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Michael Brown
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Leeds United

2019 10 21 Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Phil Foden is exceptional but has to play football] He has to play football. He has to try and play as many games as he can. What I would say is, training with the best players in the world, a great team, great tactical coach to be around, those small amount of games and having trained with these players day in, day out, he’s still learning and developing. But, there comes a time when he will need to play every single week

[Foden having aired his frustration at finding himself on the fringes of the fold under Pep Guardiola] I thought he would have got some more minutes. But there are some good games coming up, with the cups etc. In the Champions League, if City can get another win then I’m sure he will play more Champions League games. This time of year is where City could hopefully get him many more minutes before January

[Expecting a youngster to fill such sizeable boots is a big ask] That’s how he’s going to develop. He’s an exceptional talent, we all know that. He needs to get into that flow of playing every week, being game ready and being in that stride of recovering and when the games come already being loaded in the legs and being that little bit sharper. They will be aware of that but with the training it’s difficult to have it exactly the same as a match because there are certain situations where you have to go a little bit further

2019 10 21b Retrieve

[Michael Brown admits Harry Kane will be feeling frustrated at Tottenham & will want titles] You look at Kyle Walker leaving and going to win titles [at Manchester City]. That’s what these players want to do. I was interested to see his quote in the Champions League, when he said ‘we’re not young players anymore , we are used to playing at this level’. It was a little bit of a dig, an indication that Harry Kane is getting understandably frustrated when his team are giving away leads and he wants the best for them.

He will be frustrated that he’s not winning things, but it has been a big development for Spurs. You have to look and accept that there’s a new stadium, the Champions League final was an amazing ending last season. They haven’t won any cups of late but we are seeing a bit of spirit in there where they are able to fight back and recover, as they did in adversity last season when they got through that Champions League group from nowhere. Now they are going to get tested again

[Pressed on whether he expects Pochettino to be in his current post for 2020-21] It’s a strange one again. He said that the players invited him for dinner, which is great and they had a bit of bonding away from work and hopefully that has done them a bit of good. But he has got frustrated. You look at the quotes that are coming out of there, I think they just need to manage it a little bit better than they are

2019 10 22 Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Sergio Aguero is an outrageous talent] He’s struggling isn’t he! He’s outrageous. You watch him and I thought two years ago he would have been one to probably miss out, I didn’t think he’d be for Guardiola, but he’s changed to how Pep thinks. You can see in his game that out of possession he gets into positions better, he looks a little sharper and a little bit fitter. But there’s no doubt that his finishing ability is there for all to see. When a chance comes, he finds that little bit of space and puts the ball in the net. He’s brilliant, how he can have that composure in front of goal in tight spaces, that no backlift goal he can do. He’s a special player

[Pressed on whether Aguero could be considered the closest man to Alan Shearer when it comes to the best out-and-out goalscorers to have graced the English top-flight in the modern era] Possibly. There aren’t many that you can say are better than Sergio Aguero. Alan Shearer was different but their goals speak for themselves. When you’re playing for a top team as well, like Aguero is, then you are going to get opportunities and minutes and you can see now that it’s hard for him to be left out

2019 10 22b Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Christian Eriksen will have plenty of takers when the time comes to leave Tottenham. When asked if a switch to Old Trafford would represent a backwards step] Only he can answer that. It’s about what type of move he wants - is it for financial [reasons] or does he want to go and try and win trophies, win leagues? Sometimes, look at Manchester United, they have had to overpay in certain situations to get players because they are not at the top of the pile now. There will be plenty of takers for Eriksen but it’s about who suits all parties. It will be interesting to see where that is and can Spurs change his mind.

[Belgian defensive duo Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen are in the same position] It’s a difficult one with Daniel Levy. He sets out that budget, that bar of what he’ll pay players, and it’s very hard to go over that and change his philosophy. But there are players that come along and they have to try and do that. That’s what will take them to another level and stop other people coming in. It’s dragged on a little bit longer and now I think it’s affected them. He’s [Eriksen] not really flowing, he’s found himself on the bench, which would have been unheard of last season, and that’s obviously one of the difficulties that Spurs are having this season

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Pep Guardiola could walk away from Manchester City this summer] Personally I think he’s going at the end of the season. Fran [Soriano] has come out as chief executive and said he doesn’t see that being the case, he sees him being part of the plans, it’s ongoing and he doesn’t see him leaving. His whole body language changed recently regarding what he’s achieved, when he’s hit his goals, and it just looks like he will be heading away from that.

Mikel Arteta was probably in line to take over from Pep Guardiola so he will have been asking that question: If Pep Guardiola leaves am I going to be that person? Obviously the answers weren’t warm enough for him to have gone to Arsenal. I think that’s the case because he wouldn’t have gone, he would have stayed there at Manchester City and waited his turn - whether that was in the summer or further or slightly after that for him to take over. The noises obviously weren’t enough for him and it was too good an opportunity for him not to take

2020 03 01 Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Mourinho still fantastic & players want to sign for him] Someone with that experience, to have a bit of adversity with the injuries and be up against it, if there’s ever a manager that can deal with these problems then it’s Jose Mourinho

Kane and Son are wonderful players. When you are missing those, it’s going to be difficult. But they have still got some great quality in the squad. As a team, probably defensively they would hope to be a little bit better and not having those goals at the top of the pitch makes it that much harder

[Mourinho needs to change his ways to meet the challenges he currently faces] They have different shapes. You look at your squad and see who you are going to play against in your next game. You always question what is the right message, which way you go about things, and it’s no different for Jose Mourinho

He’s a good attraction, Mourinho, regarding recruitment and players wanting to come and play for Spurs. The stadium is magnificent, training ground, so there will be many, many players out there who will want to sign for Spurs. It’s just a matter of how much and how far they can go. That’ll be interesting

2020 03 01 Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Pep Guardiola & Sterling will stay as Man City add again] Before Christmas it was slightly questionable whether we would see Pep beyond the end of the season but he came out before this problem with the Champions League came along, he said he will be there next season and he’s looking forward to the challenge. Last week, after the West Ham game, he said again that he will definitely be there whatever happens. He’s said it in his own words

He’s done an interview and, like many players, has talked about how big a club Real Madrid is. He also said he’s very focused on playing for Manchester City. He sent a great tweet after the game [against Madrid on Wednesday] in which he said: Glad to be back, have you missed me City supporters, with a wink. I think that just says it all

Players want to play week in, week out. At Manchester City, with Pep Guardiola, you can’t always accommodate everybody. There are certain reasons why you change. There are many more goals to come from Sergio Aguero and hopefully he’ll get one on Sunday [in the Carabao Cup final]. That’s what you expect from him as a clinical finisher

Manchester City are always looking to improve their squad and it will be no different this year. Centre defence has been a key mention. I don’t think that will be any different and will probably be one where they add. Fernandino has been slotted in there. Hopefully [Aymeric] Laporte’s injury is not too bad and they can get to the end of the season as best they can. That is probably somewhere that they would like to improve and they haven’t just yet

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Ben White has caught the attention of some of England’s biggest clubs, but the central defender should stay where he is guaranteed first team football, according to former Leeds midfielder Michael Brown] White needs to play football and he will want to play week in week out. The next step is the Premier League. Hopefully, it will be with Leeds United - they have got a fantastic place - and it would be a great place to play your football

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Michael Brown says Bayern-linked winger will be ‘key’ for Manchester City to finish season strongly] I think he’s been a big miss for Manchester City you see [Raheem] Sterling coming in off the lines from one side, you’ve seen Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva out in those wide areas but what Leroy Sane gives you is that pace, that power, that direction. He wants to push it past the full-back and get in the wide areas getting crosses in so he’s certainly been missed. I think he’ll be key for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola to give them another option in forward areas