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Name Nicolas Pepe
Gender Male
Ethnic Ivorian
Job Ivorian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Ivory Coast National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  AS Angers

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Nicolas Pepe writes about his journey and reflects on his early days at French club Angers] My coach would make us run at six o’clock in the morning to show how things really were in normal daily life. We would see binmen picking up rubbish at six o’clock in the morning while we were on the pitch

2019 12 05 Retrieve

[Arsenal forward Nicolas Pepe says the departure of head coach Unai Emery was painful while admitting that his start to life in north London has been negative] It was painful because he is a coach who gave me the chance to come to Arsenal. We mustn’t forget that. For me, it was something painful

I would say that my start has been a bit negative. Based on my own expectations of myself, I expected a bit more. I expect more and it is up to me to work hard and make the difference in each match. It is normal for people to criticise me as much as they are doing because I am not making the difference in each match. I understand them. It is certainly up to me to reverse this situation through hard work. There are lots of aspects that I need to improve. Score more quickly, take the opportunities to score that I’ve been missing. It’s like that, that’s football. I also need to improve on the physical aspect because coming from France to England, there is this box-to-box aspect that you have to take into account.

[Pepe says Freddie Ljungberg has made a positive impact on the squad during his short time in charge] As he was a player, he understands us better. He speaks a lot with us, so for us it is quite simple for us to understand him like for him it is quite easy to understand us. Right now there are some players who are playing others who are not. That’s football, it’s like that. It is the coach who decides. If I am on the bench, it is up to me to put the work in to get back in the starting XI.

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Nicolas Pepe says Arsenal’s poor form is down to the players, not interim head coach Freddie Ljungberg, who has only been able to record one win from five matches at the helm] Freddie tries hard, he talks to us, but nothing has changed much in terms of results. It’s down to us the players, not the coach. Freddie is close to us because he used to be a player not long ago. He knows what we feel so it’s easier for us to talk with him. We will continue to work hard to make things better and win again. We are not disturbed by the managerial situation. I had a similar situation in Lille [who had five different head coaches in 2017] and we kept going. With hard work, it will get better with Freddie or someone else

Us players have to do better quickly. We have won only one game out of the last 12. It is not enough, we are Arsenal. It is about us, not the coach or anything else. We have to wake up quickly, starting against Everton

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Nicolas Pepe believes he is starting to show that he is ready to deliver on Arsenal’s £72 million show of faith in his talent] I had a discussion with the coach this morning and he told me I was going to start and asked if I felt ready and stuff like that. I told him I felt ready. I showed that I was ready

This one feels a lot better. We scored twice, we conceded zero goals. This will really do a lot for everyone’s confidence levels. We are doing a lot, a lot of video during training in order to perform well during the match. Today we performed well, we were solid defensively, we were good going forward. It is all new for us. A new system, new instructions. We are adapting quickly. That has been seen in the last three matches, even though we did not win, we were very good, we were just missing the victory, which we were able to do tonight. We need to continue like this. Now we have to go on a run to get to this top four that we need to do

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Nicolas Pepe is ready to make up for past mistakes when Arsenal host Sheffield United at Emirates Stadium] It’s going to be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Looking ahead, our sole focus is on getting a win in our home game against Sheffield United, and in general we have to stop dropping points and making silly mistakes. I missed a very good chance when we played them earlier in the season, but I’ve managed to score other opportunities that I’ve had. It’s not something I’ve thought about since then - on the day, it was a chance that would’ve given us a 1-0 lead, but I’ve put it to the back of my mind. All players miss opportunities, but I know the goals will come - that’s part of football. I’m ready to put it right in the match on Saturday

I’ve done OK, but I can certainly do more. In fact, I must do more, and that is certainly something I will be looking to improve on during the second half of the season. The hardest period so far for me was when the team went through a difficult spell when we weren’t managing to win a game. We worked hard as a team throughout this time and we finally managed to get that victory at West Ham last month, which was an important moment for us and the fans

The manager has stressed the importance of defending well as a team, and making interceptions when our opponents are trying to attack. He’s shown that he has real confidence in me, and he knows exactly what I’m capable of. In terms of working on my own game, he wants me to get into one-on-one situations, get crosses in, score goals and get assists, of course

2020 01 21 Retrieve

[Nicolas Pepe believes things are definitely going better for him at Arsenal on the back of a slow start to his time in England] Things are definitely going better. I am still learning and there is plenty of room for improvement, but in terms of understanding, things are definitely becoming easier. Mikel has explained exactly what he would like me to do on the pitch and shown me videos that have stressed the importance of my positioning. He’s told me what he would like me to do to help me progress as a player

[Alexandre Lacazette and Gabriel Martinelli are also having to take on goal-scoring responsibility in the absence of a prolific Gabonese] Of course, it is a big loss to be without one of the best strikers in the league, but we all have to do our best to make up for that loss. It’s a team game and we can cope without a single player. We have a quality squad and others who can come in, like Martinelli. There are still plenty of goals in the team