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Michel Salgado
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid

2016 03 08 Retrieve

[Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos to lead Du Football Champions Clinic in Dubai] We have seen some first class youth footballers in Dubai who we can see are hungry for the opportunity to play professionally. Our final 60 from across the UAE have great potential and I look forward to working more closely with them together with Roberto next weekend before the final selection. Bringing Roberto Carlos, who is working with Real Madrid Youth Academy, to oversee the duFC Clinic training programme together with Michel Salgado, reflects our commitment to developing the future of sports in the UAE. We are utilising these stars’ technical expertise and skills in the field, and bringing their passion for youth development onto the UAE sports scene. du Football Championship represents a first-of-its-kind initiative for youth in the country, as it provides the opportunity for them to start a professional football career. We trust that our finalists will reap many benefits from the experience of playing with internationally renowned players on both a personal, as well as a professional level

2016 04 02 Retrieve

[Michel Salgado speaks about his former team-mate and current Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane ahead of this weekend’s El Clásico] He’s got character on and off the pitch. He can seem kind of shy but when it comes to normal relationships with people, he’s got a special character. He’s got Algerian blood in there! He’s got that mentality, that hot blood. When people say he won’t have the character to deal with players and to be a winner, they are totally wrong. He’s got a lot of character. He’s a winner as well. He suffers when he doesn’t win. He’s a perfectionist as well

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[Real Madrid legend Michel Salgado has revealed that he had to ‘babysit’ David Beckham and Steve McManaman following their moves to Spain from Manchester United and Liverpool] I was the one to babysit David Beckham. I did it a lot. It’s because I was the only to speak English. But it was great with Beckham. He was alone in Madrid because his wife was travelling a lot, living in LA and England. So he would call me every day, saying ‘let’s go out’. And my wife was really p*ssed off with the situation - but it was a great time.

[McManaman arrived in Madrid from Liverpool in the same summer of 2009] I remember in my first day at Real Madrid pre-season. At that time, we were sharing rooms - and they said ‘you’re sharing with the English guy, Steven McManaman’. So I was like ‘oh my god, why’. They said ‘because you’re the only one who speaks English’. But in the end, it was great. I was the one to babysit the English guys.

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Figo was targeted for vitriolic abuse whenever he played at Camp Nou. After he was pelted with missiles taking corners during a game in 2002, team-mate Michel Salgado said] By the second or third corner I turned to Luis and said: ‘Forget it, mate. You’re on your own’. I used to offer Luis the chance to take the short corner, drawing up close to him near the touchline, but not this time. Missiles were raining down from the stands: coins, a knife, a glass whiskey bottle

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Former Real Madrid defender Michel Salgado insisted Luka Jovic is a great striker, who needs time to settle in at the La Liga giant] He’s a young player. If Real Madrid signed him, it’s due to something. He has been a great player Eintracht Frankfurt, lot of goals, great attacking quality. It is known that Real Madrid needed a ‘nine’, a striker. Benzema is a different ‘nine’, a player that collects, combines over finishing. Jovic must still learn, he’s a young player and Real Madrid is a team with a lot of pressure. He needs time. He has that time, we know he’s a great striker

[Zidane, in his second spell at the helm, has been criticised, especially after the club’s 3-0 Champions League loss to Paris Saint-Germain] There’s always critics at Real Madrid. A club that depends on victories, a gigantic club. With a lot of pressure. But I think the last two scores have calmed the team. Zidane deserves all our respect, he won three Champions Leagues in a row. Something that no one has achieve in history, now arriving into Madrid in a difficult position from last year. The season just started, and they climb into the first positions. We’ve got to let them work. I know Real Madrid, I been there almost 11 years. I know how it works and it’s important that the manager and the players are calm in a moment like these. As I said, being leaders brought clam to the team and the team will grow a lot from now on. Zidane deserves the confidence from us, supporters. I think he’s doing a great job