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Name Nicklas Bendtner
Gender Male
Ethnic Danish
Job Danish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Denmark National Team
Club as Player Rosenborg FC
  Nottingham Forest
  Arsenal FC

2009 02 16 Retrieve

[Nicklas Bendtner does not believe Andrei Arshavin’s arrival at Arsenal has dislodged him as the club’s top striker] I’m very sorry to see Adebayor injured as we need him fit and to be playing in the league. But it does not really matter to me who is fit and available. I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team

[Bendtner admits he is not too familiar with the Russian’s style] I’ve never seen Arshavin. I did not watch Euro 2008. I’ve no idea what sort of player he is

2012 06 18 Retrieve

[Nicklas Bendtner banned and fined £80,000 fines by UEFA after exposing sponsored underwear] This suspension applies to the next 2014 FIFA World Cup match, including the qualifying competition, for which Bendtner is eligible

[UEFA last week announced disciplinary proceedings against the player for] improper conduct (Law 4 of the Laws of the Game). Law 4, which covers ‘The players’ equipment’ states: Players must not reveal undershirts which contain slogans or advertising. A player removing his jersey to reveal slogans will be sanctioned by the competition organiser.

2015 02 28 Retrieve

[Nicklas Bendtner on being nicknamed ‘Lord’ by the Wolfsburg supporters] I don’t know where it comes from or understand if it is funny. Am I being ridiculed? Is it serious? My mother always told me that I am person who polarises opinion. There is this saying in Denmark: ‘You are someone who divides the sea’. I meet some people who think that I am the greatest person in the world. I meet others who want to throw bottles at me

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Nottingham Forest forward Nicklas Bendtner speaks ahead of his meeting with former club Arsenal in the EFL Cup] I pictured my career going in a different way, but it didn’t. So I’m going to make the best out of the rest of my career and do the best I can. There are many goals I have set myself over the years. Many things I have said and been killed for. I actually don’t regret saying I want to be the best striker in the world, because that’s what everyone wants. It’s just that no one wants to say it. It has haunted me. I was very young and I might have said it too early, before I’d proved I was in that category – or could get in that category. But I’m here now and I want to reboot, and get back to just playing. I am not saying I have never done anything wrong, because I have. But I know football makes me happy whatever level I play and I think I’ll play football all my life

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Nicklas Bendtner responds to TV2 reporter’s question: ‘Is it nice being Nicklas Bendtner in Norway?’ after his team’s 3-0 win over Sandefjord] It’s nice being Nicklas Bendtner anywhere

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Nicklas Bendtner is set to be the subject of a Danish reality show alongside model girlfriend Philine Roepstorff] Both Philine and I are used to being in the media spotlight. Many stories are written about us, and we often find that only half the truth emerges. In my book I talk about the ups and downs that have shaped my life and my career so far, and this series is a natural continuation of that tale

We considered for a long time whether our relationship was strong enough to handle all the attention that comes naturally when you say yes to letting a camera crew get really close. We were well aware that it wouldn’t become a glossy tale with us as protagonists. But, we’ve never been interested in that either

It is a huge part of our lives to have fun in each other’s company and although we can be both enemies and fight loudly, we have a chemistry and an internal humour that we are proud of and would like to show to all Denmark, as it very much defines who we are as couples and as individuals