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Name Paulo Dybala
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc Dybala is usually warming the bench at Juventus behind Cristiano Ronaldo, so his interest could be sparked with joining a Mourinho-led team. Coming so soon after the near-miss, the deal could probably be picked up again relatively quickly, and the player may lower his demands to ensure he gets the move through this time. It’d certainly be a name to excite Spurs fans


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player Juventus

2015 03 07 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala on Barcelona] I would swim to Barcelona if they came knocking

2017 05 13 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala expresses his admiration for Zinedine Zidane] I would love to play with him [Zinedine Zidane], we all know his qualities. I admired his technique as he was playing in the field, how he dribbled opponents, doing things with great simplicity and making it all very easy. Everyone has seen what a player he was, now he is proving to be good also as a coach

2017 08 19 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybalare flects on his club’s defeat by Real Madrid in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League final] I kept thinking it was a nightmare, hoping that I would wake up. We had beaten very important teams on the way. We had never conceded more than two goals, and they scored three in 45 minutes. It was 45 minutes when we were not ourselves, 45 minutes that destroyed everything. The pain of losing that final will be with me until I lift that trophy. I will be a lot calmer then

2017 11 25 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala speaks about his admiration for fellow countryman Lionel Messi] I’ve always admired Ronaldinho, but Leo is like Diego Maradona for our generation. It’s an honour to play with him in the national team. He dragged us to the World Cup with his hat-trick against Ecuador and is a born leader

2017 12 09 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala opens up about life as a professional footballer] When we have a ball at our feet, we footballers are delighted, but what happens behind the scenes is not always all that pretty. When you get to the level that I’m at, often you are a very lonely man. God gives us this talent, but it’s a talent that you need to work on. I’ve seen so many phenomenal players at youth level - lads who you would say: ‘If only they had their head screwed on, they could have been the next [Diego] Maradona or Messi’

2018 03 26 Retrieve

[Current Juve star Paulo Dybala is also eligible to play for both Italy and Argentina, as well as Poland, but chose to commit to the Albiceleste] I feel 100 per cent Argentinian, though I look foreign with these pale eyes. When I had to choose, I had no doubts. I didn’t make any calculations. I know that I’d have less competition for Italy or Poland, but I want to play for Argentina and I never asked questions or thought about switching sides

I wouldn’t be happy in a national team that didn’t feel like mine, to hear an anthem that isn’t my own, in colours that don’t belong to me. My friend Franco Vazquez has an Italian mother. I only have an Italian passport thanks to a great-grandmother who I know nothing about. He feels Italian, I don’t

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[At the end of a long conversation comes the inevitable question, if only for a laugh. Which, by the way, it gets. So, about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo again] I’m the only player who shares a dressing room with both and people only see the tip of the iceberg, not the work beneath; they haven’t won all they’ve won because they’ve been lucky. And, yeah, I know people have to ask but they must know what I’m going to say

[Go on then, who’s better? Dybala makes a play of looking out of the window at the Alps] I can’t answer that

A lot of the time, you have difficult moments and you have to go out there and fight anyway: not just in football, in life. Bad things happen, to me or anyone, difficult times in life, but you have to keep going: put the mask on like gladiators do, and fight. Every battle. That was the idea I tried to transmit. People liked it, understood it. And that’s pleasing because the messages you send aren’t always interpreted the way you’d like

I’d like to go, although there’s no family left. It’s a tiny place, eight or nine houses. Some Polish journalists put me in touch with my grandfather’s daughter but she passed away. There are cousins in Canada and we’ve spoken but not met. I want to. I tried to get a Polish passport but we couldn’t find some of my grandfather’s documents and we got Italian passports from my mother’s side instead. One day, I will. I feel maybe more Polish than Italian. Personality-wise, my dad was more Polish; my middle brother, exactly the same. All of us, a bit. Maybe a bit colder, Polish blood. Italians tend to be more emotional

[Dybala’s grandfather died when Paulo was four. His father, Adolfo, died when Paulo was 15. A football fan, Adolfo drove his son to Córdoba every day, a 70-mile round trip, to train with the second division side Instituto until, at 14, Dybala went permanently, living in the home of Faustino and Orlando and their grandchildren. But when Adolfo developed a tumour, Paulo asked to return to Laguna Larga] I was young and it was very hard. My mother suffered a lot, my brothers too. You see the pain but you continue. I’m not the first to go through that and won’t be the last. Sadly, that’s the circle of life. Now we have someone helping us from above. I thought: ‘I’ll ditch [football]. Ditch it’ in the sense of [not] leaving my family to play in Córdoba. I didn’t want to. I would have kept playing in my town but I wasn’t going to chase that dream any more.

My refuge was my family. When Instituto called, I didn’t feel like going. I was 15, I couldn’t hide how hard it was: football was no refuge. I went back because it was my passion and my family pushed me. If not, my mindset was to leave it.

[My refuge was my family. When Instituto called, I didn’t feel like going. I was 15, I couldn’t hide how hard it was: football was no refuge. I went back because it was my passion and my family pushed me. If not, my mindset was to leave it] Things eventually came to light. There are still some people with legal issues in Argentina. Football has become a huge business. We’re on the inside but a lot of the time you can’t do anything. I was very young

But I was very happy. From the second division to Serie A was an enormous change but I was convinced. My family came and the adventure began in Palermo. The first year didn’t go well. It was all new and in truth it was a difficult dressing room; an older squad which was difficult when things went badly. We were struggling, results were bad. I was a kid, seeing a lot of things. Now I’m grateful because the experience became a lesson. Here, at Juventus, you ‘always win’, right? Everything’s nice. It was the opposite there but the second season was great. We won the second division and personally it was good

[When he signed, Maurizio Zamparini, the Palermo president, announced him as the new Sergio Agüero – just one of many names thrown at him, including Messi, Sívori, and Tevez] If you believe that, it weighs on you. but I always said I didn’t want to be the new anything, I want people to say my goals, my moves, are ‘like Dybala’, not anyone else. Messi, [Omar] Sívori, and Agüero won incredible things. I wanted to win my things, not theirs. There was criticism because it was €8m for a 17-year-old, their highest transfer ever. I left for €40m and when I got here, the first thing they asked was about the fee. You think about the prices paid now

2020 04 02 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala explained the difference between Max Allegri and Maurizio Sarri and how he shares his ideas with the current Juventus coach] The differences between Allegri and Sarri? At Juve Allegri he asked me to assist Mandzukic, as Vazquez did with me at Palermo. I was doing the linking, I had to sacrifice myself defensively and perform three tasks. In the following years the coach gave me total freedom of movement, and so I started playing attacker, midfielder and winger. I was doing what he wanted. Even with Sarri I already play in three roles and with Ronaldo I am finding a great connection. My character? I am very demanding with myself, I often ask myself what I am doing wrong and how I can improve

This you have to do for the greater reason if you play in Juventus, where you can always fight for something important, including the Champions League. I often talk to the coach, we discuss our ideas without problems

[The Argentine has been compared with another Bianconeri legend, Omar Sivori] Here they love him, at the stadium and at the museum there are many of his photographs. My brother and I met his son in a hotel in the center. It is an honour to be compared to him, he was an incredible player and a very important figure in the history of the club

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Paulo Dybala on Coronavirus symptoms] I had a bad cough, I felt tired and when I slept, I felt cold. At first, I didn’t think about what it could be but it had happened to two other team-mates and the last one was me. We had headaches, but it was advisable not to take anything. The club gave us vitamins and over time we felt better. It’s psychological. You were scared at first, but it’s okay now. These days we haven’t had any symptoms

2020 06 09 Retrieve

[Dybala admits it would be very nice to play for Barcelona] The truth is that Barcelona is huge team worldwide and with Messi there even bigger. It would be very nice, but Juventus is also an incredible club, very big, full of history, where there are currently great players. There’s enough quality here to make two teams and the chance to play with [Gianluigi] Buffon and Cristiano Ronaldo, who make the club even bigger.

[Dybala, who has scored 13 goals and provided seven assists in 34 games this season, said he was still waiting] For now there is nothing, really. I have a year and a half left on my contract, which is not much, and I understand that with all this that has happened [coronavirus] it isn’t easy for the club, but other players have also renewed, so we are here waiting. Obviously I am a player of this club and I am happy to be here. People love me very much and I love the people very much. I have great appreciation for the club and the people who are here, I have a good relationship with my president and surely at some point they will come to chat – or maybe not, I don’t know. At some point maybe there may be some possible renewal, but it depends on Juventus