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Nick Cushing
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach New York City FC [Assistant Manager]
  Manchester City Women [Head Coach]

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Manchester City boss Nick Cushing has urged fans to continue to come out and support the women’s team after a record-breaking attendance in the first ever Manchester derby in FA Women’s Super League] This was an occasion for us to showcase our women’s team in a Manchester derby, but our home stadium is the Academy Stadium. We had an opportunity today to play in front of 31,000 people and hopefully we can drive a lot of those people into the Academy Stadium. Our football club does an incredible job supporting and showcasing our football teams, whether it be our men’s or our women’s team. We just want the fans to come now and consistently come, and I’m sure if they come and support us they’ll see the journey that we’ve been on for the last six seasons. We win a lot of games, we hope they’re impressed by our football style and we just want that crowd that we see in the Etihad week after week pushing our men’s team on to come over to the Academy Stadium.

Today we’re pleased that we’ve added a win and we hope that will help. I think the logistics of playing two teams in the same stadium is so difficult. If you look at the men’s first team schedule and look at our schedule, they’re so tight that we probably logistically couldn’t do that. We’ve been successful in the Academy Stadium. That is our home. We want to drive in as many fans as we can. I think it will be really interesting now. We’re excited to see what happens to our crowds and where our crowds go because we’ve just had the opportunity to play in front of 31,000 and I thought the standard of the game was exceptional

The first save is a huge save because it’s from four yards, and the ability to get across the goal and stop it going in shows Ellie’s potential and class. We know Ellie’s potential and we just need to keep working with her, keep pushing her hard. She’s got good potential but we need to make sure we keep improving her.

[He’s also hoping to see more from Weir, who was named as the game’s player of the match, as the season goes on] We’re pushing Caroline hard because she shows that [quality] in training. I know that’s a cliche but she’s got incredible ability. She can be world class offensively. She’s got good vision, she’s got really high technical ability and she sees things that other players don’t see, but she has to turn that into performances on a match day. She’s repaid that today, but we’ll push her hard now

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[For City boss Nick Cushing, Sunday’s Manchester derby will be his team’s third game in seven days. Now, they face Man Utd and reigning champions Arsenal before flying to Madrid for the return leg, but Cushing, who has won the Continental Cup three times as City boss, is not fazed at all] I don’t think we can lose, really. If we go on and lose against Man United and lose against Arsenal, that’ll be the biggest kick up the arse this team needs and we’ll go on and be stronger than we ever have been. If we win the games, it’ll make us so mentally strong that we’ll go into every game thinking, ‘We’ve just beat Man United, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid. We can take on the world’. As the coach, I’ll always look at the positive in it

2019 12 01 Retrieve

[Manchester City boss Nick Cushing isn’t fazed by what reigning champions Arsenal are doing] [Arsenal have] good players who can create a lot of goals - one week you win 1-0, the next week you win 11-1. We’ll just concentrate on getting points and make sure we push them hard. We didn’t push Arsenal the way we could’ve pushed them [last year] because these games were draws. We drew here with Reading, with Bristol, away at Bristol. Although we’ve controlled parts of the game and created a lot, we haven’t got the second goal, which allows the opposition to still be in the game. But we’ve fought hard, been resilient and made sure it was three points, not one.

In 2016, when we won the league, we had a solid, dominant back five that didn’t concede a lot of goals. We’ve got that at the moment. We conceded a goal at Arsenal that we’re disappointed in - it’s unlike us, that goal, from a tactical point of view, but now we’re getting clean sheets again. I thought today, Ellie [Roebuck] was put under some pressure and I think if there was any doubt about where [she] is short, she answered them today. People question her ability, her aggression on crosses and her ability to play in the box when it’s a bit of a mess, and I thought today, it didn’t look pretty, but [she] dealt with it really well and she deserved a clean sheet. Now we go to Chelsea for a really important game next week

[Emma Hayes’ side, who missed out on the top two last year despite a run to the Women’s Champions League semi-finals, have already laid down a massive marker in the title race, beating Arsenal 2-1 in October] It’s [a] really important [game] for us because we didn’t beat Arsenal away. We want to make sure that in the head to heads, we stay in and around the top two so when it comes to the end of the season, we’re fighting for the trophy. The head to heads will play a part, but also it’s days like today - not dropping points in these moments. Maybe last year we were good in the [big games] because we won those games, or drew them, but then we dropped points in the other games. I think at some point one of the top three, as people perceive them, will drop points. You’ve seen Chelsea draw at Brighton earlier in the season. We’ve spoke a lot about being that team that is consistent, so if anyone does drop points, we’ve got to make sure we’re getting the three points on that day. Of course, if we beat Chelsea, it puts us in an incredible position in the sense that we get back that point they have on us and we go two ahead of us. It’s an incredible opportunity. It’ll be a difficult game. We’ve just got to make sure we send the best possible squad in the freshest possible state we can

2020 01 09 Retrieve

[Manchester City boss Nick Cushing will leave the club in February to join New York City FC as their new assistant manager] I would like to thank City Football Group and Manchester City for giving me the opportunity to manage our women’s team for the past six years. Making the decision to leave has been incredibly difficult given the fantastic players and staff that we have here and the incredible success that we have achieved together - it isn’t one that I have taken lightly. We’ve had an amazing six-and-a-half seasons and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everybody - I will be extremely emotional to leave, but I’m very excited for my next role within the City Football Group. Linking up with New York City and Ronny is a brilliant opportunity and I’m really looking forward to working in the MLS.

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[The development of players is one of Cushing’s stand-out attributes, and something he prides himself] People think that we’ve won a lot of trophies, which we have, but we’ve had so many England senior debuts. The likes of Lucy Bronze, Izzy Christiansen, Georgia Stanway winning PFA Player of the Year as well while we’re here. We’ve achieved a lot, but we have to challenge everybody at the club

My challenge now is to go and be a better coach, support Ronny, to go and push New York to be a successful team. Hopefully, I’ll come back with one of the teams, whether it’s the women’s team or the men’s team or another team in the [City Football] Group, as a head coach in the future. But as a better coach

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Cushing signs off from Man City after stunning spell of success] Thanks for never slamming me in the press - and don’t batter me if it goes wrong in New York! It’s never a right time, feeling-wise, to leave. It’s onto the next chapter, the next journey, and the players and staff will continue this success

[When asked why he thinks so many young players have thrived] Trust, I think. Allowing them in their early years to make mistakes. We’ll always have that process of making sure that we get, or that we try to get, the best young British talent. It’s dead easy to go out and buy the best player, everybody in the world wants to do that. We’ve done it in a way that we believe is the right way. We’re top of the league with that recruitment

Caroline Weir had two years at Bristol and Liverpool where she lost every week. We put huge responsibility on her to be in our team and win - and she’s delivered. It’s about spotting potential and giving them the opportunity and the trust to go and win

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Jess Park’s ready. She’s ready to play] The problem for Jess is people like Laura Coombs, Tess Wullaert, Jill Scott, Georgia Stanway are pushing as well. She’s got to be patient and we’ve got to find a solution for her because when we brought Georgia Stanway in in 2015, it was a different squad, so it was easier for her to get through and find her pathway.