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Name Paolo Di Canio
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc The Italian was one of most exciting among a raft of imported No 10s who arrived in the late 1990s and lit up the Premier League show. His early success at Sheffield Wednesday was effectively ended when he pushed over referee Paul Alcock, receiving an 11-game ban, but he shone at West Ham and his volley against Wimbledon will go down as one of the great Premier League goals


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Swindon Town [Head Coach]
Club as Player West Ham United
  Sheffield Wednesday

1999 05 10 Retrieve

[Former Celtic player Paolo Di Canio sheds no tears for referee Hugh Dallas after the Old Firm match] Just because the fans told him to ** off he awarded the penalty to Rangers. It was incredible, I have never seen anything like it

2009 09 07 Retrieve

[Paolo Di Canio says Diego Is Better Than Kaka] He is the only real trequartista in the world. He is a model for how a player should move between the lines. It’s very difficult to take him down and his technical qualities are above average. The way he interprets his role is top-notch. Is he better than Kaka? Yes, the ex-Milan player can’t dance between the lines like Diego does

Diego must be called up. He is a potential Ballon d’Or winner. Only [Lionel] Messi is stronger than him. But the Argentine moves like a Playstation player!

2011 08 31 Retrieve

[Swindon Town manager Paolo Di Canio in bizarre tunnel bust-up with striker Leon Clarke] Clearly there was an incident and it would be wrong to apportion blame until we have all the facts. Leon and the fitness coach were having words after the game and there was a disagreement between them. As Leon came off the pitch Paolo was conscious these things should be done behind closed doors. There was a misunderstanding there that carried on into the tunnel. It got to a situation where the whole thing blew up very fast. There was frustration on both sides. The whole issue was trivial but nobody responded in the right way. The manager was quite right to try to defuse the situation. Paolo was frustrated the whole thing was played out in public. He feels one of the players has let him down

2013 04 08 Retrieve

[His use of the Roman salute after the match brought about a serious amount of controversy and a second public display with his right arm aloft against Livorno, known for their left-wing leanings, resulted in a one-game ban and €7,000 fine] I cannot help saluting this way. It is a feeling of belonging to my people, of belonging to a group that holds true values, values of civility against the standardisation that this society imposes upon us.

2013 04 08b Retrieve

[Once asked his reaction to Totti’s claims that he wouldn’t sit at the same dinner table as Di Canio] That is no great loss because if you tell Totti there are tensions in the Middle East, he’ll assume that a fight has broken out on the right side of midfield

2013 04 08c Retrieve

[He later castigated the Roma No.10 for reacting to being substituted against Inter in 2010 by storming down the tunnel] I find it incredible what he did when he was substituted. It was an absolute disgrace. The job of a captain is to stay close to the team. A true leader would have remained on the sidelines and cheered his team on, not to leave your comrades. But he has proven himself selfish.

2019 09 11 Retrieve

[Paolo Di Canio blasted Mauro Icardi following the forward’s move to Paris Saint-Germain, calling the Argentinian striker ‘undisciplined’ while adding that he is ‘incapable of doing anything a modern striker should be able to do’] But seriously, why did Ancelotti want someone like Icardi, unable to apologise to his team-mates for the words of his wife-agent. And then, also from a technical point of view, Carlo needs an imaginative striker like [Dries] Mertens. Icardi scores only when the ball arrives with a cross from the end line. For the rest, incapable of doing anything a modern striker should be able to do. If he does not score he never gives a hand to the team. Him at PSG? No wonder, because the French club is the natural landing place for undisciplined players

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Paolo Di Canio says Inter striker Romelu Lukaku doesn’t have that little bit more against the best teams] I have always said that he will score many goals and that he will be more and more important for Inter, because for eight years I have followed him - since 2011, when he arrived in England. I wanted him before [Antonio] Conte, I have followed him since Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion. But my feeling is that against [teams like] Genoa he scores a wonderful goal, but against the best teams, he doesn’t have that little bit more. It is no surprise to me that Lukaku scores four braces, but against the teams from 10th place down. So how do I explain the brace against Napoli? Now, do you consider Napoli a great team? The club is huge, the stadium is wonderful, with a huge fan base but how does Napoli play at the moment? Perhaps worse than SPAL on a defensive level, they are two goals given away

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Paolo Di Canio has claimed Christian Eriksen ‘will become a problem’ for Inter manager Antonio Conte] Eriksen will become a problem for Conte. He is not like Diego Costa, with whom you can fight if you don’t let him play. He is a guy like Hazard: he is silent, you don’t see him much, he never complains, but it is difficult to have a direct and frank confrontation. With Eriksen at Tottenham he had the chance to lose dangerous balls because there were those who ran for him, at Inter they can’t afford that. He doesn’t jump the opponent in one-on-one fights, he doesn’t have speed in his legs