They’re athletic, they’re tactical, they’re technical. [France’s] front seven is scary on both sides. I think whoever wins this game will win the tournament

[Hamm is hoping that the glamorous matchup will be another big moment in the growth of the women’s game] I think it’s incredibly important because a lot of what certain critics say is the game doesn’t sell. Well, this one sure is. I know in the U.S. everyone is talking about it. I can’t wait to see what the television numbers are. I think it’s an important step for our game to have this happen

[So what is Hamm’s true passion?] When I played, it was football. It’s what I feel brought the best out of me and asked the most out of me. Since playing my true passion is my family. I feel the most important job that I have right now is trying to create values and memories for our kids, and make them conscientious and kind members of society

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Mia Hamm on Alex Morgan] From a young age, she’s someone who embraced her ability to connect with her fans and generate more excitement for her team and the sport. That was not always easy for me, and Alex makes it look effortless

2020 03 13 Retrieve

[Carlos Cordeiro leaves U.S. Soccer in disarray as federation is left to pick up the pieces of latest mess] I have known Cindy Parlow Cone for over two decades as both a teammate and friend. She has always led with integrity and a commitment to others. I have no doubt that she will dedicate herself to making our game better for all