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Owen Hargreaves
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org England National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  Manchester United

2011 08 27 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves has revealed he was so desperate to continue his Old Trafford career he offered to play for Manchester United for free] At one stage I did offer to play for nothing this season, just to stay on. But they said, ‘You don’t want to do that’ and they were probably right. I don’t blame them for letting me go. I can understand it. There comes a point when you have to say this hasn’t worked out. The game has moved on. See you later, all the best

[Hargreaves claims he is now back to perfect fitness and says he does not regret posting videos on YouTube in a bid to prove his injury woes are behind him] It ended up on YouTube because the files were too big to email to specific people, specific clubs. So I put them on YouTube so they could see it. I know it became a bit of a story when people found it in the public domain but I don’t really care. No big deal

[Hargreaves has become something of a forgotten man after missing so much football in recent seasons but the 30-year-old is determined to prove the doubters wrong] I’m going to blow people away. I’m coming back believing I can return to the level I was at before. My body feels great and my knees are perfect. I’ve just got this huge chip on my shoulder because I’ve been out for three years and people think I’m dead and buried […] But right now I’d like to think I can play 40 games this season and with the right care, I believe I can train every day. I hope to be back in the England side for the European Championships next summer. You have to have ambition

2011 09 01 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves has been handed the ultimate chance to show Sir Alex Ferguson that he was wrong to let him go] If the gamble comes off you are taking on exceptional player who is still only 30. For City it seems like a strange situation but even Wayne Rooney says that when he is fit he gives England something that no one else is capable of and that is something City will be aware of as they go for honours on four different fronts this season.

It is a gamble but clearly the club think it is one worth taking. Owen has really pushed himself to get himself as fit as possible and to prove the medical staff at Manchester United wrong. But what is one person’s disappointment is another person’s gain and we are hoping that will be us.

He is a very experienced player and only reason why Manchester United let him go and why some other Premier League teams who were looking for players did not take a chance is probably because they couldn’t afford to take the risk or because they felt that if Manchester United did not feel he was fit enough then why should they take the chance. We have our own ideas

2018 02 24 Retrieve

[Hargreaves explains how second best is a good thing for Man Utd] I think Manchester United have the second best squad in the Premier League, just in terms of individual talent. City have got the best one. Chelsea don’t have a stronger squad than United. They’ve got the best goalkeeper [David de Gea] in the country have United. They’ve got Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford - two of the most dynamic young players in Europe. Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba are brilliant players in their position. That is an incredibly gifted group of players.

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves questions why Juan Mata on the left wing and Fred starting] Think about the start of the game. One position Juan Mata has never played at Manchester United on the left wing - he starts on the left wing. Everybody moans that he plays on the right, then he plays on the left for some reason. Andreas Pereira is a No.10, he plays on the right. Marcus Rashford is struggling for confidence, we’re not sure if he’s a No.9. Fred, I feel sorry for him because he’s struggling in a United shirt.

You’ve got so many people in positions which aren’t even their own. Ashley Young was playing left-back. The only bright spark I’d say was Axel Tuanzebe. I thought he played really well. But the rest is so far off what you’d expect. I feel sorry for United fans because this will take a long time to fix

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Manchester United were dreadful for 70 minutes against Sheffield United] Good luck making sense of that. For 70 minutes they were dreadful, they really were dreadful - that was probably their worst performance of the season. The first half was a disaster, nothing short of. Sheffield United should have been up by more goals, but he [Solskjaer] made changes. The one thing you can take from it is that the young kids stepped up, so almost kind of out with the old, in with the young guys. That’s what you’ll get from today. Because his team shape and the inclusion of Phil Jones did not work

If you think back to the last goal from Sheffield United, Tuanzebe is a centre-back, he came on the pitch and played in midfield to shore it up. Really you would do that with a more experienced player, to come in. That’s not even his natural position, but he wanted someone in there to protect and essentially it didn’t really work. Really, under the philosophy of Man Utd and Sir Alex [Ferguson], you probably would have thought with the game as it was, there was a fourth goal in it for United. Get the fourth and kill it off. But because he didn’t have that experience in there he put on Tuanzebe to protect and it went the other way. I really like him, but that last sub maybe didn’t go the way Ole wanted

2019 11 25b Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves agreed with that assessment, with the general consensus being that Wales international Daniel James needs to fill the role that is usually occupied by Rashford] He looks more comfortable on the left, he’s dangerous there and can come inside. On the right, I don’t think he gets to see it as much. Rashford, he came on the right and set one of the goals up for Mason Greenwood so there were some changes and adjustments in the second half

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Sergio Aguero has not looked for a way out of Manchester City in nine years because he has found the perfect team for him] In tight spaces, with these guys, with David Silva, [Kevin] De Bruyne and [Riyad] Mahrez, the service he gets, he’s just in the perfect team. That’s probably why he’s stayed nine years, because the service that he gets allows him to get a lot of these goals, and the way Pep [Guardiola] plays suits him perfectly

The one thing you used to realise about Sergio is when you got the ball in to him, in and around the box, the way he just shifts the ball with his low centre of gravity, you couldn’t get anywhere near him. By the time he got it out of his feet and shot, the ball was already in the net. Defenders hadn’t even really adjusted to the first move, that’s how sharp he was. And we saw that, I think, on the last goal. It just happened so quickly, and he gets it out of his feet, and he shimmies and he shoots almost all at the same time

2020 01 27 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer desperately needs help at Manchester United] He desperately needs help. If you think, [Ander] Herrera left, [Marouane] Fellaini left, in midfield, they are really light. Then [Romelu] Lukaku leaves, [Alexis] Sanchez leaves, they don’t have any help up top. [Marcus] Rashford then gets injured, [Paul] Pogba hasn’t played. [Scott] McTominay, one of their best players this season, hasn’t played. The recruitment wasn’t there to back Ole up and then injuries to key players. To be fifth with this squad, I think right now is as good as it can possibly get. There are only four points separating fifth and 14th. I don’t think it’s going to more up, it’s more likely to go down and that’s the big worry

2020 02 19 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves compared Jadon Sancho to Neymar after Borussia Dortmund’s victory over Paris Saint-Germain] That performance from Sancho was like Neymar in his prime. Off the cuff. He was unplayable. Get your cheque books out. Somebody go and sign that kid because he is special

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Andreas Pereira is no Paul Scholes or Roy Keane & only a squad player at Man Utd] He’s had the second most appearances for Manchester United this season. He shouldn’t be in the position he’s in right now because Manchester United really in the past have always had players, you think of Paul Scholes and Roy Keane. Right now the load is being put on these young guys and [Marcus] Rashford and [Anthony] Martial and Mason Greenwood and Pereira.

And really, they’re going to be really good squad players for Manchester United but if Manchester United want to win the Champions League and win the Premier League, I think Pereira is going to be a good squad player

He’s played multiple positions this season. He has spoken about goals but I think he’s only got one [this season]. At times he’s played as a 10, at times he’s played wide, [against Brugges] he’s almost playing as a sitter. I think it’s difficult for any young player coming into a team that’s struggling playing multiple positions. So I think he’s done well, he’s had a breakthrough season but to expect him to get 15 goals, that’s unrealistic right now

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Man Utd were in ‘complete control’ of derby] I just felt that, as much as City dominated possession, United were in complete control of the game. I thought they had more chances and looked the most dangerous team. Individually, Wan-Bissaka against Raheem Sterling, he didn’t get a kick. Luke Shaw was outstanding again in that position, Dan James ran the channels, Anthony Martial was clinical, the midfield three were very good. Bruno Fernandes again was decisive

I just thought there were so many top performances from Manchester United. That’s what Ole spoke about, the attitude. That’s what Sir Alex [Ferguson] gave the players, he demanded that attitude. That’s why the fans were so up for it, they felt that from the players. That’s why that second goal came. Even though they had the lead, they still found a way when they got possession - which they didn’t have much of - to pose a threat

Overall from Manchester United it was a huge performance. Champions League football is what this club is all about and it looks like they have every chance of being there next season

2020 03 12 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Bruno Fernandes has quickly become a Paul Scholes-esque presence for Manchester United] Well I think you can just look at the other players around him. I know that Fred has been playing well this season, but I think he looks more comfortable with having another ball player who he can get it into on the half-turn. With Anthony Martial, you saw a connection with the goal [in a 2-0 derby win over Manchester City] - I don’t think that was a training-ground one, it was just pure instinct. City played a high line, Martial recognised the space and Bruno played a brilliant ball over the top. He is just a really good player and good players love to play together. I was saying to Scholesy, when we did a show together a few weeks ago, we are never going to see another Paul Scholes but Bruno has that capacity to make everybody else play better and to play football. It looks like the boys are enjoying it. [Nemanja] Matic looks great with him, Fred looks great with him, Anthony has got a partnership there and, really, everybody looks better with him. I think he has taken on a bit of leadership, which is important, and he works hard. In every phase, he has probably improved or played better than everybody could have hoped for

2020 03 13 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Fernandes plays at his own speed like De Bruyne] Every time he gets the ball he makes something happen. Fernandes is on fire, he created five chances in the first half. Like De Bruyne, he plays at his own speed, he’s never rushed, finds pockets of space. He just has a feel of when to do things

2020 03 13b Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Manchester United need to favour quality over quantity in the summer transfer market] It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. If you can have a Jadon Sancho - they need a right winger - Sancho playing off the right would make a huge difference. [Jude] Bellingham is 16 or 17, he’s going to be a super player but you need someone right now. I think they need an Ndidi type, a defensive sitter. If you have [Paul] Pogba and [Bruno] Fernandes then I think you need a defensive one there. I think they also need a left-sided centre-back. They have [Victor] Lindelof, [Harry] Maguire, [Eric] Bailly but a left-sided centre-back would make a big difference

[On the potential search for another goalscorer] Harry Kane is the dream but they don’t desperately need him

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says People thought Fred was a No.10 as £50m Brazilian] He’s a complete midfield player but if he can add goals to his game then he’ll be the perfect midfield player. In possession he’s very good, out of possession he’s really aggressive and now the players around him are functioning which is a really good sign. I think because they paid £50m for Fred and he’s Brazilian that people thought he was a No.10 but he isn’t. He’s not a goalscorer and he’s not really creative but what he is is a really good midfield player. He’s two-footed and now we’re seeing the player that was at Shakhtar, where in the Champions League he put in some brilliant performances against the best teams. He’s energetic without the ball and now with [Nemanja] Matic as a sitter Fred can be box-to-box, before he was too high and sometimes too deep but now this is a midfield three [Matic, Fred, Bruno Fernandes] it’s balanced, everyone feels comfortable

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Owen Hargraves says Sancho like Neymar & would improve any team] He’s a dream. He reminds me of a young Neymar. The cool thing is, for the young kids watching him, they see that you can play in a creative way, even though football has become so structured. He brings his own style, that street football, to the game. That’s what makes him so priceless. In the blink of an eye, he can do something that people don’t anticipate. Hopefully at some point we still him in the Premier League, because he can make any team better. I think he walks into the great teams here, like Man City and Liverpool, and I think he could even play for Barcelona or Real Madrid one day. That’s how good he is. He knows all eyes will be on him this Saturday.

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves says that he believes Jadon Sancho can win the Ballon d’Or with the Red Devils] Jadon will know his own game and has to find what’s best for him. But United have an ­exceptionally good group of young players coming through - and any top young player would want to be part of that. Obviously, Liverpool and Manchester City have moved away from everyone else in the Premier League, but United would still be a team to join. Things go in cycles. Man United will be back and the ­recruitment of a player like Jadon would help. He knows Manchester well because he was at City, but whoever gets him will be very fortunate. I know Sancho is going to cost a lot of money, but you have a player who, ­potentially for the next decade, is going to be a unique player to watch. Can he become a Ballon d’Or winner? Yes, because potentially he is off the charts. The impact he has had already has been quite astonishing

A lot of ­people feel that young ­players will take time to develop. But if you look at players like Wayne Rooney and Jadon now, the great ones, the ­exceptional ones, figure it out. The game of football has become so structured and technical that a kid like him can bring his own style into the game and play with such ­creativity. It’s so hard to anticipate just what he’s going to do. Normally when you watch games of football, you know what is going to happen, whereas, with Jadon, he does things off the cuff almost like Neymar. That’s priceless because he can make things happen when teams sit deep. When there’s no space, Jadon finds space. I think that, like Wayne, put Jadon in the middle of ­whatever the league is in any country and he would thrive. I covered Dortmund’s game against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and Sancho was better than anyone on that pitch -even Kylian Mbappe and ­Neymar. His level is exceptional. He just thrives on creating and scoring goals.

2020 05 17b Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves has suggested that Leroy Sane should stay at Manchester City instead of joining Bayern Munich if he wants to be the best player he can be] Bayern Munich is such a big draw for any German player, so if Sane wants to go back home and has the opportunity to play for the biggest team in Germany then I can understand that. But, let’s be honest, football-wise it doesn’t get better than Manchester City. To leave City and the football they play under Pep Guardiola is a tough decision. Maybe it will be a lifestyle choice. Does Leroy want to live closer to home? I think Sane wants to be the best he can be - and if you have the best manager in the game, then… I remember interviewing Leroy and he said that the attention to detail Pep gives you is something else. Just look at Raheem Sterling. All players have talent, but Pep maximises it. Once you’ve had a manager who gives you that, it’s hard to go backwards.

Leroy’s ability is unique and quite exceptional. He can play in multiple positions along the front line and he’s had that Pep schooling after coming to England at such a young age. If I was running a football club then Leroy Sane would be one of the first players I’d sign. I think he has that ability to grow even more as a player. There is no stopping him. He could reach any level

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Lewandowski far and away Bayern Munich’s best player and can deliver Champions League glory] I think his form - even for Lewandowski - has been outstanding this season. Probably the best Lewandowski we’ve ever seen in a Bayern Munich shirt. He’s the best No.9 [in the world] right now, without a question. He virtually never misses a game. I think the thing about him is his game seems to evolve. He’s added free kicks in the past few years, he’s the ultimate team player, he’s not selfish. I think he has a great partnership with Thomas Muller as well. If you’re adding [Kingsley] Coman on one side and [Serge] Gnabry on the other side as well - all of a sudden there’s so much firepower. [Philippe] Coutinho, he didn’t play [against Union Berlin] - he’s out injured, but the firepower Bayern Munich have is quite remarkable. But he’s by far and away the best player in Bayern Munich’s side and I think with him in that form they can find a way to win the Champions League again after all those years

2020 05 18b Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Man Utd should join clamour for Coutinho] I love his game, I love him as a player. He is obviously going though a bit of a tough time after leaving Liverpool. Barca didn’t work and Bayern hasn’t really worked, but there is still plenty of time and I would never count him out. I would love to see him back in the Premier League. He makes a lot of teams better. Premier League teams are probably the only ones with the capacity to sign him and, let’s be honest, when he was here he was a dream to watch. If Liverpool are missing one thing it is probably a No10-ish player. I know they probably don’t need him because that front three are so good as is the balance in midfield. There are a lot of rumours about Chelsea, even Man United. There are a lot of teams where if I was sporting director, surely his name is on a lot of teams’ lists to come in and make a big impact. The question is, does he do it on loan again or is it a sale, because it doesn’t look like he’s going to stay at Barcelona

In a perfect world, I think they hoped it would have worked out but it hasn’t. Probably just based on Thomas Muller. His form has just been so good. Muller has just been one of the best players in the whole Bundesliga. He affects games and if you have got someone scoring two and setting two up every game. In the past Bayern played three central midfielders and in a perfect world they would have played Coutinho but Thomas has got the most assists in the Bundesliga and at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League he was unbelievable

2020 05 21 Retrieve

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Toni Kroos and Mesut Ozil all travelled and did well. These Bundesliga talents are in high demand as they are well schooled and good professionals. He is the next one. All eyes are on Haaland and Sancho but Kai Havertz is the one from a German perspective. He is special and he is like a hybrid of Michael Ballack and Mesut Ozil. That says a lot in terms of his goals and elegance. He is a super player and I think many fans will be watching him from England’s top six and thinking that a guy like him is good enough to go to their teams. He could play at Liverpool, Man United or Man City. I think anyone watching him this weekend [against Borussia Monchengladbach] will say sign him up. I would love to see Havertz go to Bayern but I think anyone would want him in their team.

[ex-England international Hargreaves insists that Havertz - who has already made 140 appearances for Leverkusen since making his debut at the age of 17 - will need to join a club where he is guaranteed to be given first-team opportunities] He has got to get it right and I think that the more he plays football the better. It is hard to go to Man City and play right away, which is what saw Jadon Sancho sold. It is hard to go to a great team like Liverpool and start. He is very special and he has just got to play. He can make a move at 21, 24, or 26. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah have always been great players but would they have shown it at Liverpool at 21? It is pretty unrealistic. I think his development is ahead of 99 per cent of players, but I don’t think he should go to a top team yet as he might stunt his development. He is at a good team and the manager Peter Bosz plays to his style. If he is going to move, it has got to be the right move. It has to be a club which will play him all the time. I think he will have so many options. I think he is the type of player that could fit into any team.

Mino Raiola said Juventus wanted Haaland but he would begin with the U23s. Imagine not seeing him this weekend? That would have almost been a crime watching him at Dortmund. The boys have to pick their next step

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Owen Hargraves says Haaland’s special but wouldn’t get into Bayern’s team] Haaland is really special - he makes goalscoring look easy, and it’s not. His goal against Schalke, with the ball coming across him, it just looked so comfortable. He’s ridiculously good, although Lewandowski’s pretty good too at Bayern - he scored his 40th goal of the season at the weekend. So even if you could add Haaland, he wouldn’t get into Bayern’s team right now, just because of the way they play with one up front

Bayern don’t really have any weaknesses, which is amazing considering everybody said they’re in transition, after [Arjen] Robben and [Franck] Ribery retired. They are slightly in transition, but if you look at the team, it’s an unbelievable starting 11. A couple of years ago, people said that defensively they weren’t as strong or as quick, but now [David] Alaba is playing as a left-sided centre-back because of young Alphonso Davies, who makes the left-back position look effortless - he has the potential to be one the best in the world there. Bayern have got experience, skills, speed, flair players, creativity - they’ve got a lot.

2020 05 22b Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Only four clubs can offer Sane as much as Man City] Bayern is always on the agenda for any top German player as you compete for titles, leagues and Champions Leagues. With Leroy Sane at Man City, if he leaves, there’s probably only four teams he would go to. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich are the only ones who can offer something compared to what he has at City

I think he [Sancho] deserves a lot of credit as any player who leaves their comfort zone does. Over here, I only played in Germany because a guy spotted me who was German with German contacts. If I was growing up in England, I would have played at a Premier League team. For me my path was different, but he could have gone anywhere. He saw that Dortmund were good at developing young players and giving them a platform. I think the opportunity is there. I was in Germany once and I spoke to a sporting director at Augsburg who I used to play with. At the time I was coaching in Man City’s academy and I said to him ‘there’s so many good players in the academies in England that it is crazy’. At Chelsea, [Manchester] United, City these guys can’t get a game. That was four years ago. Now it feels like there’s an influx of English kids going over there. Not every kid is going to be Jadon because Jadon is pretty special but I think the quicker you play men’s football, the better

Dele Alli is a great example in going down to League One. He was playing even earlier than Jadon with MK Dons. It was so good for him and he can then go to a Tottenham. I think if kids get into an academy of a big team it is great, and all those teams want these boys. But you are almost better off doing what Dele did - going out of the academy and playing men’s football. If your academy isn’t offering you first-team football then definitely do what Jadon Sancho did and go to Germany. Bundesliga is a great spot. It is not the same level as the Premier League but it isn’t far behind

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Hargreaves says Big surprise if Man Utd don’t sign Ighalo] He’s a big United fan isn’t he and he’s done great, he’s done really good, better probably than he could have hoped and Man United could have hoped and he’s been a good addition to the team. I think all the boys are really good athletes and quick and want to run in behind and get the ball into feet but he looks comfortable with his back to the goal. I love Marcus [Rashford] and [Anthony] Martial, love their game, but they’re quite different in the sense that they want the ball into feet and they want to run in behind, whereas he’s comfortable being a target man with people behind him and then getting the ball and people can run off him

I think he’s been a good fit for Man United and when you sign players you’ve got to get the right fit. It’s not always about getting the best name, it’s about getting the guy that you don’t have that you need. He was somebody that whoever signed him hats off to you, because he’s given them something different. Hopefully he stays but there’s the whole [Alexis] Sanchez situation when he comes back, Martial and Rashford, he’s fit as well, Bruno [Fernandes] and [Paul] Pogba - you’ve got to get them all into a team, with Daniel James as well. So he’s been good, really good. I’m sure they’ll try, if it’s sensible, to keep him longer. I’d be surprised if he left

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Timo Werner would be a good fit for Manchester United] Well, he’s not going to get past Bobby Firmino, who is one of my favourite players to watch. I think that’s the thing. Wherever he goes, he has to play. With the way United play right now, I could see him there. They need a number nine. Chelsea could be a good fit, I just think he’s perfect for Liverpool in a way, but he’s not guaranteed to start. If he’s happy rotating in the front three then yes, he’d be a great fit for Jurgen Klopp. He works hard, he’s a good goal-scorer, he’s a good team-mate, all those things they need but he’s not going to play ahead of Roberto Firmino, I just don’t see that. He’s too good in that team

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says unlikely that City would enter into discussions regarding a deal with a Premier League rival, with most still expecting Sane to head away from England] Bayern is always on the agenda for any top German player as you compete for titles, leagues and Champions Leagues. With Leroy Sane at Man City, if he leaves, there’s probably only four teams he would go to. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich are the only ones who can offer something compared to what he has at City

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says ‘Generational talent’ would Sancho make Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool better] He makes every team better, that’s for sure. Everyone would love to have him. Man United, Man City, Liverpool, I think he’s that good that he gets in all of them. United, Chelsea and Arsenal would all love to have him. It depends on personnel and who could afford him? It will cost a lost but he’s a generational talent, truly remarkable with his goals and assists and he can play in different positions. He’s going to cost a lot but he’s worth it, I’d love to see him back in the Premier League

2020 06 02 Retrieve

[Former Bayern Munich and Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves says Question marks hung over Jadon Sancho’s head as he sat on the bench for the first half of Borussia Dortmund’s game against Bayern Munich last week] He makes every team better, that’s for sure. Everyone would love to have him. Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, I think he’s that good that he gets in all of them. United, Chelsea and Arsenal would all love to have him. It depends on personnel and who could afford him? It will cost a lost but he’s a generational talent, truly remarkable with his goals and assists and he can play in different positions. He’s going to cost a lot but he’s worth it, I’d love to see him back in the Premier League.

Clearly, one of the biggest talents that I’ve played with. With that talent comes a lot of pressure and I think he slowly starts to feel that from the England national team and clubs surrounding him now. Up until this point he’s been a talent performing very well, performing better than what he is expected to do but there was always going to be a next step and that’s going to be interesting. Next step in his career and his development. Only looking at his skills, he definitely has what it takes to become one of the five biggest players in the world. You see big talents go to waste and I would say that he’s already done enough to prove himself. He’s 20 and he’s got the highest goal involvement in the league together with Timo Werner and [Robert] Lewandowski which is amazing but he should strive for more

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Werner would have been perfect for Man Utd] Well I think he’s perfect, I think he could have been perfect for Man United as well but I think it’s brilliant for Frank Lampard and Chelsea. A proven goalscorer but the curious thing for me is how he fits in with Tammy Abraham, because I love Tammy’s game and I think he’s been tremendous. So maybe Timo Werner can play off the left side at times but they have multiple players there for those positions, with [Callum] Hudson-Odoi and [Christian] Pulisic. But it’s a terrific signing for Chelsea, I think they needed to make a statement and they’ve done that. To go with [Hakim] Ziyech and all these terrific young players, I think Chelsea are building something, not to compete next season for the Premier League but definitely in two or three years’ time to compete to win the Premier League. Terrific signing, I think Chelsea fans are going to love him

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United team-mate Owen Hargreaves says Cristiano Ronaldo is no egomaniac] Ask politely, like anything. But to be fair we used to practice all the time and he knew I could take them. We used to practice all the time and Cristiano knew I could (score them) and I love that about him. I remember we played, I’d scored a couple, and we practiced before the Champions League final against Chelsea that year, he was on one side of the box and I was on the other. I hit nine out of ten into the top corner and Edwin van der Sar was in goal. And Edwin came to me and said, ‘Owen, if we get a free-kick in the Champions League final you’ve got to take it’. I said, ‘I can’t take it off Cristiano, that’s Cristiano Ronaldo’. Anyway, we get to the dressing room, we’re warming up to go out on the pitch before we go out, nobody is around, Cristiano walks over and says, ‘Owen if we get a free-kick today it’s yours, I saw you practising’. That’s who he was. Everybody thinks he’s like it’s all about him and an egomaniac. But if you’re good at something he’s the first one to see that. And that’s why I got to take a couple that year because he knew I might score. I admire that about him, I really do.

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Owen Hargreaves says Foden’s special & can reach David Silva’s level] I don’t think there is a better player you can learn from than David Silva. Kevin De Bruyne is another one he is learning from, Bernardo Silva is another. But I remember one of my youth team managers said to me - I came on the pitch one day shouting out someone’s name that I had watched in the Champions League, I think it was David Beckham - my manager at the time when I was 16 took me to the side and said: ‘Owen, stop shouting out everyone else’s name, just be yourself, that’s good enough’

Phil Foden is at this level now that he’s good enough, he doesn’t have to worry about looking at anybody else’s game. Phil Foden is a really special player. In between the spaces, the lines, I think he’s as good as any player in the Premier League. His use of space is really special, he just needs the reps. When he gets the reps, I think he is going to reach the level of possibly a David Silva. It’s a long way away, but his starting point is exceptional