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Oliver Kahn
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc It might be a stereotype that goalkeepers have to be a bit crazy, but Kahn certainly lived up to that reputation


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Karlsruher SC


Retirement Since retiring in 2008, Oliver Kahn has studied for an MBA and started his own business, as well as working as a TV commentator
2002 06 30
A dejected Oliver Kahn of Germany during the Germany v Brazil, World Cup Final match played at the International Stadium Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan

2009 06 07 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn has also leapt to the defence of Rensing who served as his understudy for so many years. He say Manuel Neuer Would Be A Waste Of Money] The way in which he has been treated is not okay. This attitude of praising him, then putting him on the bench, just derides him. He now has to try and get through it

2010 09 09 Retrieve

[Germany Legend Oliver Kahn Sympathises With Unemployed Goalkeeper Michael Rensing] Michael’s situation is now a plunge into nothingness, which is very bitter for him. When we played together, I thought he could easily be my successor. It was in his hands

2011 03 24 Retrieve

[Retired Bayern Munich Keeper Oliver Kahn Taunts Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann] We can see how difficult it is for many to find a fulfilling, meaningful job after leaving professional sports. From a sporting perspective, he can certainly help out for some games. The whole situation is further evidence of the goalkeeper malaise in England

2011 03 24b Retrieve

[On outgoing coach Louis van Gaal] If you look closely, he had everything Bayern Munich needed and were looking for. He has a concept of football that could have left something permanent and sustainable if we had continued to work with him. I think he failed because he neglected that - at the expense of the attractiveness of the game. Titles are derived from a stable defence. He looks like a man who is willing to incorporate little of others’ viewpoints in his decisions. Thus the problems arose with Uli Hoeness. This combination probably resulted in the separation

2011 03 24c Retrieve

[The January departure of Mark van Bommel] It is not easy to find players who fit this profile, and to sign them. The Bayern players are all great footballers, but sometimes everything seems a little too good. You need types such as a Van Bommel, [John] Terry, or [Gennaro] Gattuso

2011 03 24d Retrieve

[Likely Van Gaal replacement Jupp Heynckes] He knows the club and successfully worked there after [Juergen] Klinsmann. That was nothing easy. Whether this is sustainable in perspective, I’m not a hundred per cent sure

2011 03 24e Retrieve

[Bayern’s future prospects] They are not really missing all that much, so next year the team may land the big role and get into the Champions League final in Munich

2011 03 24f Retrieve

[Current No. 1 goalkeeper Thomas Kraft] You can see how easy it is in this business to go from heaven to hell and back again. He is highly talented. But Bayern will have their reservations

2011 03 24g Retrieve

[The German national team] We should not be blinded in German football. The Bundesliga is a successful product. We have the highest average attendance in Europe, superb stadiums and soon will have a fourth Champions League place. But we do not play the most successful football. The Spanish and English continue to be ahead of us in quality. The last title for a German team in the Champions League or the Europa League was long ago. Such title wins are important because they are essential to winning titles for the national team.

2015 01 31 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn is less complimentary of the Bayern coach] Guardiola has definitely not reinvented football. He clearly has two major qualities. For starters, he can analyse a game incredibly well. Plus he is capable of making changes during a game that can be decisive. However, coaches should also praise their players every now and then. You cannot be critical of your players all the time after a successful game. At some stage, the players will not take it seriously any more

2017 12 16 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn talks about how he almost joined Manchester United] Sir Alex Ferguson is still mad at me today. He thought that I would move to Man Utd in 2003 or 2004, but I was more interested in trying to define an era at Bayern. Looking back, I should have done it then. It would have been a nice challenge for me

2018 04 14 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn speaks about Gianluigi Buffon’s legacy after the Italian and his club Juventus crashed out of the UEFA Champions League by receiving a red card at the end of the second leg in the quarter-finals against Real Madrid] If you can not make that step into retirement in time, then it will hurt someday. Philipp Lahm, for example, has made the jump very well. For me, in 2006, after the World Cup third-place playoff match, it was very clear that it was time to leave the national team. And in 2008, I could have hung on for another two or three years, but for what? At some point, it’s time to decide to jump. I would not overreact to what happened. Buffon’s career is not rated on this red card or because he did not win the Champions League. He was a world champion and world-class goalkeeper. These are the things that count

2018 09 22 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn speaks ahead of The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony] There’s a lot of hardship involved in becoming the best in the world. I didn’t mind that though. For me it was a challenge and also what drove me on. But it’s much harder to stay at the very top because the demands from outside are much greater, as are the demands you make of yourself. You’re no longer satisfied with an average performance

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn will succeed Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as Bayern Munich’s chief executive and chairman of the board in 2022 after accepting a position with his former club] I am deeply connected with the club and it has decisively shaped my life. Sporting and financial success, solidarity with the fans, a responsible approach towards the club’s history and values - that is what Bayern stands for. I would like to further develop these attributes in the future together with the staff, as well as my colleagues on the executive board and the supervisory board

2019 08 30b Retrieve

[Bayern grooms former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn as future CEO] I am deeply connected with the club and it has decisively shaped my life [adding it was a great honor to be appointed]

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Legendary former Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn says he doesn’t think there is any reason for Joachim Low to drop Manuel Neuer for Marc-Andre ter Stegen] The goalkeeping question is well known, because in Germany we are always well-stocked in this position. Ter Stegen is within his rights to talk about wanting to play, but I currently see no reason to change goalkeepers

[Kahn said of Alexander Nubel] His development has been very fast and impressive. Not only has he delivered top performances at Schalke, but he is already now captain at the age of 23. I think it’s important at a young age to learn what it means to take on that sort of responsibility, and to both maintain performances and take on the captaincy is a real challenge for a young player. He has the quality and perspective, but at the moment we have an absolutely top-class goalkeeper with the experienced Manuel Neuer, and with Marc-Andre ter Stegen also a quality goalkeeper who performs excellently at Barcelona

2020 01 07 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn then-Germany No.1 was the experienced veteran while academy graduate Michael Rensing was seen as his long-term successor for both club and country. After Rensing had lost his starting spot] I have already experienced everything in football, but one thing is clear to me: there is nothing more for him at Bayern. There were efforts in the summer to get Manuel Neuer from Schalke, which shows they do not trust him

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn says Manuel Neuer will be number one at Bayern Munich next season and will help Alexander Nubel to develop] In general, as I have shown myself, goalkeepers can of course play into old age, but maintaining a high level is a great challenge. In Alexander Nubel, we get a highly talented goalkeeper, who has the chance to develop and learn behind Manuel Neuer. Not many have the opportunity to work with the best goalkeeper in the world every day

[Interim boss Hans Flick said this month that he believes coaches should have the power to veto transfers proposed by club managers] Of course, the coach is a very important factor in terms of transfer plans. Hasan Salihamidzic, Hansi Flick and I discussed and coordinated this and other topics intensively. The coach can and should put forward his ideas

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[Bayern CEO Kahn on Flick as permanent Bayern Munich manager with contract until 2023] It’s important for FC Bayern that a coach also understands the club’s philosophy. Hansi was a player at Bayern, he was an assistant coach; now he’s permanently head coach. It’s a good progression.

Hansi knows the mentality of the club, he knows that FC Bayern is measured by maximum success and I’m pleased that we can now develop the club’s culture together with him in the coming years

2020 04 07 Retrieve

[Muller signs new Bayern Munich contract through to 2023] We’re glad we’re keeping a figurehead like Thomas Müller at the club. He’s shaped the club for more than 10 years with his great football and his likeable personality. His successes with FC Bayern and the German national team have made Thomas famous around the world. And with his easy manner, he conveys a lot of what FC Bayern stands for, and wants to stand for, out into the world.

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Chairman Oliver Kahn took over from Hoeness’s uncle Uli Hoeness in January and explained one of his hopes was to utilise the academy more] It is our goal to develop youth players who have the potential to become rightful successors of players like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Thomas Muller, David Alaba or Toni Kroos into pros for FC Bayern

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich star Davies signs new contract until 2025] Alphonso Davies is a player who has achieved a high level of performance at a young age and at the same time has great development potential. Anyone who can play at top level at FC Bayern at such a young age can have a great career ahead of them. We are all happy to have him with us for the long term. He brings a lot with him and we are sure that we will still have a lot of fun with him.

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[Oliver Kahn sparks talk of Bayern interest in Dortmund star: Sancho can strengthen any team] This is not the right circumstances to be talking about possible player transfers. Of course, like other Dortmund players, Sancho is a good player who can strengthen any team. We will discuss everything at the right time. He is a great talent with enormous characteristics. Dortmund have a very, very good player there

I don’t like to talk about players who are under contract to other clubs. I can say that Jadon Sancho has a high quality but in the end he also suits Borussia Dortmund very, very well. He is a great talent and has enormous qualities. That’s why you simply have to acknowledge that Dortmund has a very good player there.

It bleeds your heart that there are no spectators for such a game. It is very unusual, but it is the case. The team that best accepts this will have advantages

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich director Oliver Kahn ‘sceptical’ about Bayern transfer talk amid Havertz and Sane rumours] At the moment there are completely different things to be managed. If the market starts up at all, I’m rather sceptical. We’re looking at everything at the moment, like many European clubs. I have not found that the clubs are ready to make large transfers

[Kahn added on Bayern’s interest in Havertz and Sane] Of course Havertz is a top talent, a great player, but that doesn’t mean that Bayern are interested in all these good players. He has an ongoing contract until 2022. Sane has an injury behind him, trying to find a connection bit by bit. I think it’s difficult today to talk about players who have a valid employment contract.

We are in discussion with all players, whether it is Thiago or Alaba. Alaba has been developing, especially in the past few months, as a boss. As he leads the team loudly, we are all very, very happy with him. Alaba has been playing at Bayern Munich for a very, very long time. Thiago is also in the 7th year. It is clear that they sometimes worry, but I think, as Bayern, we have very, very good arguments, if you look at it in a European context, that the players know what they have with us

2020 06 01b Retrieve

[Bayern’s signing of Nubel defended by Kahn as he denies keeper will be loaned out] It was a sensible decision at the time. It is a path he is taking - to accept the situation with Manuel Neuer and to line up behind Manuel Neuer and gradually become number one

Nobody thinks about a loan here, we are all happy that Alex comes to us. There is nothing better than having two excellent goalkeepers.

[Kahn added on Nubel’s choice to swap guaranteed football at Schalke for a place among Hansi Flick’s substitutes] To judge him at the present time is very, very early. Nubel should first arrive in Munich and acclimatise. Everything else will be seen then. It is anything but an easy situation for the boy

2020 06 20 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich director Oliver Kahn has played down the possibility of an immediate move for Manchester City star Leroy Sane] We will talk about transfers if we have finalised them […] From an economical point of view you have to be very careful in those days. Sane has got one more year. There is nothing more to say about that

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[club legend Oliver Kahn has warned Bayern Munich must be careful when it comes to making a move for Manchester City winger Leroy Sane this summer] He still has a year contract with Manchester City, and there is nothing more to say about it now. We will then talk about transfers, about player commitments, if they have actually taken place. Possibly also in the next season, I think it is a time when you have to act very carefully, especially economically

Of course, a competition like the Bundesliga lives very much for the tension, especially the tension around the championship title, but we can’t go and say: ‘yes, we’ll play a little bit worse now’. Of course, the competition is also required to make the best of their means. There have actually been chances for the competition to attack and knock us off the throne but this team has an incredible mentality, an incredible will. They were absolutely deserved champions

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Bayern legend Oliver Kahn expects Manuel Neuer to retain his place in Hansi Flick’s line-up until the time is right for Alexander Nubel to succeed him] It was a sensible decision at the time. It is a path he is taking - to accept the situation with Manuel Neuer and to line up behind Manuel Neuer and gradually become number one