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Patrik Berger
Gender Male
Ethnic Czech
Job Czech Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Czech National Team
Club as Player Sparta Prague
  Liverpool FC

2010 01 06 Retrieve

[Former Czech International Patrik Berger Hangs Up His Boots] I have the best memories of Liverpool. We won six trophies and it was the pinnacle of my career

2012 06 19 Retrieve

[Patrik Berger says Liverpool are nowhere near the Premier League’s best teams] They are far away from challenging, nowhere near in my opinion. Hopefully I’ll be wrong and they’ll push the top teams for the Premier League title but I can’t see it happening any time soon. A couple of years back they had [Fernando] Torres up front, then players like Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane in reserve, Craig Bellamy too. They used to have a big squad with quality players. Now they just have a big squad. These days when I see who is the on bench for Liverpool, I don’t know who some of these guys are. It has to be different.

[When asked which areas of the side required the most improvement, the former Czech Republic international replied: ‘Everywhere and in every department’] Do they have a goalscorer? No, they don’t. In the middle of the field Stevie G is without question the best player I ever played with but they need two top class additions alongside him. I just think they need players, really world class players. Which at the moment, they don’t have. They need at least one in every department

I think you need a special type of manager to be in charge at Liverpool but I wouldn’t want to judge Rodgers as I don’t know too much about him and the job he is going to do. I was happy that Kenny Dalglish came back and initially he did quite well but at the end of the season the board have obviously made their decision. If this will prove to be the right decision, or not, will unfold next season. The board believe Rodgers is the right man for the job and I suspect they’ll give him money to spend, and time. That’s the key thing, time

2017 06 23 Retrieve

[Berger believes Salah signing takes Liverpool a step closer to title] He’s a good player, technically he’s very good, fast, he can score goals, create goals. He proved that last year in Italy. He has been already in the Premier League so he knows what to expect. I think he is a better player than when he was in the Premier League a couple of years ago. It’s a great addition to the squad

I think they are very close. First of all I like him [Klopp]. I like the way he is with the fans, with the players, you can see in the social media, the players enjoy the training, they are training with a smile on their faces. You can see that everyone is happy and they’re enjoying their football.

Last year around Christmas everybody was talking about them being good enough to win the league, then they had a bad spell and at the end they were fighting for the Champions League. I think they are close. If they can get a few more signings this summer […] I’m sure Jurgen has a few players on his list that he’s looking to get, then I think they can definitely challenge for the Premier League title.

I think if they can get one more player in midfield, one more central defender, then I think he will be okay because the squad has been alright last year, but I thought it was not as strong as they need. If they can get four more players for the new year [season] they will be good enough

2019 03 23 Retrieve

[Ex-Liverpool winger Patrik Berger has aired his belief that his old club can finish the season with a double haul of silverware in the form of Premier League and Champions League titles] I think they can easily win the league and they can win the Champions League too. They’re in a good spot in both competitions. Porto is a very good draw for them. It’s still going to be tough but I think the boys can do it. I think they are going to do it and they will be in the semi-final of the Champions League. Obviously in the league, they have to play every game as a cup final in order to be the champions at the end of the season. I think they need to win every single game. [But] they can win the league and the Champions League. I don’t see why they can’t win the double this season

We have a great goalkeeper and defensively they are not really conceding many goals. Going forward they have Salah, [Roberto] Firmino and they are really solid in the middle. The balance is really good but it’s all about scoring goals and [Sadio] Mane has been on fire in the last few games. It’s great that if Salah is not scoring as much as he did last season there are other players that can score - and that’s exactly what the boys need to do

2019 03 29 Retrieve

[Berger backs Liverpool’s Keita to influence Premier League title race] a fantastic player, otherwise Jurgen Klopp would not have bought him. He has the qualities to play for Liverpool, it’s just not happening for him at the moment. Liverpool’s squad is very strong so you need to be at the top of your game to be able to start the game.

He hasn’t been able to do that this season but I’m sure he will show his quality and there are still a lot of games to play this season, he can still be a massive part of the team. Maybe this season is not going the way he’d like it to, but he can still be a very important person. I wouldn’t write him off, he’s a great player and I’m sure he will be a massive part of Liverpool Football Club in the future.

If a guy like Jurgen Klopp is interested in you and wants you to be a Liverpool player, then you are a good player, believe me

[The former Czech Republic international says belief was the key behind the success under Gerard Houllier and has urged the current Liverpool squad to not deviate from their main goal] We won the first cup in February so already we had one trophy, which was amazing

We knew we were still in other competitions where we could win other trophies and we had the belief that anything was possible and at the end of the season we were lucky enough to win every trophy we played for. That’s where you want to be at that stage of the season and that’s where Liverpool is.

Obviously the players are tired because the season is long, most of them are playing for the national team as well, but believe me if you are where they are at the moment, you enjoy it. You get more tired when you’re battling relegation but you are a little bit fresher even if you are tired if you are playing for trophies. It’s more enjoyable to play for trophies so the tiredness goes aside

2019 07 01 Retrieve

[The former Reds midfielder has been impressed by the progress made at Anfield, but admits even more is required in order to remain competitive] I said at the time that the only thing Liverpool could do was win every single game until the end of the season and hope that Manchester City dropped points. They didn’t, but the boys couldn’t have done more. It just wasn’t enough at the end.

It was a magnificent season. They played some brilliant football, they were unbeaten at Anfield in the league and they should be very proud of the way they played.

What Manchester City have done is unbelievable. You can only put your hands up and say they were too good for the last two seasons. But Liverpool have taken a huge step closer to Manchester City and in any other season they would have been crowned champions.

At least they know they are at the same level and know they can ­challenge for the Premier League next season. But remember that two years ago Chelsea were the champions and you thought that they would be right up there for the foreseeable future. That didn’t happen.

And I think that shows Liverpool and even Manchester City must keep on ­improving their squad and keep the same quality and hunger in order to be up there again next season.

[Berger believes that the battle for Premier League supremacy may not be a two-horse race again next term] I don’t really expect the other teams to be that far behind Liverpool and City again next season. I think they’ll strengthen and they’ll get much closer. Liverpool and City were almost playing in a different ­competition last time and the others far, far behind. I’m just not sure that will be ­happening again.