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Paul Chambers
Gender Male
Job Political Scientist
Desc Paul Chambers is a political scientist at Naraesuan University in northern Thailand


Teaching Naraesuan University


Expert Thai Politics
Naraesuan University Naraesuan University is thai university located in northern Thailand

2019 05 03 Retrieve

[Paul Chambers talks about King Maha Vajiralongkorn] Compared to his father, he’s more distant from Thailand and Thai society. He takes a more assertive approach, being more directly involved in the administration

2019 05 27 Retrieve

[Former Thai Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda dies at 98] He essentially forged and sustained a partnership between monarchy and military with the latter as junior partner up until today

2019 07 16 Retrieve

[Prayuth Chan-ocha led cabinet] This Cabinet either represents old wine in a new bottle or a product of a multiparty and multi-factional balance of power