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Nick Cox
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Manchester United [Head of academy]
  Sheffield United [Head of academy]

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[His-then Sheffield United Academy boss Nick Cox said to the club’s official website about Mike Boateng’s loan move] This is a good move for Michael, Sheffield United and Emley, who we have worked closely with in recent months. As a third-year scholar Michael is unfortunately too old to play for our youth-team and with competition for games with our Under-21s high, this provides the lad with a chance to get out and hopefully play football regularly

2020 04 02 Retrieve

[Understanding what you’re part of is non-negotiable] Nicky (Butt) and I talk about our most important ingredients for potential talent and it’s obvious that skills, athleticism and character is key. You need to have all those three things. But, at United, understanding what you’re part of is non-negotiable. What we are at Manchester United, no matter what your role, is a guardian of the culture and values. Many of those culture and values were laid down by Sir Matt (Busby) and Jimmy Murphy when the fateful day happened in Munich. The way the club picked itself up and galvanised itself to be successful in the face of adversity in the 10 years that followed Munich is the values that the club is built on and it’s really important the boys understand it

I know a lot of people say their club is built on youth and it’s a pillar of their foundations but it genuinely is at this club. More so than anywhere else I’ve ever made it. Developing homegrown players is the fabric of the football club

One of the most important things, and I know that a lot of clubs say this, but Manchester United really is a family. What you see is knowledge being passed down through the age groups. Mason Greenwood is not too far from Marcus Rashford in terms of age and they will have spent time together as youngsters, so there’s a rapport there. But now Greenwood has been looking down to the next person to educate them and then the kid in the 16s is looking to the 15s and so it ripples across the club. It’s young person to young person that is probably our most powerful mechanism of getting information. People following in each other’s footsteps

[About playmaker Hannibal Mejbri, who United bought from Monaco last summer] It’s still really early days. We try not to single out individuals for two reasons, firstly if you single out one it puts pressure on them and there’s enough pressure on them anyway because getting into our first team is a difficult thing to do. But also, the one that gets there sometimes is the one that nobody is talking about

There are two types of talent. There’s obvious talent that hits you in the face, but sometimes it doesn’t get there. And then there’s a whispering talent that works away in the shadows, hiding on the shoulder of the obvious talent and at the right time they fulfil their potential and arrive in the first team. Nobody ever called me up to ask me about Brandon Williams. I had loads of requests to speak about other kids but nobody ever wanted to talk about Williams, and now they do. That’s the beauty of talent development - it’s unpredictable. The ones you might expect to get there sometimes don’t and the ones you don’t expect to get there do

We definitely have more hidden talent in our system. I don’t necessarily know who they are but we will have boys who surprise us. We are excited because we know we have many boys who have the potential to make it into the first team. We are in a good position with a manager who believes in youth and a board that believes in youth. With all the resources available to us to make sure we continue to have a winning first team with a core of home-grown players. I couldn’t not be excited by that

2020 05 01 Retrieve

[Manchester United promotion fate unclear after Premier League 2 cancelled] I am immensely proud of the boys’ achievements throughout the season and I have been particularly pleased with how well they have coped during this challenging time. Our young players have continued to engage with their football and education programmes at home and that will stand them in great stead when it is safe to return to training. I’d also like to take the opportunity, on behalf of everyone across the Academy, to express our huge appreciation for the efforts of NHS staff, volunteers and key workers who continue to put themselves at risk to keep everybody safe in such difficult circumstances. We will continue to support our young players’ football development and mental wellbeing during this time and look forward to welcoming them back to full time training when this is possible.

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[The methodology for determining the final league standings and outcomes for the season is set to be decided at a future date] We will continue to support our young players’ football development and mental wellbeing during this time and look forward to welcoming them back to full time training when this is possible

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[How Man Utd revived their ailing academy] It’s quite a simple formula really. If you look at every successful United team, the components are a core of local talent supplemented with one or two exceptional talent outside of our catchment area, whether that be nationally, within Europe or worldwide

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Manchester United confirm release of nine players] With some of the younger pros that are ending their contracts, we are putting packages in place so that when the season resumes they will come back for a few months with some financial support and a training programme to help them with the next stage of their career. This club is a family and looks after its family members. The last thing we wanted to do during this situation was to deliver bad news and release boys into the unknown. We made the decision not to release any of the boys [under-9s to under-18s]. The number one priority was getting them back with smiles on their faces, and we will deal with those decisions at another time. We have a duty to help them through this difficult time