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Name Paul Scholes
Gender Male
Birthplace Salford
Born 1974 11 16
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc His numbers are simply extraordinary. 499 Premier League appearances. 107 goals. Eleven league titles. One of Fergie’s Fledglings, Scholes developed into one of the finest midfielders in the world, renowned for his crisp passing, intelligent movement and eye for goal. Xavi famously remarked that Scholes was a ‘spectacular player who has everything’, while Pele once commented: ‘If he was playing with me, I would have scored so many more’


Org English National Team
Club as Player Manchester United
Owner Salford City


Teammate Ryan Giggs
  Roy Keane
Coach Alex Fergusson
Mentor Mike Coffey
Hero Frankie Bunn
  Andy Ritchie
  Stuart Balmer


High School Cardinal Langley High School


Salford City Gary Neville, along with his brother Phil, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes is a co-owner of Salford City
Stuart Balmer The Scot who played for Oldham for two seasons at the start of the decade and is now first-team coach at St Mirren
Andy Ritchie Oldham striking legend who scored 82 goals for the club between 1987 and 1995, as well as later managing the side
Frankie Bunn Oldham striker whose claim to fame was scoring six goals in the 7-0 League Cup win over Scarborough in 1989
1991 07 08
Paul Scholes joins Manchester United
1994 09 21
Paul Scholes debuts for Manchester United

2004 08 03 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes retires from international football. Scholes, 29, who won the last of his 66 caps in England’s Euro 2004 defeat against Portugal, admitted he had thought long and hard about retiring] This is a decision I have not taken lightly. I have been considering retiring from international football for a while now

I started my international career in 1997 and have enjoyed seven years of great football, playing in the best competitions, with some of the best players under the best managers

Euro 2004 was fantastic but afterwards I felt the time was right for myself and my family to make it my last England appearance. I would like to thank everyone at England for the wonderful years I had playing for the team and all the experience I gained. I wish them all the best and good luck for the future

2008 07 24 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes says When he go he will miss football, not the life of a footballer] How long will I go on? I’d think two years at the most. I have one year left on my contract and, hopefully, I’ll get another one, but I suppose it all depends on how you’re feeling and how you’re playing

I can’t say that I can’t wait to finish, but I am looking forward to finishing being involved with everything that goes with it. I suppose people are just very invasive and are always wanting to know what you’re going to do. The only thing I will definitely miss is the football, not the general life of a footballer

At the moment, though, I just think two years would be about right. I feel OK right now and as long as I feel OK then I’ll carry on

It’s difficult to say whether I want to bow out at the top [with United] or not. I’ll just have to see, when the time comes, whether I want to carry on playing somewhere else at a lower level. But I don’t look that far ahead

[Moscow secured redemption, but Scholes admits that he and United should not have waited quite so long to get their hands on the European Cup once more] Moscow meant everything. It was a great night to win probably the biggest trophy in club football. Maybe we were a bit lucky towards the end, but I was always hopeful we’d win it again

When you’ve got a team like we have, especially one playing as well as we were doing in the last year, I always thought there would be a chance and luckily we did it

But I don’t think it matters how much you win because, as soon as you win it, the day after you look forward and try and win it again. I would have liked to have won it more, or even just got to the final a bit more. Hopefully, we can do better this time than we did after 1999, when we had to wait another nine years

I don’t have my medals on show, though. They’re just locked away somewhere. I got a medal in 1999, but I don’t view myself as a double Champions League winner. You’ve got to play in the final for it to count

[Scholes says he does not see the appeal of trading United for another club] If other players fancy a move and a bit of money, then good luck to them. But if they’re at a place like this [United], I don’t think they realise how lucky they are to be playing here

It’s always a step down after here. There are obviously big clubs in the world, but while certain people think it might be a progression if they move somewhere else, when you leave here, I don’t think it is. I’ve had everything I need. I’m at Manchester United and I’m from Manchester, so what more do I need?

2011 05 31
Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes announced his retirement from all football. He came out of retirement in January 2012 and later penned a one-year deal to continue his United career, before retiring again at the end of the 2012/13 season.
2013 05 19
Paul Scholes lefts Manchester United

2015 01 03 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes on Steven Gerrard] It’s difficult for me, as a United fan, to say it’s a pity that Gerrard has never won the league. It is easier to say he deserves to have a league winners’ medal

2015 05 14 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes on Steven Gerrard’s final game at Stamford Bridge] I was glad that the Chelsea fans applauded Gerrard. It was just for a few seconds, but it did show that as fans we can look beyond our club rivalries when necessary. I don’t think it ever happened to me. Maybe when I got substituted at my testimonial! As a season-ticket holder in the Stretford End, I would have applauded Steven off the pitch – albeit just the once. There would have been a few in the seats around me who would object. But just as many who would have done the same

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes on Thierry Henry] On his day he was absolutely scintillating, a supreme athlete and a magnificent footballer. What amazed me was that he never seemed to get a sweat on. He could run 100 meters past five players and he wouldn’t even be breathing heavily

2016 09 09 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes says he prefers watching non-league Salford than the Premier League] I probably do enjoy watching Salford more. I don’t know if it’s as much that I don’t like the hassle of going to the game, getting in, sitting in traffic. Going to Salford, I park up behind the goal and get out of my car. But I genuinely get more enjoyment from watching even my son’s team, Royter Town. I don’t find elite football as interesting to watch any more, especially in England

In the Premier League in the last two years, have I really seen a game of high quality? A game that I’ve thought ‘Wow!’ It’s difficult to think of any. You hear about people saying English football’s the best football there is around. I think Spain’s by far the best league. Germany has better teams. In Italy probably the strength in depth isn’t great

2016 09 11 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes wrote in a new book] I don’t know if it’s as much that I don’t like the hassle of going to the game, getting in, sitting in traffic. Going to Salford City, I park up behind the goal and get out of my car. But I genuinely get more enjoyment from watching even my son’s team, Royter Town. I don’t find elite football as interesting to watch any more, especially in England

2016 11 05 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes talks about his club’s disappointing start to the season] It’s been quite a painful three years really. And I think probably the next 18 months to two years could be very similar. Until this manager has three or four transfer windows to get a team that he wants, I think this team in two years will be unrecognisable from what it is now, but whatever we do in this two years has to be a bonus. They’ve shown in the last three years that they’re not capable of winning the league with this squad

2017 02 18 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes praises Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos] I really like Toni Kroos. When I neared the end of my career, I followed him closely and tried to play like Kroos. I was a midfielder with an eye for the goal, but Kroos is one of the best midfield masterminds in the world. Kroos would be perfect at United next to Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes thinks Marcus Rashford can reach the heights Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo have reached] I am just a little bit worried that he is so quick he may get shoved out wide, which is not a bad thing. You look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s record and players like Neymar, he has that kind of ability. It is a lot to live up to but he has that in him. He can be a world star

2018 11 17 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes tells that current champions City could mimic Arsenal’s Invincibles and remain unbeaten in the league] We’ve talked about the Arsenal team that went right through the season without losing a game and the more you look at the City team, I don’t see where they are going to get beat

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Paul Scholes reveals two signings that signalled Man Utd downfall] When you look five or six years ago when Alex Fergusson left, the other person who didn’t get the credit he deserved was David Gill. He was a football man and he knew footballers. From the day he and Sir Alex left, it has been difficult

I think the alarm bells rang straight away when David Moyes took over and signed Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini for £70m. They are good players but I don’t think they were Man Utd players. I don’t think Sir Alex and David Gill would have signed those players. We are in this position now because we have signed players who are not Man Utd players. Ole is in there now and trying to put it right

[Scholes picks out the two best managers in the world] I think [Ole needs] four or five transfer windows, and they have to be good transfer windows. Ole’s first three signings have been good and promising. As long as he is in charge of the players coming in, I don’t see a problem. We hope it goes to back challenging for titles and Champions Leagues

I’d still say Pep Guardiola. I know Liverpool are eight points clear and they won the Champions League last year, but they’ve not won the league yet! Jurgen Klopp’s a great manager, don’t get me wrong and the football they’re playing and the style of play is magnificent, but I’d still go for Guardiola after what he’s done. I’d have Guardiola as number one and Jurgen Klopp as a very close number two