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Pernille Harder
Gender Female
Ethnic Danish
Job Danish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Denmark Women National Team
Club as Player Wolfsburg Women FC


Girlfriend Magda Eriksson

2018 02 17 Retrieve

I started playing when I was five or six years old. I played with boys until I was 11 because there was no girls’ team. It has always been accepted where I come from. Even though I was the only girl in the guys’ team, they wanted to play with me

2018 12 08 Retrieve

[Pernille Harder speaks after being named as The Guardian’s inaugural best women’s footballer in a list consisting of 100 players] It is important women are highlighted for their achievements and it’s important for young girls to know it’s cool to play football

2019 08 07 Retrieve

[Pernille Harder comments on she and her girlfriend Magda Eriksson’s kissing photo in Paris that went viral] It was crazy, the picture was tweeted all over the world - Argentina, Brazil … We’ve always just been natural, not so much thinking of being inspirations together, putting pictures up of each other or anything like that. But when we saw that photo and the comments around it, then it was really something; like: ‘We’re role models’. We had messages from a lot of young people, people of our age, but older people also

[Pernille Harder talks about comming out] If I came out in my home town I don’t think anyone would have hated me or anything, but I would have felt a bit alone about it. It was a bit like being a homosexual in this small place was weird and not normal, and no one was it. When I came into this new environment in Linköping it was totally normal and maybe that helped me to find myself and really realise that I could fall in love with a girl. I think it’s important that environments are open and people can talk about it more. Then everyone can just be themselves

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[When Wolfsburg lifted their second successive Women’s Champions League title in 2014, it looked like a period of dominance was coming] Ewa Pajor’s an amazing player and also a player who doesn’t get as much focus as she should, so it’s really good that she’s on this list - she really deserves it. She’s really fast. Not that I’m slow - I’m just not as fast as Ewa! She reads the game well and we have a really good connection. I really enjoy playing with her

We connect really well. I think we also complement each other really well because are two different types of player

[Something Pajor will have noted from both is their relentless winning mentality] We’re not satisfied. Then we have the Champions League, when we went out to Lyon. In the end, Lyon won the Champions League, but we’re not satisfied with that part

[overcoming challenges is something that both Pajor and Harder have been doing since they were kids] It used to be difficult because I could only play with the boys. Today, it looks very different, but back then, not many girls wanted to play football

[Harder has been at the forefront of change in Denmark too, part of the team that reached the semi-finals of Euro 2013 and the final four years later] After the Euros in 2017, a lot happened, just in the way that people looked at women’s football. The respect for is really there now. And, in the process, Harder achieved the two dreams that she outlined as a young girl. I have always had the dream, first of all to be on the national team for Denmark, and then I always had the dream of being a professional football player. I remember an assignment in school when I was 10 years old, where I had to write where I would be in 10 years. I wrote that I would be a professional football player and one of the best in the world

[While Harder may not idolise Ronaldo so much that she copies his celebration like her team-mate] I watch a lot of football. I watch, for example, Ronaldo, how he runs into the box. I try to learn from the very best. I watch a lot of Premier League and I like to see [Raheem] Sterling play and also [Sadio] Mane in Liverpool. I like those types of players

We are really hungry for the Champions League trophy. We have the goals of winning the league and the cup, but also the Champions League. They’re high goals, but we have the potential to win it all

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Pernille Harder on playing against her partner Magda Eriksson] I don’t like it, but only because Magda’s so annoying as a defender! Honestly, once we’re on the pitch, it’s not an issue. I forget about the fact she’s my girlfriend, and she’s the same. She definitely doesn’t hold back!