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Name Michael Zorc
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job BVB Sporting Director


Org Borussia Dortmund
Club as Coach Borussia Dortmund [Sporting Director]

2017 11 20 Retrieve

[Michael Zorc announces Borussia Dortmund had just lift the suspension of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang] He trained well on Friday and Saturday

2018 01 14 Retrieve

[Zorc disillusioned by Aubameyang behaviour amid Arsenal links] At some point you can’t tolerate it [lack of discipline from Aubameyang] anymore. I don’t know what’s going on inside his head. We had a very contentious discussion today. We’re not used to this behaviour from him. It can’t go on like this.

2018 11 28 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund midfielder Shinji Kagawa is eyeing a move to Spain in the January transfer window] Shinji has a treasury of merits for Borussia Dortmund. It’s clear that his situation currently is very unsatisfying for him. We will sit down after the first half of the season and will have a faithful talk

2018 11 29 Retrieve

[Dortmund respond to Kagawa transfer comments] He is a deserving player and of course we can understand that the situation is unsatisfactory for him and we will certainly talk about it during the winter break if that’s what we want

2019 01 31 Retrieve

[Michael Zorc says Kagawa joins Besiktas on loan] Shinji is not only an outstanding football player, but also a great friend of our club. We did not want to deny him this request

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Dortmund boss Favre signs contract extension] Lucien has created clear structures and developed our players

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[Dortmund sporting director says Sancho had no intention of joining Man Utd in the summer] A hot topic right now is Sancho and Manchester United. Both his discussions with the club and mine with the consultants. A meeting did take place. Manchester United invited the consultant. But, according to what I know, the consultant told the club that no matter how much money they offer, we won’t let him go this summer. But the player also has no intention of taking that step this summer

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Zorc defends Dortmund’s treatment of Sancho] Jadon is still in the process of growing up and perfect professional behaviour, so he needs guidelines and help, and we’ll give him that. You have no choice - you have to maintain team discipline. You have to act as a club at some point

[You have no choice - you have to maintain team discipline. You have to act as a club at some point] You have no choice - you have to maintain team discipline. You have to act as a club at some point

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund director refutes ‘crazy’ rift reports] We wondered about this reporting. There is no dissent. We do not set a goal without first talking to the coach. That would be crazy. There is no point to talking about it every time. We should pay attention to what happens on the pitch.

I have already said that I agree [with the target]. As a coach, I always want the maximum. These are facts.

Last season, we played for the championship until the end. That’s what we want this season, too. I do not always have to talk about it; I have to take care of my job

[And the club are set to be boosted by a new contract for Raphael Guerreiro] We have continued talks with him in recent weeks. I am now ready to say that we have a general contract extension agreement until 2023. I’m very optimistic that we can do it

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[An editorial in German outlet Bild on Monday argued that Reus was the wrong man to captain Dortmund, but sporting director Michael Zorc doesn’t appear to be entertaining any doubts over his suitability] We have a healthy hierarchy with him, Lukasz Piszczek with a lot of experience and Axel Witsel with a lot of experience. And of course Mats Hummels, these are the leaders at Borussia Dortmund. There’s absolutely no reason to change that. You can write as much as you want. We have a totally clear position

2019 11 24 Retrieve

[Favre given ultimatum by Zorc] Obviously the topic will be discussed publicly because our situation is more than unsatisfactory. Of course we will analyse that very intensively. But we are going to the match in Barcelona with Lucien Favre and we expect to see a significant increase in performance there. We need a performance. We finally need a good performance on the pitch so you can look forward.

2019 12 08 Retrieve

[Zorc won’t comment on Dortmund interest in Haaland] The player belongs to RB Salzburg, it’s a matter of respect that you do not speak publicly about players from other clubs, and I do not like that. We’re working on that, we still have some time

2020 01 14 Retrieve

[Zorc says final decision’ on Gotze’s Dortmund future hasn’t been made] That has not yet been decided. It is of course also the case with him that he would like to have more minutes. We are talking to Mario. I spoke to his father before Christmas. I spoke to him again in Marbella. We will surely get together in the spring and then make a final decision

[Another player linked with a move from Dortmund is Achraf Hakimi, who has impressed on loan at the club from Real Madrid] I always like to stick to facts. According to the contract, he will return to Real Madrid in the summer because his contract will take effect on July 1

Our contacts are himself and Real. Of course we would like to see him with us longer, that’s clear too. But we cannot influence it alone. I think Achraf knows very well what development he has taken with us. He just took is from us, not anywhere else.

According to his own statement, he also feels very comfortable. Everything else will clear up in the spring

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Borussia Dortmund’s Hakimi returns to Madrid for birth of first child] Achraf Hakimi is now the father of a son and we plan for him to be back from Madrid tomorrow

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Dortmund meanwhile looked initially as though they would be without former Bayern defender Hummels for the clash with the Bundesliga champions, as sporting director Michael Zorc seemed pessimistic after their win over Wolfsburg] I spoke briefly to the doctor. Mats has a complaint with his achilles tendon. He has had this from training for a long time. But we hope that he can play again on Tuesday