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Nemanja Vidic
Gender Male
Ethnic Serbian
Job Serbian Footballer
Desc Struggled slightly after his £7m move from Spartak Moscow, before forming the best centre-back partnership in the history of the Premier League with Rio Ferdinand. Freakishly strong and hardly ever beaten in the air, Vidic was also an important goalscorer, memorably scoring five times as United won the 2010/11 title. Eventually left in 2014 for Internazionale; were it not for injuries he would have remained at Old Trafford for even longer


Org Serbia National Team
Club as Player Inter Milan
  Manchester United
  Spartak Moscow

2015 02 21 Retrieve

[Inter Milan’s Nemanja Vidic picks his favourite stadium] I have played in some really tough places in terms of the noise and the passion the fans create. Every game I have played in Turkey stands out for passion created by the fans. But the best has been at Celtic Park

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic’s Partnership] We have played for seven years together and we have had so much success. We understood each other from the first day. Sometimes you understand a player and see the game in the same way; if you have a player who likes to play a different way, sometimes it is difficult to play well together

2016 08 05 Retrieve

[Nemanja Vidic tells he nearly signed for Liverpool before choosing Manchester United] Rafa Benitez [then Liverpool manager] called me and I nearly went there. I was interested in going but my English wasn’t good and I was struggling to communicate. Then Manchester United came. Fergie called me at my apartment and said: ‘I watched you play for Serbia against France - I want you here’. United were decisive. Everything was done very quickly, within two days

2018 02 08 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic to attend two-day conference in Mumbai] It is clearly an exciting time for football in India at the moment. As a professional footballer, I saw firsthand not just the passion for the Premier League but also how football can positively impact communities around the world. I am looking forward to bringing some of my own Premier League experiences to the Football Movement conference next week

2018 03 10 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic believes the Red Devils can win the Champions League this season] It’s Man United. I know the Premier League is bigger, but I think the Champions League could happen. When the season started, I said that I thought United had more chance to win the Champions League than the Premier League because the players they signed didn’t have the time to fit in. Also, Mourinho is a tactical coach, knows Europe very well. He knows there are going to be scrappy games and how to get through them. That’s my belief. To win, you need a bit of luck, but there is a chance to get to the semi-final or final. You never know. And if you win a Champions League, the players start to believe. They think: ‘OK, speak about me now.’ Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, they will look different than now.

[former Serbia international and United favourite Vidic again spoke about how he almost joined Liverpool before moving to Manchester in 2006] In Rafael Benitez’s time. I spoke to him about a few things, but my wife was the main one who spoke to him. He was interested in signing me, but I don’t know what was the problem at the time. I spoke to him before I signed for Manchester United, though. I didn’t meet, but we spoke over the phone, in my car in Moscow, with my wife translating

I didn’t say no. They said just that they were interested, they want me. It was going to happen, going to happen. Then someone came and said: ‘Do you want to play for United?’ and I said yes. After two days, everything was done. Then Liverpool said they wanted to do the deal, but everything was done

2018 11 12 Retrieve

[Vidic puts himself forward to take charge at Man Utd] To be honest, in the future I would like to be the manager. I would like to think that I know things. For me to criticise Jose Mourinho, as someone who may be in the future can become the manager, is not fair

It’s not the Manchester we are used to watching. It’s Mourinho’s Manchester and, when he came to Manchester, you have to accept that he is the manager who is going to play this kind of football. It is the kind of football he played at Inter, at Chelsea more or less, and [Real] Madrid maybe it was more open. At the end of the day, that’s Mourinho’s football

2019 09 09 Retrieve

[Nemanja Vidic faced some of the world’s leading strikers in his day, with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez considered to be among the best] Aguero looks like he’s not interested in football on the pitch. He doesn’t look like a guy who will run 10 metres and then - bang - he makes the sprint. I’m convinced that Aguero was born as a defender. He knows where the ball will come and where he can attack. But in the box, he has a low centre of gravity, which helps him change direction quickly - especially against the big English defenders. He shoots quickly, he can do the tap in and dribble and score outside the box. I played against him when they beat us 4-1 in the [David] Moyes season. That was my worst game for United. I know I’m supposed to choose those two [Champions League] final defeats to Barcelona and they were horrible to lose. That one in Rome, and Wembley was even tougher

Guardiola changed Messi. He used to play on the right and had a tendency to cut inside. He was dangerous but predictable. Guardiola made him central and he became better. The whole team began to play for him. He runs at defenders with wingers running alongside him. I played against him twice and we lost both times. It’s hard to admit they were the better team, still hard to say and it’s still hard to take. We had a great team in 2009. We could’ve done better. We were the European and world champions, Barcelona were more scared of us than we were of them. Beating us gave them more belief. Rome was a tipping point for Guardiola’s Barcelona

Lusi Suarez’s an energetic player. He’s different from Aguero who doesn’t run for 90 minutes; he’s a player who uses instinct. Everything is done in bursts. I don’t think he knows exactly what he’s doing but he succeeds. The ball will go through a defender’s legs and people will think it’s an accident, but he has this sheer force to do it. He chops and changes direction; he uses his knees, the defenders’ knees. He’s very direct and hungry to score. He runs for 90 minutes, he has a fire in him. We had that with some of the players at United

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[Nemanja Vidic says Harry Maguire will prove to be a good signing for Manchester United but the Red Devils are considered to still be lacking in the defensive department] I think he’s had a pretty good start. Obviously we have big expectations of him, he was a big signing. We need the defence to improve, we all know how important the defence is in winning trophies. If you want to win trophies, you need to have a strong defence, don’t lose many goals. Obviously he’s still new. He just came, he didn’t have a pre-season with the team. I think better games are coming from him and I think he’ll be a good signing

[The former Leicester defender is still finding his feet in new surroundings] He seems to have sured things up. He’s made Lindelof a better player. I think the back four have been a lot better. He’s been a big signing for them and hopefully he can continue the form he’s been on

2020 03 05 Retrieve

[Vidic suggests alternative to Alderweireld as Man Utd transfer priority] Of course, I would like to see him there. But I think the club has to have a priority. What I see is, if you want to be in the Champions League next season and challenge for the Premier League, you have to strengthen the midfield. You need that depth in the midfield area. In defence they already have five players, so they can rotate, and it seems like they’re doing well. Man United need a midfielder to go box-to-box. There has been a lot of criticism for the defenders but if they are compared to other Premier League teams, Manchester United are not that bad

[Vidic said of Alexis Sanchez] We have to wait to see who will be the manager. The way he is at the moment, I don’t think Ole will have him for next season. But he’s a top player