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Name Neymar
Gender Male
Nationality Brazil
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Descs The 27-year-old still has so much more to prove over the coming years. He’s usually delivered for Brazil and, in fairness, was on the path to unquestionable super-stardom at Barcelona, but his time at PSG has tainted his previously glowing reputation, as he’s lacked the necessary competition to raise his game to the next level


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain
  Barcelona FC


Father Neymar Santos Sr
Agent Wagner Ribeiro [ex]

2011 06 11 Retrieve

[Neymar on his desire to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or as a Santos player] Nothing is impossible. Pele became the player of the century at Santos. Only by playing, by winning titles, can I achieve this. With time we’ll be able to answer whether [I can win it]. But I dream about it

2013 06 03
On that day, a smiling Neymar was presented at Camp Nou, Barcelona having beaten out their great rivals to the Santos and Brazil prodigy after a bitter transfer battle

2015 02 07 Retrieve

[Neymar on Philippe Coutinho] We have been good friends since we were 16. Not only is he a fantastic player, he is a good guy to have in the dressing room, always positive and making jokes. Since Luis [Suarez] joined us at Barcelona, Liverpool have not had that one player they can look to for that special moment. Couto can be that player for them, I’m sure. When he has the ball at his feet, he can make things happen for himself and he can make things happen for other players. He is a very special player

2015 09 12 Retrieve

[Neymar on being benched] I don’t like being benched. I’m not used to it. I don’t want to get used to it

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] For me it’s a great honour to form part of this forward line and to make history with them. I am a big fan of them (Messi and Suarez) as players and even more so as people

2015 12 22 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] I believe that this attack with Messi and Suarez is the best I’ve played in. They are two superstars and we get along very well on and off the pitch. So everything comes together to make it work. Even though we have a very strong rivalry on the national teams – Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay – we get along really well. I’m really proud to be part of this trident and proud that we are making soccer history. We don’t want to stop now, we want to keep writing history

2015 12 23 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] This is the best moment of my career so far. I am very happy with Leo [Messi] and Luis [Suarez]. They help me and I help them

2015 12 24 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] Secret of MSN? Friendship and modesty. Leo and Luis are great friends, I hope to play with them for a long time, there are no egos

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[Neymar on hypothetically choosing to inherit team-mate Lionel Messi’s left peg instead of Ronaldo’s right] I’d take Messi’s left foot, with all due respect to Cristiano, because my right foot is pretty handy too

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Neymar announces he’s stepping down as Brazil captain following the country’s Rio 2016 triumph] It was an honour to be captain, but from today I stop being captain. I will send a message to [senior coach] Tite that, from now, he can look for another captain. I do not like to put one title above the other - every competition I contest and win is important. Of course, it had great importance to Brazil and thank God we did it - after a lot of struggling, work and concentration

2016 09 17 Retrieve

[Neymar on the synergy between himself, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez at Barcelona] We are at a place now where we know the way each other thinks, the runs we make, the positions we will be in. We can still get better though, our communication and understanding of each other is improving all the time. We are not playing for ourselves, nobody is looking for personal glory. It is always nice to score goals, but if I score, if Luis scores, if Leo scores, it doesn’t matter - we are as happy creating goals for each other as scoring them. Our understanding on the field is helped by our relationship off it. We are all good friends, and I think that shows in the way we play. It is very early in the season, we can get better, and help make it a very successful season for Barcelona

2017 02 11 Retrieve

[Neymar talks about his FIFA World Cup ambitions] I’m not anxious, but I’m already thinking about the World Cup. I am a daydreamer; I can’t stop thinking, imagining how it would be to win a World Cup. But I will work hard, so that I’m prepared for 2018. I have many [ambitions]. I still have many things to do, there’s a lot of titles to be conquered

2017 04 01 Retrieve

[Neymar speaks about his partnership with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez] Relationships are important off the field, we are friends. On the field, we complete each other. Messi and I play on the wings, Suarez in the middle. Messi is a player that I’ve admired since I came to Barcelona. He’s helped me since the moment I arrived. I’ve always admired his determination and attitude

2017 05 20 Retrieve

[Neymar believes he is currently having his best season with Barcelona FC] This is a great season for me. I even think I have had my best season since I arrived here. I do not know if I have reached a new level, it is hard to have that judgement when you are on the pitch. I have always had the same role from my arrival until today - it has not changed. I have always taken responsibility in this team and everyone knows their role. All I want to do is play with the best players in the world - and the best of all is Leo Messi. I dream of becoming the best. I think I can do it, but calmly and quietly - I am not in a hurry

2017 07 08 Retrieve

[Neymar discusses his start at Barcelona] I would walk into the dressing room and I would look to one side and see Messi and then I would look to the other side and I would see Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique and Dani Alves. I thought that I was inside a video game. One day I was playing with them on the games console and then the next day I was there next to them

2017 08 05 Retrieve

[Neymar speaks at his introductory press conference after completing his move to Paris Saint-Germain] It was not easy – I had to think a lot, I had to think what I wanted to do with my life. A lot of people wanted me to talk about it but it’s difficult to communicate when you’re not 100 per cent sure what you want to do. But as soon as I made up my mind, I started communicating. This is what my heart told me to do. I always ask my heart every day and my heart told me, ‘Go to PSG’

2017 08 19 Retrieve

[Neymar speaks after scoring a goal and providing an assist on his debut for Paris Saint-Germain in a 3-0 win over Guingamp] People think that leaving Barça is to die, but it’s the opposite. I’m more alive than ever. I play, I am very happy and football is the same. Only the country, the city and the team change, but football is the same

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Neymar on Paris Saint-Germain team-mate Kylian Mbappe] He is a golden boy and he’s been doing very well. He’s a great player and has all the qualities to become one of the big names in football. Hopefully, I can do for him the same thing that Messi has done for me

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Neymar tells about some of his future ambitions] I want to win the Champions League with PSG and then the World Cup. These are my biggest dreams at this moment and then who knows, maybe I’m going to get married

2017 12 23 Retrieve

[Neymar explains the differences between himself now compared to when the forward was starring for the host nation at Brazil 2014] The difference is hard to explain, but I think I’m more experienced, more wise, more ‘cascudo’, as we say in Brazil. This is because I had many experiences, I participated in a World Cup where we lost and I think I’ll be more prepared for the next one, because I know what it’s like to be in a World Cup, I can be better prepared. So the Neymar in 2018 is better than the Neymar in 2014

2018 04 21 Retrieve

[Neymar gives an update on his recovery from injury ahead of the World Cup] I’ll have enough time to return for the World Cup and prepare beforehand. It’s not good being injured, but I feel rested. We have to look at it from the positive angle. I hope I can get there even better than I was. I have some doubts, of course - it’s my first surgery, it’s normal. I’ll get in shape, work as hard as I can. From the moment I can resume training, I’ll dedicate myself even more because the dream is closer, the World Cup. I waited four years for this opportunity and now it’s closer

2018 06 09 Retrieve

[Neymar on the chance of becoming his country’s top goalscorer] There is no fight to be Brazil’s national team top scorer. I think it’s just numbers. They are my idols, those who were here before me, and when it comes to idols, I will never be better than them. So I respect each one of them, Romario, Zico, Ronaldo, Pele … Because they are my idols. It’s just numbers. I’m happy to help my team, to score goals, but I don’t want to be better than them and neither will I be. Each one has their own history and knows their importance in the team. I’m very happy for the goals

2018 07 03 Retrieve

[Mexico Head coach Juan Carlos Osorio refuses to identify Neymar by name following the defeat but claimed the play-acting, and the ensuing delays in play, had been badly handed by the referee] Look, I think it’s more an attempt to undermine me than anything else. I don’t care much for criticism, or praise, because this can influence your attitude. In the last two matches I didn’t talk to the press because I don’t want to I just have to play, help my teammates, help my team. I’m here to win. I can always improve. Today I feel much better and I’m very happy for this win

2018 07 28 Retrieve

[Neymar reflecs on his team’s 2-1 quarter-final defeat by Belgium at Russia 2018] I wouldn’t go as far as to say I didn’t want to play again but, I didn’t want to see a ball, or to see any more football played. I was in mourning, I was really sad about it, but sadness passes. I have my son, my family, my friends and they don’t want to see me moping around. I’ve got more reason to be happy than sad

2018 09 01 Retrieve

[CR7’s bold decision to ditch Madrid for Juve has even capture the imagination of the game’s greatest players] I think Cristiano Ronaldo will change Italian football. sIt will once again be the Italian football I watched as a child

2018 10 20 Retrieve

[Neymar speaking about his Brazil shirt number] Before the 2013 Confederations Cup, Luiz Felipe Scolari was distributing the numbers and I told him that I liked 7 and 11. Dani Alves, however, looked at me and said: ‘You are the 10, put it on. You have to use it’

2019 01 19 Retrieve

[Neymar tells about team-mate Timothy Weah, who recently signed on loan with Celtic] It is a very exciting move for Timothy. From what I have seen of his talent, he has everything to go and become one of the top attacking players in Europe. Timothy’s father was one of the greatest strikers ever but he does not feel the pressure of having the name - I respect that. He just has confidence in his own ability and in his own game, which is how I was at his age

2019 02 11 Retrieve

[Neymar describes his relationship with Thomas Tuchel as follows] It is friendship, but there is also a great mutual respect. When you have this kind of affection for your coach, you give your life on the field

2019 03 02 Retrieve

[Neymar speaks about his relationship with Lionel Messi] It’s a story I tell everyone. At the time when I needed the most support, the man on the team, the best in the world, came and gave me love. Leo was a very special guy for me at Barcelona. He talked to me and said: ‘Come here, you must be yourself, you must be happy and the same as in Santos. Do not be shy, do not be afraid of me or anyone in this club. We are here to help you’

2019 03 09 Retrieve

[Neymar expects team-mate Kylian Mbappe to go down as one of the best ever] The relationship I have with [Kylian Mbappe] is the best possible, both inside and out of the pitch. I call him ‘Golden Boy’. He’s a boy for whom I have a very special affection, who will become one of the best players in football history, and I try to help him in the best way possible. We have this partnership, as I had with Lionel Messi as well [at Barcelona]

2019 04 27 Retrieve

[Neymar admits that he would like to play with Chelsea’s Eden Hazard one day] I would like to play with Eden Hazard. He has a style similar to mine. I think I could give it a try. We would cause havoc together!

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Neymar reflects on reaching 100 caps for Brazil, becoming the youngest player to achieve the milestone] Not even in my best dreams did I think that this could happen. Thanks to God for allowing me to reach this great milestone and this Wednesday will be a historic match which I’ll remember for all my life. It’s an absolute honour to represent my country 100 times

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[One star who insists he won’t be leaving France is Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar] Why would you want to leave here? I still have two years on my contract, the team is continuing to progress. We have to stay focused on this season to do things well and win as many titles as possible. This season, the goal is the Champions League. My priority is PSG, with maximum involvement each week. The goal is to always win the next game. In every game, we have to fight for the club. That’s how I see it

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Neymar pays tribute to Kobe Bryant, an NBA legend who tragically died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna] It’s very sad for the world of sport and for all of us, not just for the basketball fans as he did so much for sport in general. I hope he will rest in peace.

2020 02 08 Retrieve

[Neymar tells us what his favourite dish to eat is, and what he would cook when his friends visit his home] To eat? Rice, [black] beans, beef and fries. As a chef I’m really bad … my guests would eat a nice fried egg!

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Neymar on being inspired by David Beckham] I copied quite a few of his haircuts. Many, we model ourselves after him. I think he is one of the most stylish people in the world, so we need to copy him

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[Neymar offers a gesture of gratitude on social media for those at the forefront of battling COVID-19] A big round of applause to all health professionals. Thank you for risking your lives

2020 04 11 Retrieve

[Neymar talks about the death of the late Kobe Bryant and how it affected him] His death affected me a lot because our lives had much in common. I met Kobe personally and the times he came to Paris. When you meet the person behind the athlete, it creates a different relationship and with Kobe, it was very special. Sports and society lost a great guy

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Neymar missing PSG team-mates amid coronavirus lockdown] Not knowing when I can return gives me anxiety. I really miss playing, competing, to be in the club environment with my PSG team-mates. I really miss football. I’m sure the fans also want to see everyone back on the pitch as soon as possible. I hope the decision comes out as soon as possible

The condominium has a large space for cycling, a football field, a sports hall and equipment that can be used, as long as the rules of social distance are respected. My routine consists of breakfast, a first training session, rest and throughout the day, fun activities, which end up making me spend energy. In some cases, the specific and general workouts are divided into two periods

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Neymar: I’m training hard to come back strong for PSG] The aim is to be ready for when they signal the return of club activities, so I can be in the best possible condition. I’m here, training hard, with the same rhythm and frequency that I would with the club. Training even harder actually, with more activities to compensate for the lack of games. Of course I miss the competition, but fitness coach Ricardo Rosa set up a programme that I have been following to the letter

We’ve been trying to hold sessions during the morning then in the evening. We’ve been working in the most focused of ways because we don’t know the date we’ll be returning to our activities or when games will return. It’s been good and the outcomes have been good. We’ve been working on Neymar’s strength here at the gym, varying that with training in a sandbox and playing footvolley. We’ve been trying to keep Neymar healthy, with a good level of skill and performance so that we can return to France at any moment as nothing was established in a positive manner. So there’s a variety of work to do. We’ve also been doing work to prevent him becoming injured and working on his cardiovascular system

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Neymar is determined to make history for Paris Saint-Germain when the Champions League returns in August] This period was atypical, but the main focus was to keep safe, with steady body and mind. I am ready and excited to return, thinking a lot about the Champions League, of course. We have a strong group, conquered a historical qualification, with the same intensity and dedication, but I miss the heat of the game. I can barely wait to enter the pitch and to, if it’s God’s will, make history