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Oscar Ruggeri
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player xxxx

2017 01 06 Retrieve

[Oscar Ruggeri on Silvio Gazzaniga’s FIFA World Cup trophy] To touch and hold the World Cup was the most important experience that I’ve had in my career. It was a pleasure. I do it every time when I have it close to me and I can touch it again. I feel happy doing that and it makes me realise, through the years, how hard is to live that moment. Thank God we could get it in 1986. I hope the boys of the current national team could win the World Cup some time. It isn’t easy. Through the years nobody could repeat it. You need to make a big effort to win it

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[The myth of Maradona: Was ‘Hand of God’ goal integral to Diego’s legacy? Terry Fenwick, though, had seen the handball clearly and he raced up to the halfway line to remonstrate with Bin Nasser. However, only Glenn Hoddle was as visibly incensed as Fenwick, which bemused Argentina defender Oscar Ruggeri] Imagine if it had been the other way around. We would still be chasing the referee today! But some of them, like us, probably thought Diego had beaten the goalkeeper to the ball with his head. Diego even told us that it had been a header! It was genius how he ran off celebrating. Myself and Tata (Jose Luis Brown) at the back didn’t have permission to celebrate goals at the other end of the field because it would have meant an 80-metre sprint at altitude in insane heat. But Diego told the other guys, ‘Celebrate, hug me!’
<br«b>[Indeed, Maradona was initially worried that one of his own team-mate’s bemused reaction to such a blatant foul might result in his ‘header’ being disallowed]</b> Checho (Sergio Batista) came over and asked me ‘You knocked it in with your hand, right? Did you use your hand?’ the legendary No.10 wrote in ‘Touched by God. And I answered, ‘Shut the f*ck up and keep on celebrating!’ We were afraid they would disallow the goal but they didn’t.

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Oscar Ruggeri on Ariel Garce] [Maradona] told me that he had a dream where Garce lifted the World Cup