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Miguel Almiron
Gender Male
Ethnic Paraguaian
Job Paraguaian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Paraguay National Team
Club as Player Atlanta United
  Newcastle United


Agent Daniel Campo

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Miguel Almiron shares about his journey with coach Gerardo Martino to Major League Soccer] My dad was in the room with me at our home, and we were both sitting by the phone in complete silence. We just sat there. Waiting for it to ring. And then it did. And I picked up. And I spoke to Tata for a few minutes. And it turns out that this legend, this idol … he’s also the nicest guy in the world. He told me he had an offer on the table for this new project in the United States, and that if he was going to go, he wanted me to go with him. ‘Quiero contar contigo, Miguel’. I could barely believe what I was hearing. ‘Coach,’ I said, ‘it is such an honor that you’re even calling me. Of course I want to go to Atlanta with you’. I didn’t know much about MLS. I didn’t know where Atlanta was. I didn’t know anything. But Tata was manager, and that was all I needed to know

2019 06 27 Retrieve

[Newcastle forward Miguel Almiron claims to ‘know nothing’ of the rumours linking him with a summer switch to Real Madrid. Quizzed on the Real talk, Almiron told reporters while away on Copa America duty] I know nothing. I know nothing of it. Of course, for me it is an honour that a team of this size has an interest in my football. But, as I said, I do not know anything and now I’m focused on the Copa America and Newcastle.

[Almiron added on the challenge Paraguay face against the Selecao] As a group, we try to better ourselves every day. It’s a new process, the manager has been here for only four months and we’re doing a wonderful job. I feel good in the team, I don’t feel like a leader but all of us are leaders. We don’t depend on only one player, that’s why we stand out

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Miguel Almiron leaves Lanus for Atlanta United] Everyone thinks that one goes to MLS to retire but that is a mistake. The league is growing year on year. I don’t know if we can compare it with others but it is slowly growing and this is important. Young players are arriving who fit in with those who have more experience