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Name Oliver Kahn
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Karlsruher SC


Retirement Since retiring in 2008, Oliver Kahn has studied for an MBA and started his own business, as well as working as a TV commentator

2017 12 16 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn talks about how he almost joined Manchester United] Sir Alex Ferguson is still mad at me today. He thought that I would move to Man Utd in 2003 or 2004, but I was more interested in trying to define an era at Bayern. Looking back, I should have done it then. It would have been a nice challenge for me

2018 04 14 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn speaks about Gianluigi Buffon’s legacy after the Italian and his club Juventus crashed out of the UEFA Champions League by receiving a red card at the end of the second leg in the quarter-finals against Real Madrid] If you can not make that step into retirement in time, then it will hurt someday. Philipp Lahm, for example, has made the jump very well. For me, in 2006, after the World Cup third-place playoff match, it was very clear that it was time to leave the national team. And in 2008, I could have hung on for another two or three years, but for what? At some point, it’s time to decide to jump. I would not overreact to what happened. Buffon’s career is not rated on this red card or because he did not win the Champions League. He was a world champion and world-class goalkeeper. These are the things that count

2018 09 22 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn speaks ahead of The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony] There’s a lot of hardship involved in becoming the best in the world. I didn’t mind that though. For me it was a challenge and also what drove me on. But it’s much harder to stay at the very top because the demands from outside are much greater, as are the demands you make of yourself. You’re no longer satisfied with an average performance

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[Bayern grooms former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn as future CEO] I am deeply connected with the club and it has decisively shaped my life [adding it was a great honor to be appointed]