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Name Paolo Maldini
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc Considered one of the best defenders of all-time, Paulo Maldini finished third for the Ballon d’Or twice, once in 1994 and a second time nine years later. The one-club Italian was remarkably consistent, captaining AC Milan to five Champions League trophies and seven league titles in 25 historic years with AC Milan


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player AC Milan


Son Daniel Maldini
  Christian Maldini
Father Cesare Maldini

2014 11 12 Retrieve

[Paolo Maldini on Maradona] Diego Maradona was not only the greatest player but also the most honest. He was a model of good behaviour on the pitch - he was respectful of everyone, from the great players down to the ordinary team members. He was always getting kicked around and he never complained - not like some of today’s strikers

2015 05 22 Retrieve

[Paolo Maldini on Steven Gerrard] What I have always liked of Steven is that on the pitch he was very quiet, but was capable of inspiring all his teammates with great strength, not so much with words. His story is one of those stories to be told, one of those fairytales - just like it happened to me - to be narrated to your children and grandchildren. I still remember his face [in Istanbul] and the pain he was in from cramp but he was still going around tackling everybody. He put everything into it. For you guys, he was an example for all the others. I think Steven has been and is an absolutely complete player, because he had personality, technique, he could set the play and also defend, and he could score goals - penalty-kicks, free-kicks. So really a modern, complete player. I have a very clear memory of the final we lost in Istanbul, when he was helping his teammates with difficulties in defence. He started playing at the back and tackled every single player of Milan. But I must say that what probably made the difference was his example for all his teammates

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] Of course it will be hard for anybody to do what van Basten did during his career. [. . .] the way he moves with the ball really does remind me of van Basten

2016 08 13 Retrieve

[The final, at a packed Camp Nou, against a very useful Steaua Bucharest side] For all of us, it was our first victory. We all went out on the pitch with enthusiasm, conviction, we felt full of strength

2018 12 02 Retrieve

[Paolo Maldini on Gattuso] We have improved in many things, we have to improve in the identity of the game, but we have more ways to get the result. This Milan looks like Rino. The coach gives the impression to his team. way of play

[Paolo Maldini on AC Milan at the fourth place] The players and the company believe in it, it is our goal, despite all the difficulties, we have stakes that do not allow us to make some investments, but we believe in the team and the coach, where we have great confidence

[Paolo Maldini on Gazidis] His curriculum speaks for himself, he is honored to be here, he wants to see everything and get to know everyone, he is a serious person who wants to give an impression to society

[Paolo Maldini on his role at AC Milan] It’s tough, it’s different than being in the field, it’s nice to work with Leonardo, I’m learning a lot

[Paolo Maldini on Paquetà] Brazilians do not usually have difficulty settling in. They have to rest after a long season and then they will be with us on the pitch in January

2019 08 22 Retrieve

[Paolo Maldini on his son] Daniel Maldini is a playmaker, a goalscorer, a No.10. Of the family, starting with my father and coming to my son, he is the only one with those attitudes. He is more of a poet with the ball. He’s a little ambidextrous like me. In him, I see my character and see myself physically by how he moved as a child. A bit like the people who saw my dad in me. That, I believe, is absolutely genetic

2020 03 24 Retrieve

[Maldini posted a video on his Instagram account to thank well-wishers and was optimistic about himself and his son achieving a full recovery from Corona Virus in the near future] With this video I wanted to thank all those people who expressed on social media their love and concern for my and my son’s health.

We’re fine. We should be able to get rid of this virus within a week. Thanks for your continuing affection.

I wanted to thank all those doctors, nurses, health workers, civil protection and law enforcement officers who are facing this emergency with the utmost professionalism and enormous courage. Once again, you make us feel proud of being Italian. Thanks again

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Paolo Maldini on Coronavirus symptoms] It was like a slightly uglier flu. But it’s not a normal flu. I know my body. An athlete knows himself. The pains are particularly strong, and then it feels like a squeeze in your chest… it’s a new virus. The body fights against an enemy it doesn’t know.

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Paolo Maldini said his history at AC Milan is so long ‘it will hardly end’ amid rumours over his future] My family’s history at Milan is so long that it will hardly end. My whole family has been infected, my two children and my wife, but now we are all well. It was a two tough weeks, but now we are well.

We must try to finish the championship. Football is a company; it has a supply of almost €5 billion. It has a social as well as a sporting importance, there’s a need to try to start again, the priority must be a restart in total safety naturally. We must also consider the mental health of the players, going into retirement after two months of lockdown is something that is neither right in heaven nor on earth

[Rangnick has said he has held talks with Milan, claiming he would want additional powers at the club if he was manager – to which Maldini took an extremely dim view] Having never talked to Rangnick, I don’t understand on what basis his statements are based, also because I have never been told anything by the owner. Some considerations in my opinion, however, must be made. The German coach in fact, speaking of a role with full managerial powers both in the sporting and technical areas, invades areas where professionals work with regular contracts. So, I would have some advice for him, before learning Italian he should review the general concepts of respect, as there are colleagues who, despite the many difficulties of the moment, are trying to finish the season in a very professional way, putting the good of Milan to their professional pride