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<img src=’assets/img/Nancy Dell’Olio.jpg’> Nancy Dell’Olio
Gender Female
Ethnic British
Job British Lawyer
Desc xxxx


Boyfriend Sven-Goran Eriksson
  Flavio Nappi
Ex Husband Giancarlo Mazza


Flavio Nappi Flavio Nappi is a handsome Italian more than 20 years her junior
Sven-Goran Eriksson Nancy, who separated from Sven in 2007, has lived in the luxury abode for five years and requested £3million from her former partner in order to move out. Sven initally rejected the demands but has now handed over £2million in order to get the flat back

2013 11 02 Retrieve

[Nancy Dell’Olio on Englishmen and italian men] Why can’t British men flirt? This was one of my first thoughts when I arrived in England some years ago. I adore flirting. Like so many Italians, I consider flirting a way of life, an added joy to the day, as harmless, normal and pleasurable to a woman as a glass of chilled champagne at an unexpected hour

When living in Rome, I had become accustomed to that stereotypical Italian man. I’m sure you are all aware of who I am referring to: L’uomo forte. Oh, they are adorable. The subtle glances across a room, the secret smile, that turning of the head and that silent acknowledgement that if only, if only, and then a lingering, regretful pleasure of what might have been. All completely innocent but a continual reminder, an acknowledgement that a woman is a joy to behold

2013 04 25 Retrieve

[Nancy Dell’Olio on Sven-Goran Eriksson] Frankly I just to want to draw a line under this business and under this relationship. It makes me sad, but really Sven’s no longer the man I fell for

2015 07 08 Retrieve

[Nancy’s attitude towards Eriksson’s infidelity was to play the devoted geisha even more ardently] He couldn’t bear the fact that I got more attention than him. He was extremely jealous. [Especially of Tony Blair, apparently] Sven was convinced we were having an affair and it drove him wild

2018 07 08 Retrieve

Sex and physical attraction are very important and it’s much better in my 50s than in my 20s. After 40, women are in complete control and you know exactly what you want and what you don’t. When I was growing up I was looking for security and stability and I was sometimes attracted to older men. Now, I find myself in situations where younger men are attracted to me, maybe because I get younger and younger. I call myself the female Peter Pan

I think this new generation of young men are much more mature compared with when I was in my 30s. They are more in touch with their emotions and they’re not scared of women, maybe because their mothers are different women and we are living in a different world

[Nancy was thrust into the spotlight when she was dating former England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson. Along with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Tweedy and Coleen Rooney, she brought a touch of sparkle to the 2006 tournament in Baden Baden, Germany, where the partners of the England team became known as WAGs] I hope I brought a sort of glamour to football. What Sven and I created, the press had never seen something like this before