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Name Pavel Nedved
Spelling Czech Fury
Gender Male
Ethnic Czech
Job Czech Footballer
  Juventus vice-president
Desc Pavel Nedved didn’t come cheap. The Czech Republic international had, after all, been instrumental in Lazio’s domestic double in 1999-2000. Juve were, thus, forced to hand over €41.2m for ‘Furia Ceca’ (a play on Nedved’s nationality and the expression ‘Blind Fury’). However, he proved - and continues to prove - excellent value for money because few players have ever bought so readily into Juve’s club culture


Org Czech National Team
Club as Player Juventus
  Sparta Prague
  FC Skalna

2013 11 02 Retrieve

[Pavel Nedved on Carlos Tevez] Carlitos is a phenomenon. He is leader. He‘s a champion. He’s irresistible when he gets to chase the ball – he never gives up!

2014 12 14 Retrieve

[Pavel Nedved on Roma] We talk less, but we work harder and the results shows

2016 10 15 Retrieve

[Former Czech Republic midfielder Pavel Nedved gives insight on various aspects of his career] A regret? That I never played for Manchester United. I’d have liked that. The transfer was never on the table though, there was only Chelsea [interested in me]. I liked the generation of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, whom I admired. I was a little bit jealous of Karel Poborsky, who played in Manchester and experienced great matches. I know he still feels that love. In terms of team-mates, I’ve had a lot and I don’t want to offend anyone. If I had to pick one [as the best] though, I’d say Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He’s a striker who can cut through defences. He has scary power and height, as well as excellent technique. That said, when he came to Juventus, he couldn’t finish. What you see today is mainly down to the fact Fabio Capello took him for a half-an-hour of shooting practice after every training session

2018 03 16 Retrieve

[Pavel Nedved says Juventus can cause Real Madrid trouble] I don’t think the two teams will be influenced by the result of last season’s final. This is a different kind of game, we will play over 180 minutes. I think we can cause them trouble even if we know there will be many difficulties for us, including two of our important players being suspended for the first leg

[As they languish 15 points behind Barcelona in LaLiga with just 10 games remaining, Zinedine Zidane’s side will be able to focus solely on their Champions League defence. Juve, in contrast, are fighting for glory on three fronts; they are already through to the Coppa Italia final and are locked in a battle with Napoli for the Serie A title] They will be two good matches and we will meet a team that has won the Champions League two years in a row. Against Paris Saint-Germain, I was impressed [with Madrid]. They are quiet in the league, so their focus is on the Champions League and they will do anything to win it again

2018 09 21 Retrieve

[Despite their involvement in the Calciopoli scandal – which was both preceded and followed by countless allegations of preferential treatment from match officials – Juve have always strived to maintain an image of being above such unseemly squabbles] I won’t get involved in controversy because it’s been like this for 100 years: 6c86d432f3d25eb78036fb567df69c1a are always under fire. For us, it’s natural and we don’t mind. We only think of going forward, improving and winning trophies

2018 10 02 Retrieve

[Pavel Nedved say about the fall of the Berlin Wall] It was the right moment for me, perfect for my career

[Pavel Nedved on Juventus] I never doubted I would stay at 6c86d432f3d25eb78036fb567df69c1a. I owe a lot to the club and the Agnelli family [who own the club], who have always been close to me

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Juventus vice president Pavel Nedved is backing Cristiano Ronaldo to spearhead their Champions League challenge] He is a champion and when he’s needed, he’s always there. He had some physical problems and is now back in good form. It’s nice to see Cristiano, Dybala and Higuain all playing together, and they can all be on the pitch at once if all three run and sacrifice themselves like they did yesterday against Udinese. The coach naturally evaluates the state of form of each one when he makes his choices and, at the moment, they are all in form and you can see it

We can’t complain, considering that last year we drew Atletico [Madrid], but if you’re not in form when the Champions League comes back around between February and March, there is little that you can do. The precedents are favourable to us, but they do not count for anything - only the form in the moment counts. The Champions League must not be an obsession but a concrete goal. We, like other teams, want to win the final, but in the Champions League, one mistake can send you out

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Pavel Nedved has told the club’s Serie A opponents to stop blaming referees for their defeats against the Turin giants] I’ve been here for six months, I’ve never criticised the referees, but I say now that referees cannot decide the games. I am disgusted. Maybe the first was a penalty, but the second certainly was not. The referees cannot decide the games, they need to let the players do their work on the pitch.

Juventus have a massive wage bill; they don’t need extra help. I am disgusted by what I saw today, but also last week with Genoa and then against Inter. I’ve never spoken like this, but let Juventus be stronger than us on the pitch, don’t make it easier for them this way. The lads are demoralised, poor lads, I feel bad for them. It simply was not a penalty. Juventus are such a strong team, let them play, let us play. We’ve had three games one after the other where there were bad decisions and the referee didn’t go to the VAR, this time they went twice to view it. We don’t deserve to be treated this way

He’s got all my respect but we’re tired of this trend. Juventus have won with merit. Enough with the excuses of those teams who lose against Juventus. We deservedly won today by doing a little more than them. Things should not be said before people have calmed down. This excuse is being used a little too much against Juventus