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Nigel Martyn
Gender Male
Ethnic Nigerian
Job Nigerian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Nigeria National Team
Club as Player Crystal Palace

2019 06 05 Retrieve

[Nigel Martyn says No group of England players should be labelled a ‘Golden Generation’ until the team have won a major international tournament] The best time to get labelled as the ‘Golden Generation’ is after you’ve won something, so don’t get labelled with that before you’ve won a World Cup or European Championships. We may have had a ‘Golden Generation’ with talented footballers around the early 2000s but, as a team, we didn’t perform as well as perhaps we could have done. There were some great footballers around in the early 2000s, but it’s difficult to compare [with the current team] because the game changes as time goes on.

What Gareth has got here is some excellent players in certain positions and good footballers in others, but he gets them playing really well as a team and there is a great team ethic there. That gives them a 5-10 per cent extra on top of the quality that is actually there. I like what Gareth has done, picking young hungry players, but also sticking with those who have done the business for him.

[Given the form current No.1 Jordan Pickford has shown for England, Martyn believes it is difficult for Southgate to change goalkeeper] I think Jordan Pickford will start for sure because he’s not let Gareth down and Gareth will keep picking players that will perform for him. As the goalie who’s tried to put pressure on before, all you can do is focus on your performances and try to impress around the England set up when you’re there. You’re looking to train well but also be a positive person to be around. The manager won’t like to see sulking when you’re not getting picked, so you’ve got to be behind the team, and Tom Heaton does that. I had quite a few years behind David Seaman and Chris Woods where you’re always trying to push and push, and your league form might even be better than the other ‘keepers, but if he doesn’t let England down when he plays, you have to understand why you don’t get picked

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Nigel Martyn says 12 more months at Crystal Palace will benefit Aaron Wan-Bissaka] [Wan-Bissaka] has been amazing. He’s come into the team and settled in well and is also pushing for England. He could do with staying at Palace for another season at least to get a bit more experience. Then, if there is a bigger club that comes in, he’ll be more ready for that.

[Martyn added, with Wilfried Zaha also being linked with a return to Old Trafford] I hope they both will stay. Palace tend to have a bit of a battle every year to make sure they stay in the division. They have the experience now of that division, so you’ve got to hold on to your better players, but the problem is when they have good seasons, other clubs come sniffing around

[Aaron Wan-Bissaka is already an England U21 international, but senior recognition is expected to arrive at some stage] Gareth Southgate has gone on picking players in form, but knowing him as I do, he’s also loyal to players he feels have done well for him. But, if Wan-Bissaka comes out all guns blazing at the start of the season, that loyalty can only last so long. If he continues his development the way he is, he will get an England call-up at some point

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Wilfried Zaha is more ‘mature’ than he was when signing for Manchester United and is ready for another big move, Crystal Palace legend Nigel Martyn has said of a man being heavily linked with Arsenal] I hope he will stay. Palace tend to have a bit of a battle every year to make sure they stay in the division. They have the experience now of that division, so you’ve got to hold on to your better players, but the problem is when they have good seasons, other clubs come sniffing around. Zaha, if he goes, it’ll be to a big club. He tried that when he was younger, but he’s more mature now so possibly he is ready for that move now

2019 08 20 Retrieve

[Former Eagles goalkeeper Nigel Martyn can appreciate why the winger wants a switch, with his ability deserving of the grandest of stages] If a player wants to go enough and is desperate enough to leave then it’s possibly not in your best interests to try and keep him because you then have a player who doesn’t want to be there. Not that v wants to let the club down in any way. He loves Crystal Palace. He just wants a chance to further his career and go to potentially a bigger club like Arsenal. That’s the type of club he needs to move to. He needs a club that is challenging for the Champions League because that’s the standard that he’s at. I don’t see him lying down and not trying though. He doesn’t strike me as that type of person. He cares enough about his own club and will give his all until he moves on. Premier League club’s finances are getting stronger and stronger and all that’s going to do is push prices up but there must be a price eventually that a selling club will take. Wilf is such an important part of Crystal Palace and played a big role in them maintaining their Premier League status these past couple of years so it’s difficult to let someone like that go. On the flip-side you don’t want him there if he’s going to struggle reaching the same level

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[Nigel Martyn says Leeds United need to seal promotion from the Championship this season or else Marcelo Bielsa may not remain at Elland Road] Without wanting to sound too downbeat, I didn’t see him doing another season if they didn’t get promoted. What he’s brought to that club and the humility he’s bought, is good to see. It’s rubbed off on his players, who looked like they were enjoying winning and everything that went with that. Let’s hope we don’t miss out on Bielsa in the Premier League, because that would be good to see.

At this point, you’d say they [Leeds] deserve to go up. I would love to see them in the Premier League with everything back to normal, but that’s not the situation. I want the season finished, obviously, because so much has been invested into it. However, there are a lot of players out of contract, on loan from other clubs that might have to go back, so it won’t be the same. Situations have changed, so it is going to be new for everybody despite being a continuation

They were in a good place and you would say they would have gone up this year, all things being equal, but if the season is able to be completed, it’s the same for West Brom, Nottingham Forest, for everybody. You can put all the excuses there, but it’s the same for all. Possibly it won’t be the same squad that finishes it, but it’s the same for everyone. If you all sign up to it, there’s no coming back