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Name Paulo Dybala
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player Juventus

2017 05 13 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala expresses his admiration for Zinedine Zidane] I would love to play with him [Zinedine Zidane], we all know his qualities. I admired his technique as he was playing in the field, how he dribbled opponents, doing things with great simplicity and making it all very easy. Everyone has seen what a player he was, now he is proving to be good also as a coach

2017 08 19 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybalare flects on his club’s defeat by Real Madrid in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League final] I kept thinking it was a nightmare, hoping that I would wake up. We had beaten very important teams on the way. We had never conceded more than two goals, and they scored three in 45 minutes. It was 45 minutes when we were not ourselves, 45 minutes that destroyed everything. The pain of losing that final will be with me until I lift that trophy. I will be a lot calmer then

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala speaks about his admiration for fellow countryman Lionel Messi] I’ve always admired Ronaldinho, but Leo is like Diego Maradona for our generation. It’s an honour to play with him in the national team. He dragged us to the World Cup with his hat-trick against Ecuador and is a born leader

2017 12 09 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala opens up about life as a professional footballer] When we have a ball at our feet, we footballers are delighted, but what happens behind the scenes is not always all that pretty. When you get to the level that I’m at, often you are a very lonely man. God gives us this talent, but it’s a talent that you need to work on. I’ve seen so many phenomenal players at youth level - lads who you would say: ‘If only they had their head screwed on, they could have been the next [Diego] Maradona or Messi’

2018 03 26 Retrieve

[Current Juve star Paulo Dybala is also eligible to play for both Italy and Argentina, as well as Poland, but chose to commit to the Albiceleste] I feel 100 per cent Argentinian, though I look foreign with these pale eyes. When I had to choose, I had no doubts. I didn’t make any calculations. I know that I’d have less competition for Italy or Poland, but I want to play for Argentina and I never asked questions or thought about switching sides

I wouldn’t be happy in a national team that didn’t feel like mine, to hear an anthem that isn’t my own, in colours that don’t belong to me. My friend Franco Vazquez has an Italian mother. I only have an Italian passport thanks to a great-grandmother who I know nothing about. He feels Italian, I don’t