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Name Mohamed Salah
Spelling Mohammad Salah
  Mo Salah
Gender Male
Ethnic Egyptian
Job Egyptian Footballer
Desc Not the most prolific year by Salah’s very high standards but the Egyptian still managed 24 goals - including one in the Champions League final


Org Egypt National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC
  AS Roma
  AS Roma [Loan]
  AFC Fiorentina [Loan]
  Chelsea FC
  Basel FC


Agent Ramy Abbas

2017 12 20 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah tells Liverpool FC’s official website about his childhood] I first fell in love with football when I was a kid, around seven or eight years old. I remember watching the Champions League all the time and then trying to be like the Brazilian Ronaldo, Zinadine Zidane and Francesco Totti when playing out in the street with my friends. I loved those kinds of players, players who played with magic

2018 01 06 Retrieve

[Salah speaks ahead of the CAF Awards 2017] I have always wanted to be here [one of Africa’s best players]. I put myself under pressure and take risks. Right now I have the ambition to be the best Egyptian player in history

2018 04 18 Retrieve

[Salah targets Ian Rush’s goalscoring record] There’s a big chance to break the record, to be No. 1 for a club like Liverpool, it’s something huge. I will be very happy if I break it. I’m happy about 40, I want to keep scoring, I want to be No. 1 for the record. It’s always good when you see your name with legends of a club like Liverpool, it’s a different feeling and I’m very happy about that. But I always try to look at myself and I want more. I have 40 now, I’m telling myself, ‘Why not? You can be No. 1! I will try my best to break the record but, as I’ve said before, we play as 11 players, I play for the team. It’s not about individual awards, it’s something for the team. I’m sure if I have a chance to give it to someone else to score, I will – it’s not about me, it’s about us

2018 04 28 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah speaks after being named PFA Player of the Year] It makes me work harder. It makes me give everything, more than before because now there’s more pressure. Everyone is looking for you to do something. When I didn’t score in one game, they said: ‘Wow, he’s playing badly’. Everyone is expecting something in each game I’m playing. I don’t have to score in every game but I want to do my best. I want to give everything for the club for my teammates and myself also

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah speaks after his side’s semi-final victory over AS Roma] It is not going to be a final between Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo, I am playing for a great club, and we have great players, so qualifying to the final came with great team work, that I cannot do alone. I know all of the Arab people wish the best for me, and they are happy every time I win, but now at the moment I am only thinking about the final and to bring the Champions League trophy to Anfield

2018 12 22 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah speaks about helping Egypt qualify for Russia 2018] We hadn’t qualified for the World Cup in 28 years. It was a special moment for me and for all Egyptians. But to qualify in that manner … The world’s greatest film director would struggle to come up with an ending like that. I want that [qualification] to become the norm, not something only experienced every 28 years

2019 01 12 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah speaks after receiving the CAF African Footballer of the Year award for the second year in a row] This award is very big for me, I love it because I saw it when I was young and I always had a dream to win it one day. I’m proud to win it twice, I must thank my family and my teammates, and I dedicate this award to my country, Egypt

2019 04 20 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah speaks after being named by the magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world this year] I think we need to change the way we treat women in our culture. It’s not optional. I support the woman more than I did before, because I feel like she deserves more than what they give her now, at the moment

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Salah’s first goal came 58 seconds after Doucoure had mis-kicked at the other end with a clear sight of goal] I’ve been practicing with my right foot. We played against a tough team today. I think they should be better positioned than what they are. Hopefully we keep on winning in the next few games

[Salah’s late second quelled any nerves among the home fans] I think now we have more experience. We’ve played together for three or four years, so we know when we can make the game calm, when we can make it fast. Sometimes the crowd, they get panicky a little bit, but we have experience. We have won a few games 1-0 so it’s fine

2019 12 14b Retrieve

[Salah admits to ‘practicing with my right foot’ as deadly double sees Liverpool down Watford] I’ve been practicing with my right foot. I had good luck with the first goal, it was a counter-attack, got a good pass from Sadio, and I think we scored at the right time. We played against a tough team, I think they should be in a better position than what they are. Hopefully, we keep winning in the next few games

Now we have more experience, we have been together for three or four years. We know when we can make the game come, make it fast. Sometimes the crowd get panicked a bit but we have the experience, we have won a few games 1-0 so it’s fine

2019 12 18 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah felt Liverpool’s players were not protected from Monterrey’s very aggressive tactics in the Reds’ Club World Cup semi-final victory on Wednesday] I think it was a tough game. They were very aggressive against us and all of us were complaining about our legs and they were really aggressive. I think the referee doesn’t protect us too much. But I’m not here to complain about it. I think in the end we showed our quality and we won in the last minute. I think we deserved it

I think all the stadium today was Egyptian. I can hear that today. I feel support everywhere, I’m happy about that. I always feel love when they call my name, I feel support from them. I’m happy to hear that from them

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah not competing with Sadio Mane at Liverpool & counters critics of supposed selfish streak] No, no, we don’t look at it like that. If none of us score and the game finishes zero-zero - which doesn’t happen often - we are really angry and we get annoyed by that. But when we’re on the pitch and we’re winning, it’s great

Sometimes people judge you only on your goals, but honestly, [the creativity] is something the gaffer thinks about and talks to me about a lot. I think my team-mates are happy about it too. As long as I feel like am creating chances and giving assists for them, that’s great. Maybe people don’t focus much on that, but I like to give assists as well as score.

In the last game against Tottenham, I gave Bobby [Roberto Firmino] an assist and I was really happy for him to score. Without assists - and I don’t just mean my assists - you can’t win games. Also, I can’t focus too much on just scoring or finishing myself, because that means my game won’t really change and my opponents will figure out how to defend against me. If sometimes I get the ball and create a chance or give an assist, I can confuse them. It’s about being clever

There is always a lot of pressure when you want to play at the top level, when you want to win trophies and a lot of individual trophies as well. There is of course a big expectation, but the best way to handle it is just to focus on your work and do it in the right way in each game

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah warns Reds against complacency after Man Utd win] I think we just need to keep [our] focus on each game. We don’t have to think that now we’ve won the Premier League or whatever, no. We just need to take it game by game. I think that’s the only way we can win the Premier League. We struggled last season at the same time so we have to keep calm and just focus on each game

There are a lot of games left. We’ve taken it game by game for a long time now and it’s put us in good stead so there’s no need to change

The crowd were unbelievable again today but for us as players, it’s the next game and the next challenge. The Premier League is tough, there are some tough teams, Man Utd played well at times today but overall, I felt we deserved the three points. 1-0 is a dangerous scoreline, we know that from the Spurs game. I feel as though we should have killed the game off earlier with the chances that we had but we kept going, defended well and managed to get the second. It is special and we’re enjoying our football but you’ve got to stay hungry, keep learning, keep wanting more and this group of players wants to do that. The manager’s on us all the time to improve and we know that we can. It’s about every single day, keep going until the end of the season

2020 01 19b Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah has jokingly claimed that Liverpool triumphed over rivals Manchester United because he was fit to feature this time around in their 2-0 victory at Anfield] As you can see today I get back from the injury so we won the game, so I’m very happy for the team now. We enjoy the moment and hopefully we finish like that. I got a pass from Alisson, no one else could get me the ball, but I’m very happy for the result, that’s the most important thing

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Play Never Stops – Mohamed Salah show off epic skills in new Pepsi ad] It’s great to be back for another year with Pepsi for another global football campaign. I know fans will like it

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah reaches goals landmark] I always love to score and help the team get points. We need to keep going for the next three games and the rest of the season

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Salah is thrilled to have Liverpool just two points away from a first league crown since 1990] I feel great. Since I came here I said I want to win the Premier League with the team. The city didn’t win it for a long time, so it was the right time. Maybe last year we had a chance to win it but Man City also performed really good and they deserved to win it. It’s our time to win it and it’s great

We had a great performance today and all the players were unbelievable. I’m happy about the result and looking forward to the next two games. I think all the players are motivated, everyone is motivated in his way – but everyone is motivated to win the league

[Klopp dedicated Liverpool’s strong performance on Wednesday to the club’s fans] We showed a lot, if not everything, which helped us into the position we are in. Before this part of the season, I said I wanted to see the best behind-closed-doors football ever. I don’t know if we had that, but for sure it was the best counter-pressing behind closed doors ever! The attitude, the passion we showed was exceptional, and we played some outstanding football. Usually in my job I have to calm things down and say we can improve – and we can improve – but that’s not important tonight. We showed our supporters the respect they deserve – that we can play like they are here even when they are not. Yes, they can push us to incredible things, and without them it is nothing. I never missed them more than I did tonight because imagine this game in front of 50,000 people, the emotions that would have been in the stadium. It would have been incredible!

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Salah thanks Liverpool’s fans after Premier League title win] Yes. It feels THAT good. I want to thank all our supporters watching us from all corners of the world. You made this possible for us and I hope we can keep bringing you the joy you deserve. Now they’re gonna believe us.

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Salah targets third Golden Boot after achieving Premier League title goal with Liverpool] Winning the Premier League is amazing for the club and the city. I’ve now reached my biggest goal, the one I set for myself since I signed for Liverpool. When I set my mind on something I want to achieve, I always do. If I’m convinced that I can achieve something, thank God I always do. The first question that I was asked since joining Liverpool was that if we were able to win the league and Champions League. That’s why it feels great being able to win something I pledged to win. Of course I want to win the Golden Boot for the third time in a row, let’s see what happens. I’m focusing on the games and trying to make the most out of my opportunities. I’m sometimes unlucky but I never give up.

While watching the game, some players wanted Chelsea to win and the majority wanted Manchester City to win so that we could celebrate winning the title together. I’m expecting a very entertaining game [against City], because they’ll want to win at all costs and we won’t want to lose. That’s why I’m expecting a tough game and everyone will probably enjoy it

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Salah ‘happy’ at Liverpool and dedicates Premier League title success to club’s fans] It’s great to score goals to help the team to win games. So I feel like I am happy here, I am doing good and everything is also working well with the team and we’ve won trophies. Everything is good and I am enjoying it.

It’s an unbelievable feeling to win a trophy like that. To win the Premier League after long years for the club and the city, it’s unbelievable

I can’t describe with words, it’s so hard to say that [how it feels]. When I came here, I said I wanted to win the Premier League - it’s my first thing in my head, I want to win the Premier League and the Champions League. People said, ‘If you could choose one … ?’ But now I can say that I’d choose both!

The Premier League, I can say now after we won it, for the city it is something else. Everybody is crazy about the result, everybody is crazy about the Premier League. It is an unbelievable feeling for everybody, for all the fans around the world. Without their support, we could not do it. They did a great job, the players also did the same. It is a great feeling, I cannot explain it with words

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Mohamed Salah: Liverpool title win an ‘unbelievable feeling’] Winning the Premier League after a long time - and after winning the Champions League last year - it’s unbelievable! I think everyone was excited to watch the game [Chelsea vs Man City] together. Some players wanted to win against Man City and win the Premier League there and some players said ‘no, let’s win it now and celebrate together’. It was an unbelievable feeling, when Chelsea scored the second one, it was like ‘wow’, it was a party. We tried to keep the distance but it doesn’t work sometimes but we did our best

I do remember last year the game against Manchester United away, when we drew [in February], and I went to the dressing room, I put a towel over my head and I started to cry because that’s the moment I felt like we had lost the Premier League. I think after that game, Man City stepped into first place then I was like ‘it’s going to be tough now because there are only a few games left’ and you have to wait for them to draw games or something. When I look back to that, it’s like ‘great, wow’, it’s unbelievable to win it this season after last season because we lost it with one point. It’s crazy to lose the Premier League with one point difference, it’s unbelievable. I think the first time we felt [a big moment towards winning the league] was when we beat Man City here [at Anfield].

We said ‘OK, now we’ll go for it’. Then I think a few games as well, like Leicester City here when we won in the last minute, we knew mentally ‘OK, this is our season now’. Last season, we didn’t have that luck. This season we had it - because you still need the luck anyway - so that moment felt like it was our season so let’s go for it.