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Noël Le Graet
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job President of the French Football Association
Desc xxxx


Org French Football Association

2016 11 26 Retrieve

[FIFA launches new exchange platform for its member associations] The programmes presented by FIFA are very interesting, extremely positive. I think that, in a short time frame, FIFA has done a great deal of work. I see that FIFA has a sharing nature and I like that. All of the smaller, less privileged associations really need FIFA.

2019 06 05 Retrieve

[FIFA has long opposed political intrusion into its affairs, leading French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet to smooth over relations with UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin] No decision in France is taken without general assemblies. France’s voice should always be heard through our general assemblies. There shouldn’t be interference from anyone else, regardless of who this is. So I would also like to thank UEFA for its trust and UEFA can count on France to be disciplined in the best way possible. We can talk face to face about things we are less happy with, or happy with, and we can talk with you very honestly, and we appreciate the trust that has been put in us

2019 06 27 Retrieve

[French Football Federation President Noel Le Graet says Paris Saint-Germain would improve in Europe with a ‘more French’ approach] PSG will win when they have a real team. When they find a formula that is maybe a little more French. I am sorry but I believe that in every country, the base of the national team is often in a big club.

PSG have an international team, which is magnificent. Except that they don’t get beyond the quarter-finals. So we have to ask ourselves some questions. It isn’t a criticism. Myself, I would like our country to become better ranked thanks to PSG. The other teams are working, but they are a long way off

[Manager Thomas Tuchel was without Neymar for both legs of the tie due to a foot injury, though his disbelieving pitchside reaction to Rashford’s winner went viral after the game] Fragile, I have the impression that he is injured quite often, despite himself. The player is fantastic. When you watch him play, it makes you happy. That said, he hasn’t been present for the big competitions; often injured, often absent, not there for the big games in the Champions League, often absent with his team in Brazil. I don’t know enough to criticise him, but maybe it is because of his lifestyle … but I put a big maybe there. I don’t want to criticise him without knowing for sure. He is an extraordinary technician, and he has helped PSG financially with his marketing, but that isn’t enough

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Le Graet criticises referees for stopping matches, saying homophobia was a society-wide issue] I would not stop the matches. It’s a mistake, totally, because I don’t want to be held hostage to homophobia. I would stop a match for racist abuse, that’s clear, or for security reasons. We’re going to make sure the banners disappear, there is security to make sure that happens, but stopping matches is something else. It’s not football but society in general that has to think about the problem, at school and in companies, everywhere

[Addressing the fans responsible, Le Graet wanted to make clear that he wanted to see all forms of discrimination stamped out, even if he doesn’t think the matches should be stopped] Do not come to the stadium with banners, it’s as simple as that. You can support your team, but [homophobia is] absolutely wrong morally

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Benzema asks France to free him for another country after being told his international career is over] For me, Benzema is a very good player. I have never criticised his qualities. On the contrary, he is proving again this year at Madrid that he is one of the best players in his position. But the adventure with France is over

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Mbappe pre-selected for France’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic squad] He’s old enough to go. Like all young people of his age who have talent, he is therefore on the list

Club presidents, in general, find that the dates [of the Olympic tournament] are not good. I saw Nasser. I asked him how was Mbappé. He said to me, ‘very good’

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Noel Le Graet says Lyon president Aulas has gone too far with criticism after Ligue 1 ended early by coronavirus] We have known each other for so long. He sees me coming, I see him coming. On the other hand, he defends the interest of his club with too much vigour sometimes. Lately, he has gone a little too far. I told him either on the phone or through the press, but he is caught up in the desire to play this Champions League