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Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Manchester United

2011 08 27 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves has revealed he was so desperate to continue his Old Trafford career he offered to play for Manchester United for free] At one stage I did offer to play for nothing this season, just to stay on. But they said, ‘You don’t want to do that’ and they were probably right. I don’t blame them for letting me go. I can understand it. There comes a point when you have to say this hasn’t worked out. The game has moved on. See you later, all the best

[Hargreaves claims he is now back to perfect fitness and says he does not regret posting videos on YouTube in a bid to prove his injury woes are behind him] It ended up on YouTube because the files were too big to email to specific people, specific clubs. So I put them on YouTube so they could see it. I know it became a bit of a story when people found it in the public domain but I don’t really care. No big deal

[Hargreaves has become something of a forgotten man after missing so much football in recent seasons but the 30-year-old is determined to prove the doubters wrong] I’m going to blow people away. I’m coming back believing I can return to the level I was at before. My body feels great and my knees are perfect. I’ve just got this huge chip on my shoulder because I’ve been out for three years and people think I’m dead and buried […] But right now I’d like to think I can play 40 games this season and with the right care, I believe I can train every day. I hope to be back in the England side for the European Championships next summer. You have to have ambition

2011 09 01 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves has been handed the ultimate chance to show Sir Alex Ferguson that he was wrong to let him go] If the gamble comes off you are taking on exceptional player who is still only 30. For City it seems like a strange situation but even Wayne Rooney says that when he is fit he gives England something that no one else is capable of and that is something City will be aware of as they go for honours on four different fronts this season.

It is a gamble but clearly the club think it is one worth taking. Owen has really pushed himself to get himself as fit as possible and to prove the medical staff at Manchester United wrong. But what is one person’s disappointment is another person’s gain and we are hoping that will be us.

He is a very experienced player and only reason why Manchester United let him go and why some other Premier League teams who were looking for players did not take a chance is probably because they couldn’t afford to take the risk or because they felt that if Manchester United did not feel he was fit enough then why should they take the chance. We have our own ideas

2018 02 24 Retrieve

[Hargreaves explains how second best is a good thing for Man Utd] I think Manchester United have the second best squad in the Premier League, just in terms of individual talent. City have got the best one. Chelsea don’t have a stronger squad than United. They’ve got the best goalkeeper [David de Gea] in the country have United. They’ve got Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford - two of the most dynamic young players in Europe. Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba are brilliant players in their position. That is an incredibly gifted group of players.

2020 05 21 Retrieve

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Toni Kroos and Mesut Ozil all travelled and did well. These Bundesliga talents are in high demand as they are well schooled and good professionals. He is the next one. All eyes are on Haaland and Sancho but Kai Havertz is the one from a German perspective. He is special and he is like a hybrid of Michael Ballack and Mesut Ozil. That says a lot in terms of his goals and elegance. He is a super player and I think many fans will be watching him from England’s top six and thinking that a guy like him is good enough to go to their teams. He could play at Liverpool, Man United or Man City. I think anyone watching him this weekend [against Borussia Monchengladbach] will say sign him up. I would love to see Havertz go to Bayern but I think anyone would want him in their team.

[ex-England international Hargreaves insists that Havertz - who has already made 140 appearances for Leverkusen since making his debut at the age of 17 - will need to join a club where he is guaranteed to be given first-team opportunities] He has got to get it right and I think that the more he plays football the better. It is hard to go to Man City and play right away, which is what saw Jadon Sancho sold. It is hard to go to a great team like Liverpool and start. He is very special and he has just got to play. He can make a move at 21, 24, or 26. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah have always been great players but would they have shown it at Liverpool at 21? It is pretty unrealistic. I think his development is ahead of 99 per cent of players, but I don’t think he should go to a top team yet as he might stunt his development. He is at a good team and the manager Peter Bosz plays to his style. If he is going to move, it has got to be the right move. It has to be a club which will play him all the time. I think he will have so many options. I think he is the type of player that could fit into any team.

Mino Raiola said Juventus wanted Haaland but he would begin with the U23s. Imagine not seeing him this weekend? That would have almost been a crime watching him at Dortmund. The boys have to pick their next step