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Niklas Sule
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2017 05 06 Retrieve

[Niklas Sule on his career] I came to TSG Hoffenheim at 15. Everything I can do on my way to becoming a professional footballer, I have participated in here. So I can serve young players as a role model and show them that I once started where they are now, and play in the Bundesliga today. Of course that makes me proud. I’ve worked hard to get there. But my development is far from being completed

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Niklas Sule has backed Leroy Sane to thrive at Bayern Munich] Leroy is an exceptional player, Bayern Munich would do well [to sign him]. Not only because of his skills, but he is also a great guy. I would be very happy if he came, but I do not want to get involved. But I think he knows that Bayern Munich are great.

[Sule, however, is convinced the Croatian Niko Kovac is the right man for the job] I would not call myself a fan. He is my coach and I am professional. We had good moments and started great in the season. Then there was a dip. During the winter break, we all looked at each other and said: ‘What are we going to do now? We have to change that!’. We were open with him and then we came out of the difficult situation. We won the double with him despite difficult spells. That speaks for itself. Even in a season where there was a lot of writing about us probably not going to get a title. So it goes without saying that I give the coach my backing

2019 07 25 Retrieve

[Niklas Sule believes he is ready to become a leader in his third season at an increasingly youthful Bayern Munich] I want to take more responsibility, play better, and make even fewer mistakes. I really want to take the next step. I’m not a big speaker in terms of my personality. I want to work my way into the role, to lead the younger players, push them and take responsibility. I’ve gained experience over my two years at Bayern and also in the national team. I want to use that more

2019 08 19 Retrieve

[Renato Sanches’ complaints about playing time have not fallen on deaf ears, according to team-mate Niklas Sule, who nonetheless believes the Portguese midfielder should fight for his place in the squad] Of course, there are many world-class players at Bayern, the competition is great. He must realise that the coach does not ignore him. He has not had an easy time here so far, but he has improved a lot and is often the best man in training. He’s a player who can make the difference. Every young player needs to play in order to develop. But I think he’ll get it here

2019 09 05 Retrieve

[Niklas Sule has backed Germany team-mate Emre Can to bounce back following his surprise omission from Juventus’ Champions League squad] Emre Can is a guy you don’t really have to build up. He is a consistently positive boy. I’ve known him since the under-13s, where we played together for Eintracht Frankfurt. I’m not involved in this topic and don’t know what the coach at Juventus was thinking. But I think Emre knows that well. He won’t let it get to him and he’s an outstanding player - that’s without question. You can’t always influence everything in football. There are decisions, there are other cases. We are not in an individual sport here. In golf you can always decide for yourself what you want to do. We are dependent on the coach. If he thinks that’s the case, then you have to accept that. Nevertheless, I think [Can] won’t let it get to him and is fully focused here on the two games

I’ve played Virgil van Dijk a few times now. He has an incredible physical presence. I always had to cover him in the national team at set-pieces. That’s when I realised what a guy he is. I’m not exactly skinny either! I can see a lot from his offensive headers. He does that really well. He also scored an important goal for Liverpool against us at Bayern. We definitely have to deal with how we defend that. He played an outstanding season. He is also rightly in contention [for the Ballon d’Or]. That’s also nice for a defender, to see that a defensive player could win it

2019 09 30 Retrieve

[Niklas Sule has revealed he considered a move to the Premier League in 2017] It was a thought to go to the Premier League [in 2017]. This is one of the leagues in which I really want to play. At the time, however, I saw the change to Munich as the best step. And, as you can see, I am very happy at Bayern. Not only because I got my way, but also because the fans and all the staff are great

[Sule knows that it won’t be an easy game against Spurs, but backs Bayern to win, which would see them open up a big lead in the group] It will be an extremely difficult game against a physically strong opponent. We have to go through our game, with a lot of possession, and then we can win against every opponent

[He wants to add European glory to his team’s domestic success and take his country to titles as well] I want to become the best centre-back in the world win the Champions League and win one or more important titles with the national team

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Niklas Sule has explained why he floored Bayern Munich team-mate Serge Gnabry during the team’s celebrations after thrashing Tottenham on Tuesday night] Serge Gnabry is a good friend of mine. I’m so pleased for him - tonight belonged to him, which is why I took him out after the game. He hit me on the forehead beforehand, so I had to get him back

2020 05 01 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich centre-back Niklas Sule has hailed Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk as the best defender in the world] Virgil van Dijk went to Liverpool at 27 and took the step to become the best defender in the world. He is now at the top at just under 30. As a central defender, you have your best phase from the mid-20s. You have the necessary experience and clarity, at the same time you are physically in top shape. I want to take the next big step in the next two or three years. And when people say that I belong the best in the world, I’m happy. That’s my goal. I will work hard on myself, then it will be up to me whether I become one of the best central defenders in the world or not.

[He is confident that he is on the way back to full fitness] I am on the home stretch with the rehab training. Even if it is a difficult time, I feel good