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Name Paul McDonough
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Inter Miami [Sporting Director]

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Inter Miami address James Rodriguez links] I’ve been very upfront and honest that I still have an intention and I hoped to sign two more significant players before the pandemic - one being a [Designated Player] and one being a max TAM guy. We get linked with a lot of players. A lot of players want to come here, which is great. But I think it’s more than just getting big-name players. They have to have to want to come here for the right reason. When I’m with a club, I don’t think about one year but three or four years. When I’m with a club, I don’t want to hamstring the club with a world-class player now and we may not appreciate his contract in three or four years

I like the model of what we did in Atlanta United. It doesn’t say I wouldn’t go get a senior Designated Player that’s a global star, but the economics need to make sense, their motivations have to be right, they have to come here and be a leader. Players want that intermediate step to come here, adapt outside of Argentina or other places in South American - but mainly Argentina. And then have the opportunity to jump to Europe

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[Inter Miami’s McDonough responds to Vidal and Bale reports] Vidal’s a top player. He’s a very well established player. But we get linked with so many players and it hasn’t stopped through this situation. So, as opportunities and as players get presented to us, we just continue to address them. Some of them are just straight rumors. Some of them are interest but they may not line up with our goals or our financial valuation. There’re so many rumors, and I have to address rumors all the time and it’s great that a lot of people are linked with Miami but we’re just looking for the right couple of pieces here to finish it off

Gareth Bale is someone we’ve been linked with, of course. He’s an exceptional player. I can’t always comment on every rumor, whether the rumors are true or not true. I just can’t talk because I’ll always be answering rumors. He’s an exceptional player, and a lot of players that we are linked to are exceptional players. We have got roster spots open, so anything that’s good for the club, and if we think they’re good for us and they align with our goals and our vision and motivations are aligned, then we’ll have a conversation with those people.

[Almendra, a member of Argentina’s U-20 side, had previously been linked to West Ham and Roma] We had conversations with Boca. We were trying to get things done, and it’s just kind of been on pause. We’re trying to wait and see what happens when we come out of this, and what shape everybody’s in and what the appetite is for us to do it, and the availability of other players in the market

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Inter Miami’s Paul McDonough on adjusting to coronavirus-impacted transfer market] It’s going to be very interesting, the economic impact on the transfer markets. All clubs have suffered significant losses. In certain parts of the world, losses are more significant. I think there will be a transfer market, but I think the transfer valuations on players will probably change going forward

We’ve always said we wanted to try and sign two more players this year. We’re constantly looking at players and trying to gauge the market and see what becomes available. There are certainly more players available now that weren’t available prior to the leagues shutting down. A lot of those availabilities are due to financial stress that the clubs are under

This is this has really changed everything. What happens to the windows? Can you appeal to FIFA and try to get an extension on your windows or change them? What are the roster rules with substitutions? So we’re evaluating everything as we go, we’re looking. We know that it’s still, whether we had players this summer or even for next January, we’re constantly evaluating and looking at players and trying to see how we can strengthen the team

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Brek Shea has signed with Inter Miami ahead of the MLS is Back tournament] Brek is a player who we know very well from previous MLS experiences that brings a lot of attacking threat and defensive solidity. He has been training and recovering from an injury, showing he is in his regular form and able to contribute to the First Team